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September 29, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Your Favorite Year of Wizard101 – David GoldenSword


All good things must come to an end, and today we have our final Blog Contest entry!  Thanks everyone for submitting so many lovely posts… it’s a shame we can’t publish them all!  We end with David GoldenSword, level 50 Death Wizard, telling us about his favorite year of Wizard101 – 2009.

It’s been 6 years since I first defeated Malistaire’s evil minions during the tutorial at Golem Court and began my journey to stop his sinister plan, I was so young and so inexperienced to the game but luckily I made a friend that day, one that helped me throughout the game, a friend that I will keep and cherish for the rest of my life, Zachary. That is why my favorite year in wizard101 was 2009 when I met my best friend Zachary.


Zachary and I battled our way through the Spiral saving world after world, each one more challenging than the last and brought us one step closer to defeating the evil Malistaire. After our triumphant defeat of Meowiarty and the end of the most frustrating world, Marlybone (which reminds me of home) we ventured off to the next world, Mooshu. This world was stunningly beautiful and its scenery took you back in time to the old Chinese era of monks, samurai’s, emperors and of course ninjas! It was easy to see that the developers at KingsIsle put in some extra time and effort in order to make this world and I am very grateful for that.

After weeks of questing Zachary and I were finally at Malistaire’s door step. The battle was intense and very difficult at the time but we managed to survive and put a stop to Malistaire’s plan once and for all. At first we couldn’t believe that we did it but we did and Zachary and I had saved the Spiral and rid it of evil, for now at least.


I would just like to say happy birthday KingsIsle and thank you for making my favorite game, it is truly something my friend and I love and appreciate. We wish you many more years in the gaming industry and hope you continue to create many more successful games such as Wizard101.

September 26, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Your Favorite Year of Wizard101 – Tyler Mythcaster


You know what year we haven’t heard about in our Birthday Blog Celebration Contest?  2011!  Luckily Tyler Mythcaster, level 19 Myth Wizard, has a lot to say about why 2011 is his favorite year.

What has been my favorite year of Wizard101 and why? Well, out of all of the great years of Wizard101, I’d have to say year four, or 2011. I chose this year because this is the year that I truly experienced Wizard101’s greatness for the first time. I had so much fun battling all of the different creatures and traversing different worlds all while talking to friends that helped me along the way.

I liked the game more and more as I went on, getting new spells became glorious achievements. Once I had made it to the end of the lava-filled world of Dragonspyre, I knew that I was about to face the biggest threat I would ever fight in Wizard101. Fighting Malistaire on top of the Spyre was very hard and took teamwork and great strategy to win. After that battle, I realized that there was no game like Wizard101 nor will there ever be. It is a great game and is unique in its own ways, and, above all, the game is full of fun!


As the year went on, new amazing features were added, making the game so much more entertaining with every update. Going to the new worlds was amazing! Wysteria brought a world similar to Wizard City, but not nearly as friendly nor powerful! Wintertusk brought a great winter wonderland that the game needed significantly. And Zafaria brought a world full of wild animals whom you needed to help to progress through the story of Wizard101. The new spells added a great new fun to strategizing in battles! The new pets for level 58 grandmasters were very nice to have around to keep you company! And the roaming mounts feature let your mounts roam free along side your pets in your massive castle!


The year of 2011 was the best year I have ever experienced in Wizard101 and probably always will be! Hopefully more people come to join the Wizard101 community so they too can experience the greatness of Wizard101!

September 25, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Your Favorite Year of Wizard101 – Stephanie LightCloud


We’re getting near the end of our Birthday Blog Celebration Contest but have a great entry for you today from Stephanie LightCloud, level 75 Storm Wizard.  Stephanie writes a letter to KingsIsle which she titled “Straight From a Wizard’s Heart.” 

Dear Kingsisle,

First off, I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful program to train young wizards such as myself. It allowed me to learn to control my magic, which was difficult for me after I missed my acceptance letter from Hogwarts (They should really look into hiring better staff!). This program sent me on quests and experiences only the greatest wizards in the history of magic had experienced, and I feel honored to counted as one of those hero’s in WIzard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, MooShu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca and Khrysalis.


Although I know there are many more difficult and heroic challenges to come, the year full of the quests I found the most intriguing was 2010. This was the year when PVP just got a whole lot more serious (Please note that I wrote that sentence in a hard and serious tone). The advanced pet system was introduced! At first I thought it was just a phase, but I became OBSESSED with creating the perfect pet, and I still am today! I spend hours training my adorable wild sabertooth in the Pet Pavilion everyday, striving to get him to mega. After I finish training him, what will I do, you might ask? Well! I’ll move on to the next pet and the next one and… oh you get the idea! On to my favorite quest of 2010.

Through out the years there have been many challenges that I was forced to face, each and every one of them sent an adrenaline rush through my wand! However, my all time favorite quest was when we had to save Selena Gomez, who was being held captive in the hands of the King of Crab Alley. All those monsters I had to defeat made me a braver and stronger wizard! And not to mention the huge boost of self confidence I felt when I saved one of the most famous mortals in the mundane world. Also, let’s not forget about that huge dance party we had after I had saved her!


The school of storm run by Professor Halston Balestrom has been my home since Level 1 and I am so happy to be a part of the wizard101 family, thank you for allowing me to experience these grand quests and have a happy birthday!

Your Fellow Wizard,
Stephanie LightCloud