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May 22, 2015 / KingsIsle Entertainment

10 Things That Happen When You Play Wizard101 With Your BFF

Nothing beats stepping into the Spiral with your best friend by your side. Going through levels together, aiding each other in battle, and discussing ways to get further in the game is what makes your friendship so magical. There’s nothing quite like having a dueling partner who understands the ins and outs of your favorite game. Here are 10 things that are likely to happen when you play Wizard101 with your BFF.

  1. That bizarre moment when you coincidentally meet in the same Realm before giving each other True Friend Codes.

Captain Kirk is really shocked about best friends accidentally meeting in the same Realm

2. Then, the magical moment when you give each other a True Friend Code. #TrueBFs

These two best friend monkeys are so happy to share their True Friend Codes

3. You both share the same favorite School and prefer to always train there.

Zack Morris and Slater from Saved By The Bell pat themselves on the back

4. You can always count on your friend to teleport into your battle, no matter what!

Abed and Troy from Community give each other high fives5. Instead of spending your allowance on going to the movies or getting ice cream together, you each save up to buy Crowns.

Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory spends his allowance6. When Halloween comes around, you both know without hesitation that you’re dressing up as Merle Ambrose and Malistaire.

The Peanuts go trick or treating7. You have a sense of pride when you see your BFF win a match and feel profound disappointment when he or she loses.

This baby goes from happy to sad in an instant8. When you have a nightmare about Malistaire during a sleepover, you know you can count on your best friend to understand how scary that can be.

Spongebob is scared after having a nightmare9. When your BFF becomes a Level 50 Grandmaster, you throw a party to celebrate the achievement.

Kermit the Frog is celebrating10. Anytime you and your BFF do a PVP, you know there are no hard feelings. What happens in the Spiral stays in the Spiral.


May 18, 2015 / KingsIsle Entertainment

4 Magical Ways to Get Wizard101 Crowns


Every Wizard101 player knows how fun and exciting the game can be, especially when you spend your Crowns unlock premium game areas or get epic items in the Crown Shop. With Crowns, you can purchase unique pets, deck yourself out in high-powered gear, buy cool mounts, packs and even unlock premium play zones. Whether you need extra health for a tough battle or cool plants for your garden, the Crown Shop offers unique ways to earn rewards. You can even use your Crowns when participating in the Pet Derby and Ranked PvPs! Spending Crowns is simple, but earning them can take a little more effort—here are four magical ways to build your Crowns supply.

  1. FreeKI Games Trivia


Have you tested your wits by playing the fun trivia games for kids at You simply need to score 75 percent or higher on each quiz to collect Crowns. Every quiz you successfully complete earns you 10 Crowns to spend on whatever you want in the Crown Shop, and you can take up to ten quizzes a day. These trivia games range across diverse topics like pop music, basketball, Texas facts and chemistry, so there are quizzes for everyone!

  1. Invite Your Friends

Another way that you can add to your Crowns count is by inviting your friends to play! Every time a friend or family member creates an account using your referral code and then makes a purchase within the game, you are able to collect these valuable game-play Crowns for yourself… plus the friend you invited gets some Crowns as well. Invite everyone you know to join in on the excitement of Wizard101 and benefit at the same time!

  1. Watch In-Game Videos

A cool additional way to earn Crowns is to watch the in-game videos within Wizard101. Each video you watch will add 10 non-transferrable Crowns to your account. There is no limit to the number of videos a player can watch in a day, but availability is varied. Some days, there may be more videos than others.

  1. Enter Wizard101 Contests

Throughout the year, Wizard101 hosts fun contests which have amazing prizes like Crowns! With everything from art contests to poetry, there are tons of ways to try and earn your Wizard some Crowns. Plus, each month we host a KingsIsle Live event which not only shows players a cool insider look at Wizard101, but also gives select participants great prizes like Crowns!


And, of course, a final option for players is to buy Crowns. Crown packs start as low as $5 and go up to $80. The $80 pack is the best deal, giving you approximately 750 Crowns per dollar. Be sure to ask your parents before purchasing any packages and be on the lookout for great sales on Crowns—you never know when one will be running!

Crowns are especially great for free-to-play Wizards because they allow access to the whole world of Wizard101. You can buy zones starting at $1 each and access them forever—see our zone prices here. Your Wizard is allowed to return back to an area as often as you’d like to hunt for Boss drops or to work on side quests.

Use one or all of these easy ways to collect Crowns and have more fun during your adventures on Wizard101!

May 14, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Throwback Thursday: Original Character Concepts


How many times have you crossed over to a new area in Wizard101 and thought, “Hmm, I wonder what the story is behind those two wizards on the transition screen?” To answer that question, we’re going to show you some really neat “Throwback Thursday” character concept art we found tucked away in our Lead Artist’s desk drawer!

Karl Holbert, Lead Artist for Wizard101 since 2010, has seen just about every piece of concept art since the dawn of Wizard101, and he was kind enough to show us a few gems from his treasure trove of unseen concept art, which has been passed down from Art Lead to Art Lead over time. In fact, the following Throwback Thursday pictures were actually scanned from an old spiral-bound book that contained information from a meeting held way back in 2005—a time when Wizard101 was just being dreamed up and Karl was just one of the team of artists working together to keep the look of the game in line.

Once upon a time, our wizards had a slightly different “proposed” look that eventually became the wizard characters we know and love today:



Do the poses in the top left corner of each of those character sheets look familiar? They should!

Even more shocking, could you imagine what playing Wizard101 would be like if your characters looked more the following concept art pieces? Wow!


Also in Karl’s book was this amazing drawing of a girl and her piggle visiting a dragon unicorn floating on a cloud!


The art style may be different, but it looks to us like her outfit eventually became the “Celestial Garment” style you can purchase from Eloise Merryweather in the Wizard City Commons!

We’re happy we could share these with you today, and let us know what you thought of our Throwback Thursday pictures. We’ve got some more gems to share . . . if we can sneak them off of Karl’s desk!