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February 26, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

What’s your favorite Fairy Tale?


It’s National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, so we asked our writers to take a moment to talk about their favorite Fairy Tale or Tall Tale influence in Wizard101 and Pirate101. Here’s what they had to say.

Jesse Scoble (King Artorius):
It’s no secret that Wizard101 pulls constantly from history, mythology, legends, children’s literature, folk and fairy tales (and of course, pop culture, too, but that’s for another time and place). It’s not always easy, or important, to draw a bright line between a myth and a fairy tale, so let’s instead focus on a few examples from Wizard101.

In Khrysalis, my associate writer, “The Thundersnake”, proposed a Three Blind Mice story. It fit very nicely with the idea of the Burrowers as an oppressed people, suffering under the cruel wrath of a mean woman (Morganthe as the butcher’s wife). So he combined the Three Blind Mice nursery rhyme with the names of three interesting blind characters from various fantasy/SF sources (Romo, Geordi, and Aemon), and came up with a goal of finding several missing music boxes (to play into the idea of a children’s song).


In Avalon, we played a great deal with Arthurian tales as inspiration for many of our quests. For example, we took the old French and German stories about Melusine, a fairy or part-fairy, who has a fish tail although she can appear as a normal woman. She is encountered by a traveler who falls in love with her without realizing her true nature. She agrees to marry him on condition that he never enters her chambers on a Saturday, for on that day she returns to her mermaid form. When her husband breaks his promise and sees her true form, she curses him, and/or vanishes forever.

We took elements of that fairy tale and translated them into a version that felt appropriate for the Spiral. We downplayed the elements of romantic love, but kept the essence of a fairy who is frightened of revealing her true form. In our version, Melusine is half fox (like many of the Avalon characters) and half mermaid. Finn Gingersnap is a young man, or fox, who heard stories about Melusine’s beauty and wit, and wanted to be her friend. When he surprised her swimming in the pool outside the tower of Belle Regard, she cursed him to never leave Belle Regard until the tower falls (which would presumably kill him). When Finn offers to do anything to prove his friendship, Melusine gives the Wizard a chance to fashion a magical fish tail for Finn, so that he can spend half his life in the water with her, and they can spend the other half of the time living together in the tower. In order to accomplish all of this, the Wizard must defeat and then befriend the Black Knight (Finn’s sister, who guards Belle Regarde to protect her brother), obtain a portion of silver from Scurvy Skirkers, then have a silversmith fashion the silver into a fish tail, and finally get a three-colored serpent to enchant the tail.


And in doing all that, we probably touched on a half-a-dozen other fairy tales in the process!

Sam Johnson (Blind Mew):
It’s not precisely a fairy tale per se, but if you open it up to mythology I’m very proud of what we did in Aquila: the main story is a riff on both the Illiad and the Odyssey, two of the biggest cornerstones of western mythology. It was a little tricky to twist them into a family-friendly format with KI’s unique brand of humor, but I think we got some great bits out of the Illiad: Eagilles needing to be coaxed back into battle with a party and a song, the Golden Egg the war is being fought over standing in for both Helen of Troy and Eris’ golden apple (and of course what hatches out of it), and the Trojan Mouse. Finding ways to make the episodes from the Odyssey actually work as MMO gameplay was a big challenge – the Sirens and Scylla and Charybdis were very hard to pull off but I think they work perfectly. Of all of those references, I think I get the biggest chuckle out of the notion that Polyphemus was just a hapless Cyclops cave-sitting for his cousin Argos who got absolutely rolled by that jerk Ulysses.


Thanks to our writers for taking time out of their busy schedules to share with us! Now it’s your turn . . . what’s your favorite Wizard101 or Pirate101 Fairy Tale or Tall Tale?

February 23, 2015 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Wizard101 Players Fish up Huge Wins!


We hope you were paying attention to our Social Media and Message Boards on Friday! We announced a special one-day, day-long fishing tournament in Wizard101 held on Saturday, February 21st.

We’ve compiled all our data, and we have our winners along with some pretty amazing statistics! In total for the day 117,987 fish were caught in Wizard101 from over 12,000 participants! As is commonplace with fishing, fish weren’t the only things caught as 12,917 chests were also netted during the event. Congrats on all the loot!

Our winners were wide and varied as well. Some were striving very hard for the tournament, and others just made a very lucky catch without much effort at all. Here are your grand prize winners . . . Congrats!

  • Vanessa MythDust caught the Largest Fish, (a 55.1 Blackberry Jellyfish).
  • Justin SkullMask caught the Smallest Fish (a 6.5 Cold Cod) – Justin only caught seven fish the entire day. That’s some awesome luck!
  • Sophia LifeCaster caught the Most Epic Fish (103 total).

