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November 20, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

We Like Sharing Community Content!

At KingsIsle we are all about the community. You are what makes the games we develop a reality and worth working on! It especially excites us to discover and be able to share content you develop for these games. A smile is brought to our face by every piece of fan art and drawing that comes across our screens.

We have seen some great questions on what type of content we can share. Content ranges from a unique screenshot of your character in the world, concept art and drawings of a world element (usually this is again about your character), a useful gameplay guide, an event that’s coming up such as a birthday party or PvP match, and of course instructive livestreams and other videos.


Some content we cannot share. This content ranges from the obvious, such as political commentary and abusive language or hate speech, to the simple matter of how that content is presented. The higher the quality and care in crafting your content, the greater the chances it will be shared!

There are a few ways that we share community content that may be of interest to you.

Passive Notices

Usually we will discover content simply by running across it when we check social media pages. Use @Wizard101, @Pirate101, and @AnimalCove on Twitter and Facebook when you want us to see your posts. You can also share more with the rest of the community by using the hashtags #Wizard101, #Pirate101, and #AnimalCove. We check those too!

Other areas that you post, such as in the Comments section of news announcements, replies to forum posts, etc., are sometimes noticed as well. Please know that we don’t always have time to check over every single community specifically for content to share, so it’s quite possible some of your content will go unnoticed.

Direct Contact

This is where a more direct approach helps in ensuring we see your content you wish us to share. If you’ve got the best drawing this side of the Spiral, or an amazing screenshot or video, please send it to us at, or PM us on one of our game’s social media channels.

If your content isn’t shared, don’t worry, we may just not have seen it yet, or we will get to posting it at a better time. It’s also possible that some element in the content caused us to not be able to post it. Even the timing of fitting it into our daily news schedule can matter.

Official Fansites

Then there are the outlets that regularly put out content. You can probably name one or three off the top of your head, as there are so many great community fansites out there! Some of these fansites are part of KingsIsle’s Wizard101 and Pirate101 official fansite programs. The way fansites are included (or removed) from the program is a combined review of the quality and frequency of their content, history in the community, and a variety of other factors.

Applications are currently open for fansites to request being added to our program!


Share away, wizards and pirates and animal lovers, as we want to see what great community contributions and fun content you’ve come with. It may even make it into our monthly newsletters or on the next KI Live!

November 19, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Everything You Need to Know About Clubs

The Animal Cove team is incredibly excited to bring you a brand-new way to socialize and connect with your friends in-game: Clubs. Joining a Club will allow you to chat with your fellow club members, work together with them to unlock special Club items, and much more! We’ve created this handy guide to help you get the most out of Clubs.

Joining or Creating a Club

In order to join a club, you must set up your Player ID if you have not already done so and beat level 50. Once you unlock clubs, you’ll get a special pop up that will take you to the Club menu.


This menu is where you can create a club of your own or simply join an existing club. Clubs currently have a max limit of 25 members. Once that limit is reached, no new members can join the Club until someone leaves or is removed from the club.

Joining a Club

To join a club, tap the club icon in the top left corner of the main game screen.

Club icon 2

That will bring up this menu:

join club menu

If you haven’t set up your Player ID, you will be prompted to set your Player ID when you click the Club icon. You cannot join a club until you set your Player ID.

The menu will show all of the Clubs that have at least one slot open for New Members. Want more options? Just hit the Refresh Button in the top left corner of that menu. You can also search for Clubs if you know the specific name of the Club you want to join. Simply hit the “Search” button at the bottom of the list.

Once you’ve found the club you want to join, hit the view button to see details about the club like the Club Leader, Club Officers, and Members.

club view

Hit the join button at the bottom of that page to join the club.

Creating a Club

Starting a Club of your own is simple. Tap the club icon at the top left corner of the main game screen, then hit the Create button at the bottom of the club list.


From there, you’ll be able to choose a Club Avatar and a Club name. Clubs default to “open” membership, which means anyone can join your club.

Creating a club has no cost but you can only own one Club at a time.

Club Leadership

Clubs have two levels of leadership: Club Leader and Club Officers. Club Leaders and Officers have options that are unavailable to the other members of their club:

  1. Club Bulletin: Club Leaders can set a message for the Club that will appear at the top of the Club Chat.
  2. Club Options: This menu allows the Club Leader and officers to control and edit Club Access. They can promote, demote, and kick out other members and Officers. The Club Leader also has the ability to promote a new Club Leader, which Club Officers cannot.

