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June 29, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

21 Things Every Gamer Gets Excited About

Online Gaming_21 things

Everyone has certain things they love that others just don’t get. Here are 21 things only gamers get excited about:

1) Filling up your inventory with cool things

No one else but a gamer would see the importance of seeds, charms, or mounts—you never know when you might need them in a battle!

2) Finding a new world to explore

Nothing beats discovering a new part of a game. There’s lots to see and do. You know where the next few days of your life will go.

3) Peeks at new content

Whether online or in a game shop, getting a sneak peak at an upcoming new quests, card decks, or even pets for your favorite game makes you feel like the happiest person on the planet.

4) Glitches getting fixed

When the game’s designers release a free patch to fix bugs, you’ll finally get to enjoy your game again without weird invisible barriers or tools working the wrong way.

5) Getting ungrounded and playing again

Nothing’s sweeter than breaking free from being grounded. It can feel exactly like Christmas morning when your mom or dad lets you play your game again after what feels like a lifetime.

6) Seasonal items and quests

Some people get excited about the weather turning cold or school finally being out for the summer. For you, a new season generally means a cool new seasonal quest that brings special rewards and tools.

7) Mini games

Winning a mini game can almost feel like winning the lottery. The mini games in Wizard101 allow you to recharge your energy and potentially earn more gold! Other fun side quests, like Grub Guardian or the fun trivia games at, offer rewards you can’t get anywhere else.


8) Free Crowns

Some people would say getting real free money would be better than getting imaginary money or Crowns. But gamers know that sometimes, Crowns are real money!

9) When the Wi-Fi goes down and then comes back on

It’s like you’ve gone days without water! You need your game! Your brothers and sisters are annoyed they can’t use Facebook but you’re itching to battle. Coming back to your game after a while away means spending extra time building inventory, battling and collecting gold. What’s wrong with that?!

10) Achievements

Like getting all A’s or winning a soccer game, there’s no greater feeling than getting past a certain point in the game. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so be proud!

11) Leveling up

Leveling up can take days, weeks or even months. It’s a sign of hard work and dedication, and it doesn’t hurt that you sometimes get a pretty little reward for making it to the next level.

12) Getting game gift cards for your birthday

While the other kids in your class are eyeing the next iPhone or a puppy, you have a birthday list of zones and gear that you can’t wait to buy with prepaid game gift cards.


13) Fancy gear

It’s always exciting when you save up enough coins to get new outfits or weapons for your characters. Adding your own custom touch is one of the reasons you play in the first place!

14) New powers

Maybe you leveled up or got a new item. Suddenly you can fly, turn into an animal or shoot fire!

15) Finding a great walkthrough

A good guide to playing is like having a friend over your shoulder to help… but less annoying.

16) Finding a new monster

They might be cute or they might be scary, but it’s so fun to find and fall in love with new creatures in your game.

17) Starting a new character

You get to experience the game all over again. But this time, everything’s different! A new person to dress, a new way of fighting… The possibilities are endless!


18) Winning a boss fight

These can be nerve-wracking, but it’s great to finally beat that enemy! You’ve literally conquered a giant!

19) Getting to a save point

Not every game lets you save whenever you want. There’s no greater relief than finding a place where you can save!

20) Rare items

Every gamer knows how exciting it is to find super-rare drops. Will you keep them or sell them?

21) Getting your real-life friends to play

Maybe this is the most fun. Sharing your game with your friends, playing in PvP battles and going on quests together make playing your game even more fun than ever!

What’s your favorite thing about gaming? Tell us in the comments below!


June 23, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

4 Magic Tricks for Every Wizard101 Player Out There


Do you want to be a great sorcerer outside of Wizard City? You don’t have to be in the Spiral to practice magic—there are ways to cast spells in our world without a wand or spell card. Try out these four tricks to conjure up magic with your friends and family!

A Fool’s Fortune

Before the trick: Get a quarter, then cut a piece of paper and some tin foil to be slightly bigger than the quarter. Put the tin foil over one side of the coin and around its rim, then gently rub to leave the quarter’s impression on the foil. Take the quarter out of the foil and cut off any excess—this creates a fake “quarter.”