From the data it appears Sophia’s cash cow (or cash fish as the case may be) was the Boss Hog fish! Our guess is she found a nice fishing spot for those Boss Hogs and didn’t stop catching them all day long!


In total for the day, 535 Epic Fish were caught. Most of those fish were Cranky Catfish, Blackberry Jellyfish, Sturgeon General, and Sophia’s Boss Hog Haul. (Side note, it looks like next fishing tournament we should do something that focuses on that rare Musushi fish!)


Winners of our sub-categories this fishing tournament were as follows:

  • Sarah Hex caught the Most Dekoi (249 total).
  • Adam LegendFlame caught the Smallest Jellyfish (22.9 fish size) – Adam only caught 7 fish the entire day.
  • Caroline MoonStone caught the smallest Eel (17.9 fish size)
  • Alexandria Wildflower caught the largest Codfather (36.6 fish size)
  • Valdus DarkBreeze caught the largest Toddpole (42.1 fish size) – Valdus only caught 6 fish the entire day.

Congratulations again to all of our winners, enjoy your Crowns that we’ve applied to your accounts!

Leader boards for the Grand Prizes were as follows:

(NOTE: Some players fished up multiple small and large fish and may be listed more than once.)

Largest Fish

Place Type of fish Fisher
1 Blackberry Jellyfish Vanessa MythDust
2 Blackberry Jellyfish Talon StormShade
3 Blackberry Jellyfish Duncan StormThief
4 Krokotopian Eel Abigail DragonFlame
5 Blackberry Jellyfish Jasmine
6 Blackberry Jellyfish Kiley LifeGiver
7 Blackberry Jellyfish Vanessa MythDust
8 Krokotopian Eel Roslyn TitanFlame
9 Blackberry Jellyfish Vanessa MythDust
10 Krokotopian Eel Jason HawkRider
11 Blackberry Jellyfish Duncan StormThief
12 Blackberry Jellyfish Tarlac DeathEyes
13 Sun Ray Tabitha StormWraith
14 Krokotopian Eel Amanda LifeFriend
15 Sun Ray Caleb WaterRider
16 Tongue Fish Christopher
17 Krokotopian Eel Charles StormCloud
18 Sun Ray Kiley LifeGiver
19 Blackberry Jellyfish Vanessa MythDust
20 Tongue Fish Scarlet Raven
21 Tongue Fish Devin ShadowFist
22 Sun Ray Daniel SunSword
23 Tongue Fish Caroline MoonStone
24 Krokotopian Eel Alexander
25 Sturgeon General Wolf LegendRider
26 Tongue Fish Savannah Dawn
27 Sun Ray Scarlet DragonFlame
28 Blackberry Jellyfish Matthew ShadowBlade
29 Blackberry Jellyfish Alexander
30 Tongue Fish Cowan NightStalker
31 Sun Ray Jacob
32 Sun Ray Chase TitanCloud
33 Tongue Fish Lucas Silver
34 Krokotopian Eel Saffron EarthSlinger
35 Tongue Fish Leesha GoldenFlame
36 Blackberry Jellyfish Katherine NightSong
37 Tongue Fish Caroline MoonStone
38 Blackberry Jellyfish Destiny SpiritDreamer
39 Tongue Fish Lucas Silver (second fish!)
40 Sturgeon General Diana
41 Sturgeon General Christina LionRider
42 Tongue Fish Savannah Dawn
43 Sun Ray Paul DragonBlood
44 Blackberry Jellyfish Destiny SpiritDreamer
45 Blackberry Jellyfish Daniel SunSword
46 Sun Ray Nicholas DarkFlame
47 Sun Ray Corwin
48 Sun Ray Seth
49 Blackberry Jellyfish Daniel SunSword
50 Krokotopian Eel Jose OwlHunter


