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August 31, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Arrrgust Flag Design Contest Winners!

Ahoy mateys!

Another eventful Arrrgust has come and (almost) gone. We’ve had fansite giveaways, a free hook for Left Hander’s Day and a PVP contest for those competitive Pirates. The last week of Arrrgust was something special for those with a bit of a creative side. Pirates got out their pencils, markers or fired up their graphics programs and tried to create the most unique flag design around. We got so many great entries, it was tough to choose a winner! With help from some members of the Marketing team here at KingsIsle, we voted on all of our favorite flags and tallied up those who got the most votes. Below are the winners for the Grand Prize, Runners Up and Honorable mentions in the 2015 Pirate101 Arrrgust flag design contest.

Grand Prize

Grand Prize

Runners Up
Click the images to view at a larger size.

Honorable Mentions
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Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted entries for this contest!

-Bonnie Anne

August 24, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

The Arrrgust PvP Winners!

PvP Winners

What’s a Pirate’s favorite month? Arrrgust of course! Arrrgust is the month where we celebrate every pirate’s favorite, happy exclamation of “ARRR,” and so far there’s been plenty of Arrr worthy moments. Be sure to check our Arrrgust page to join in the fun. There’s only one week left, so hop to it!

Today we’re announcing the winners of our grand week of PvP matches. There were a ton of contestants (and a lot of cowards . . . that’s ok, we still entered you scurvy dogs who entered a match and fled on the first round).  Most matches lasted between six and nine rounds.


There was a nice spread of classes being used in the PvP matches, but Swashbuckler pulled out in the lead as to be expected. Swashbuckler is the favorite class in Pirate101 (as shown in the 50 million player graphic)

Graph 2

It is interesting that Witchdoctors overshadowed the Musketeers in pure numbers of attendees for this contest however. Go Witchdoctors!

We compiled all the entries into our event and rolled the giant database dice here at KingsIsle. As it turns out, our top winner for the Arrrgust week of PvP was a Buccaneer. Congratulations Sydney Morgan for winning 60K Crowns!

Also Congratulations to our other top winners! They have each received a gift of 10k Crowns:

  • Stubborn Duncan Freeman, Witchdoctor
  • Noble Wolf Hawkins, Swashbuckler
  • Fallon Nightingale, Swashbuckler
  • Merciless Ronan Silver, Swashbuckler
  • Cruel Flint Strong, Swashbuckler
  • Chloe, Privateer
  • Kai Kidd, Swashbuckler
  • Slick Trevor Sharp, Witchdoctor
  • Reckless Angel, Musketeer

Even if you didn’t win, we certainly hope you had fun enjoying Ranked PvP in Pirate101. Feel free to congratulate the winners in the comments below, and thank you for your participation.  Don’t forget we have another chance to win Crowns in week 4 of Arrrgust. This time, get your creative juices flowing and unfurl your flags!

Best of luck,

~ KingsIsle Community

August 19, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Taking Screenshots Like a Pro for Photography Day


It’s Photography Day today!  Did you know that in Wizard101 and Pirate101, you have a kind of camera built right into the game? We call it “taking a screenshot.” It’s very handy and a great way for fans of our games to catalog their wonderful times, great friends, and happy moments.

The first thing you should know, taking an actual photograph of your computer screen with your phone or a camera is probably the easiest way to ruin a good photograph! The colors never come out right, you’ll get lines through your picture, and it’s never very straight. You’d be surprised how many photos our Community team sees like this. Just say “No” to taking pictures this way!



Next, to take a simple screenshot, all you have to do is press either the F12 button or the PrtScn button. Like magic, your screen is captured and saved in a file on your computer. The location where your screenshot is saved flashes on your screen for a moment, and usually that’s located in your Documents folder in a subfolder called “Wizard101.”

Now if you want to take a screenshot like a pro and really make your screenshots shine, we have some tips that will help you work your magic and impress your friends.

  • Remove the Interface – Before you take your screenshot, hold down the Control key and Press G. Control+G removes the health and mana globes, the quest arrow, and all the other things on the screen that are getting in the way of your great screenshot! After you’re done, just press Control+G to bring all of those handy icons back into view.
  • Back up against a wall – This is kind of tricky, but sometimes you can back up against a wall and your player will disappear from view so you get a nice screenshot of the environment only. In Pirate101, this is even better because you can hold down your right mouse button and move around to position your “environment-only” screenshot.


  • Shoot for even higher quality – Looking for an even higher quality screenshot? Go into your game settings and try putting your game into its highest resolution and select full screen size! Try turning Bloom on and off and see which one you like better.
  • Edit like a pro – If you use the PrtScn button, you can open up another graphic program like Photoshop, Gimp, or even Window’s Paint, and use Control+V to “paste” your screenshot. Then you can enhance the colors, crop it, and save it in a higher resolution format that’s still web-friendly, like .png files.

unicorn photoshop

  • Don’t overdo it – Once you start messing around with filters and features in Photoshop, it’s very easy to go crazy and make a beautiful catastrophe of a picture. Eek! Stick to the basics and make your favorite game shine!

X photoshop

When you’re all done, your Community and Social Media team would love to see your creations! In fact, we repost the screenshots we receive on Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr! So join in the fun and send us your best creations for Photography Day to!

Do you have a really good tip for taking a good screenshot? Please leave a comment below!