The trick: Put your “quarter” in the palm of your hand, show it your audience and then tell them you can make it disappear. Then take the piece of paper and place it over the quarter. Say “abracadabra,” wave your other hand over the quarter and remove the paper. The audience will see it’s still there. Apologize and try again. Do this twice more and when it doesn’t work on your third try, give a final apology. Tell your audience it was a fool’s fortune anyway and crumple the paper and the “quarter” so it looks like you casually crushed the coin. Voila!

The Enchanted Salt Shaker

What you’ll need for the trick: A salt shaker, a quarter, a piece of cloth big enough to completely cover the salt shaker and a table covered with a cloth.

The trick: Announce to your audience that you can make a quarter pass through the table. Start by putting the quarter on the table, then place the salt shaker over the quarter and the cloth over the salt shaker.

Tell your audience that you’ve failed to make the quarter go through every time and move the covered salt shaker with one hand to show the quarter is still on the table. While everyone’s eyes are on the quarter, quietly drop the salt shaker into your lap. Make sure the cloth holds the shape of the salt shaker and don’t lift it too high for your audience to see it’s gone, keeping your other hand in your lap.

This part is a little tricky and will take practice. Tell your audience you know the quarter will go through this time. Take your unseen hand and bang the top of the salt shaker under the table while pretending to bang it with your visible hand on top of the table. Pretend to push the “salt shaker” through the table. Remove the cloth and say sadly that only the salt shaker went through again, then reveal the “enchanted salt shaker” from beneath the table.

salt shaker

The Sliding Paper Clip

What you’ll need: A metal paper clip, a small magnet and a newspaper

The trick: Fold the magnet inside the newspaper and place the paper clip on top. Pick a volunteer from the audience and tell him or her to take an invisible string you have attached to the paper clip. As the volunteer pulls the “string,” slide the magnet forward to move the paper clip and watch jaws drop in awe!

Sweet Numbers

What you’ll need: Sugar cubes, a pencil and a glass of water.

The trick: Ask a volunteer to pick a number from one to 10. Write that number on a sugar cube with a pencil, pressing as hard as you can. Say you’re going to place the cube into the cup of water and press the cube between your thumb and index finger so the number on it imprints on your thumb. Put the cube in the water and hold the volunteer’s hand over it, making sure your thumb is in the other person’s palm. When you turn over his or her hand, the number should be there.

While you’re out of the Spiral, spend some time learning these neat magic tricks to enchant all of your friends and family! With magic tricks like these, they will definitely think you’re some sort of a Wizard.

June 19, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Summer Fishing Tournament Winners!

Sun Shark

Summer is officially here! And in Wizard101 that means a new seasonal fish is swimming around the waters of the Spiral. To celebrate the start of summer and the arrival of our new fish, Lucky Hookline hosted a Fishing Tournament on June 18. All players had to do was log in on Thursday, June 18, 2015 and catch the new Basking in the Sun Shark. Each one they caught was then used as an entry into a random drawing for Crowns.

And without further ado, our lucky fisher-wizards were… *drumroll*

Grand Prize winner of 60,000 Crowns was Alexander GhostHaven. Congratulations!

Runners Up, each with a prize of 10,000 Crowns were:

  • Jenna
  • Morgan BlueFlame
  • Emma
  • Victoria SilverDust
  • Scarlet DreamGarden
  • Blake DragonThorn
  • Destiny FrostWhisper
  • Wolf OwlHand
  • Michael DeathRider
  • Robert FrostHand

Fun Fishing Tournament Trivia:

  • 6,618 Basking in the Sun Sharks were caught during the Fishing Tournament
  • 102 of those were Whoppers
  • 174 of those were Small-Fry
  • The largest was 48.2 caught by Erica UnicornHeart!

All winners’ prizes have been awarded.

We certainly hope you had an amazingly fun day of fishing! Let us know what you thought of the fishing tournament and please feel free to congratulate the winners in the comments below.