Smallest Fish

Place Type of fish Fisher
1 Cold Cod Justin SkullMask
2 Doodlefishette Lucas Silver
3 Doodlefishette Lucas Silver
4 Doodlefishette Christina LionRider
5 Cold Cod Diana BearWielder
6 Origami Fish Brandon OwlSword
7 Cold Cod Devin DreamHaven
8 Doodlefishette Christina DawnThief
9 Doodlefish Rebecca UnicornBlossom
10 Rainbow Trout Scarlet DragonFlame
11 Cold Cod Lucas DragonSlinger
12 Rainbow Trout Taryn WildLeaf
13 Rainbow Trout Scarlet DragonFlame
14 Rainbow Trout Destiny SpiritWhisper
15 Kid Carp Michael DeathCaster
16 Doodlefish Lucas Silver
17 Rainbow Trout Calamity PixieShade
18 Catfish Alex
19 Rainbow Trout Suri PixieCatcher
20 Rainbow Trout Lucas Silver
21 Rainbow Trout Wolf FireBlossom
22 Rainbow Trout Julia SkyVault
23 Rainbow Trout Calamity PixieShade
24 Rainbow Trout William GriffinRider
25 Catfish Kymma IceStone
26 Cold Cod Diana
27 Cold Cod Emily Frost
28 Doodlefish Savannah GhostCaster
29 Rainbow Trout Destiny ShadowHeart
30 Cold Cod Gorman RavenStrider
31 Cold Cod Sydney IceWhisper
32 Cold Cod Nathaniel PearlMancer
33 Cold Cod Sarah Hex
34 Doodlefishette Lucas Silver
35 Doodlefishette Lucas Silver
36 Doodlefishette Caitlin ThunderStrider
37 Doodlefishette Jacqueline GoldenLeaf
38 Bearded Trout Lucas Silver
39 Catfish Christina RoseBloom
40 Four-Eyed Grouper Iridian DuskWalker
41 Four-Eyed Grouper Kayla StormBreeze
42 Archer Fish Kevin IceSong
43 Jackson Pollock Calamity DragonHeart
44 Kid Carp Liam
45 Ninja Fish Kestrel DragonPyre
46 Cold Cod Lucas Silver
47 Ninja Fish Mariah LegendStrider
48 Ninja Fish Liam
49 Cold Cod Brandon RainWeaver
50 Kid Carp Iridian FirePants

Most Epic Fish Caught

Place # of fish Fisher
1 103 Sophia LifeCaster
2 20 Julia RainbowShade
3 19 Vanessa MythDust
4 17 Alexander
5 9 Talon StormShade
6 8 Daniel SunSword
7 7 Destiny SpiritDreamer
8 7 Charles DeathHeart
9 7 Iridian DuskWalker
10 7 Iridian WillowGlen
11 6 Cole ShadowFlame
12 6 Kelsey FireHeart
13 6 Tara WildEyes
14 5 Katherine NightSong
15 5 Morgrim ShadowFist
16 5 Seth
17 5 Talon Mancer
18 4 Destiny ShadowHeart
19 4 Kayla StormBreeze
20 3 Matthew ShadowBlade
21 3 Diana
22 3 Christina LionRider
23 3 Scarlet DragonFlame
24 3 Lucas Silver
25 3 Calamity PixieShade
26 3 Julia LionFlower
27 3 Blaze
28 2 Duncan StormThief
29 2 Kiley LifeGiver
30 2 Savannah GhostCaster
31 2 Jeffrey SpriteCatcher
32 2 Carlos TrollFist
33 2 Maria WaterBlossom
34 2 Miranda StormTalon
35 2 Allan IronHammer
36 2 Fallon CrowCaller
37 2 Tavia LotusFlower
38 2 Mason SoulHunter
39 2 Destiny MoonDreamer
40 2 Maria DeathHunter
41 2 Jordan SpiritMender
42 2 Corwin
43 2 James FireStaff
44 2 Vanessa StormRiver
45 2 Nora Star
46 2 Tatiana ThunderHammer
47 2 Blaze SilverHammer
48 2 Adam
49 2 Kristen FireMancer
50 1 Jasmine


Honorable Mention for Most Dekoi

Place # of fish Fisher
1 249 Sarah Hex
2 179 Isabella
3 140 Gavin FrostPetal
4 131 Destiny ShadowHeart
5 124 Mitchell WildFlame
6 123 Iridian WillowGlen
7 122 Cowan NightStalker
8 117 Suri CrowCloud
9 116 Destiny SpiritDreamer
10 114 Julia RainbowShade

Honorable mention for Smallest Jellyfish

Place Type of fish Fisher
1 Strawberry Jellyfish Adam LegendFlame
2 Strawberry Jellyfish Destiny UnicornCloud
3 Marmalade Jellyfish Calamity PixieShade
4 Marmalade Jellyfish Autumn
5 Strawberry Jellyfish Laura StoryMancer
6 Strawberry Jellyfish Kiley
7 Strawberry Jellyfish Laura LegendDreamer
8 Strawberry Jellyfish Autumn WinterBringer
9 Strawberry Jellyfish Angel FairyStrider
10 Strawberry Jellyfish Isabella IceSword

Honorable mention for Smallest Eel

Place Type of fish Fisher
1 Krokotopian Eel Caroline MoonStone
2 Krokotopian Eel Kane SunSpear
3 Krokotopian Eel Chris LifeBringer
4 Krokotopian Eel Tristan ThunderStaff
5 Krokotopian Eel Jason BattleSword
6 Krokotopian Eel Brian LifeBlood
7 Krokotopian Eel Liam
8 Krokotopian Eel Tavia LotusFlower
9 Krokotopian Eel Tyler ThunderBlade
10 Krokotopian Eel Calamity DragonHeart

Honorable mention for Largest Codfather

Place Fisher
1 Alexandria WildFlower
2 Jonathan DeathRider
3 Scarlet DragonFlame
4 Galen IronFist
5 Mackenzie
6 Luke
7 Deirdre DawnThistle
8 Iridian MoonThistle
9 Taylor MoonEyes
10 Scarlet DragonFlame

Honorable mention for Largest Toddpole

NOTE: This was a very close race between Valdus and Kiley. Valdus won because he caught the fish first . . . early bird catches the worm!

Place Fisher
1 Valdus DarkBreeze
2 Kiley
3 Grace Bear
4 Amy StormHeart
5 Kymma NightShade
6 Kymma NightShade (two winning fish!)
7 Brandon WyrmWraith
8 Lail
9 Rachel SoulWielder
10 Talon StormShade

We certainly hope you had an amazingly fun day of fishing, and we are really impressed with all of our amazing players. Let us know what you thought of the fishing tournament and please feel free to congratulate the winners in the comments below.

February 20, 2015 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Top Ten Fancy Things in Wizard101


Somewhere between the adjectives “cute” and “regal” lies what we term as “Fancy.” “Fancy,” you ask? Why yes! Let us explain . . . .

A fancy item would be more akin to an unusual family heirloom at an antique store than a “cute” plastic toy from the rainbow-infected kid’s section of a local big box store. Furthermore, fancy items would still be affordable, unlike a “regal” purchase of diamond-encrusted boots custom made for the Duke of Snobbington.fancy1

It’s a fine line, but with that definition in mind, here’s our top ten list of Fancy Items in Wizard101.

1- Fancy Yogurt
Not only does everyone’s favorite Rank 9 Pet Snack have “fancy” in the name, it’s a snack liked by most Ice Pets and pets who like “munchies.” While it may not be as regal as a meal of Hambrosia, for a snack, this yogurt is the cream of the crop.

2- The Gold-Wrought Eagle Mount.

This mount is a relatively new one that was released about a year ago. It’s not a regular eagle, but one fashioned out of gold . . . oh that’s fancy! If you want to feel a little fancy yourself, you can even pick up a 1-Day version of the mount from Prospector Zeke on the cheap!

3- Marleybone Clothes

Certainly Marleybone is only the third world along the long chain of worlds on your path to level 100 . . . but their style is top quality! From Opera masks, to top hats, to tuxedos with tails, you can find all you need from Regeant’s Square to keep you looking sharp no matter the world you embark upon.

4- Hairstyles

Believe it a not there was a time before a Wizard could change their hairstyle on a whim. Yes, it was hats, hats, and more hats, but now you can find a plethora of fancy hairstyles, from “The Abracadabra” to “The Taffy.” Now you can make your hair about as fancy as you want!

5- Avalon

Avalon . . . just Avalon! Nothing is fancier than a medieval world dubbed “the silver city.” Knights, dragons, and . . . well, just ignore the goblins and giants. Avalon has an amazing castle called the Keep of Ganelon and just happens to be the birthplace of our own Merle Ambrose. It’s fancy!

6- Furniture from Mooshu

One only needs to look as far as the amazing vases of Mooshu to know that we’re not in Kansas anymore. Everything about furniture from Mooshu screams fancy . . . put up some bamboo wallpaper, add a Gong of the Oni, lay down a Koi Pond, and you’ve instantly set the stage for a fancy fest in fancy town.

7- Pianos.

Neville Cobblestone in, go figure, Marleybone is more than happy to hook you up with a Grand Piano for the price of 15,000 gold . . . or the upright piano for 5,000 gold. Both are fancy, but it’s clear which one is more fancy of the two. Don’t skimp, Wizards! And if you’re talented enough to actually want to play the piano, then head to the Crown Shop and pick up a “Playable Piano” for not much more.

8- 50 million monolith

Back in December 2014 KingsIsle hit a special goal and put out a fancy housing item to match this great accomplishment . . . the 50 Million Monolith! With the elegant swash of KingsIsle’s logo topped with a vast swirl of The Spiral . . . it’ about as fancy as they come — plus it’s a great way to show your pride in Wizard101 and Pirate101!

9- Dapper Corgi

There are a number of fancy pets in Wizard101 (we know who you are Spark Beast lovers), but not many of them are as fancy as the Dapper Corgi! This little fella by your side says . . . why yes I do dress my pets, and yes I am fancy! With the Corgi’s card of Fuel, let’s say he’s especially fancy for you folks who are a bit hot under the collar (cough, fire wizards, cough).

10- The Coat of invincibility

Let’s be honest, who here got into PvP just to spin up 1000 tickets to purchase their Commander robe? For boys, it’s an epic armor look and for girls, it’s all about “the wings.” These robes are possibly the epitome of fancy. Sure they may be good in a fight and Brandon Mistborn may have something more your speed, but nothing says elite like “the wings.”

Think you’ve got a good item to add to our list of fancy? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear what you think . . . and remember, pinky up!