Club Chat

General Chat Options

The Club Chat is our new way of connecting you with your fellow club members. To open the club chat, tap the Club icon. The Club chat is the first tab of the Club menu and looks like this:

life request

Players can requests lives using the heart button (more on that later) or send a message by clicking on the button with the speech bubble, both at the bottom of the club chat screen.

Weekly Club Challenge

The second tab of the club menu is where the Weekly Club Challenge lives. Tapping on the second tab will open this menu:

club challenge

Club Tickets

Every day you play during the weekly Club Event, you get a club ticket to play a special level that will help you earn those club points. VIPs get two daily club tickets instead of one, which is just one of the many benefits of VIP status.

One important thing to note: these tickets do not stack. That means that you have to use the daily club tickets you earn before you can get another daily ticket rewarded to you.

Are you out of daily club tickets but want to keep helping your club earn rewards? You can play more special Club levels by paying coins.

Special Levels

To redeem your daily Club Ticket and play special new Club Levels, click the Play button at the bottom of the Weekly Club Challenge screen:


In the Weekly Club Challenge levels you’ll be given a certain number of turns to collect as many Club Gems as possible. Collecting Club Gems is just like collecting coconuts: making a match next to the Club Gem pieces will collect them.

club gems

One Club Gem collected equals one club point earned that will count towards your club’s weekly event total. You will not be able to extend the number of turns at the end of the level like you normally can, so make the most out of the moves you have!

Event Progress

During the weekly club challenge, every Club Point that members of a Club earn are tracked and unlock prizes for the entire club. To see both the time remaining in the event and your Club’s progress, navigate to the Weekly event menu, then check out the progress bar at the top of the screen:

club progress

Tapping on any of the present icons in the progress bar will show you the prizes your Club will receive once your club collects that many Club Gems.

Leveling Up Your Club

How to Level Up Your Club

Players who are in a Club can help level up their Club by donating coins. To donate coins to your club, tap on the 3rd tab of the Club Menu, then hit the Donate button at the bottom of the page:

Club Donation

Benefits of Leveling Up

Leveling up your Club unlocks two main benefits: new and better Club prizes in the weekly Club events and the ability to purchase new and exclusive items in the Club Shop.

The Club Shop

What is the Club Shop?

The Club Shop is a new store with exclusive items that you can only purchase with a new currency: Social Points (more on those in just a bit). The Club Shop is on the 4th tab of the Club Menu:

Club Shop.PNG

Social Points

Social Points are the new currency to buy items in the Club Shop. There are 3 main ways to earn social points that you can spend in the Club Shop:

  1. Collecting Club Gems: For every Club Gem you collect in your daily Club Level(s), you earn a social point.
  2. Responding to Club Requests: Club members can now directly request Hearts every 6 hours from their fellow Club Members. This will send a message to the club chat that will disappear once three club members have responded. Responding to these messages will give you social points. You can only send one heart per each request.
  3. Purchasing Certain Items from the Coin Shop: This update brings a brand new item to the Coin Shop: the Club Gift. When you purchase a Club Gift through the Coin Shop, you get the items included and every other member of your club will also receive some items. If a member of your club buys a Club Gift, you’ll get a pop-up where you can see who bought it and redeem your items. As an added bonus, you also receive social points for purchasing Club Gifts!

club gift

If you leave a club, the social points you’ve earned stay with you; however, you cannot spend your social points until you join another club.

There are a lot of new aspects to the Club system and we hope that this makes things a bit clearer for you. What part of the new update are you most excited about?

October 12, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Animals

Here at KingsIsle we love Baby Animals. In fact, we love them so much that we updated Animal Cove’s Baby Animal system and added a brand new Baby Animal Challenge!  This update is pretty different from the Baby Animal events you’re used to seeing, so we’ve created this handy guide to all things Baby Animal!

Baby Animal Rescue Event

Baby Animal Rescue is a weekly event that you can play if you’ve reached level 45 in the game.

rescue event.PNG

Completing each level in the event will award you one, two, or three tokens of the Baby Animal you’ll be rescuing. Once you reach 10 tokens, you’ll be able to rescue the Baby Animal if you’ve unlocked the biome that the Baby Animal lives in.

One important thing to note: getting all of the tokens doesn’t automatically rescue the Baby Animal. You’ll need to open the collectibles menu at the bottom left side of your screen.


Next, navigate to the Baby Animal tab. If you have a Baby Animal that’s eligible for rescue, the Baby Animal tab will have an exclamation point to notify you. The baby Animal that you can rescue will also have an exclamation point indicator by their icon.

Animal sets

Click the Baby Animal with the exclamation point by its icon. That will bring up this menu:


Hit the large green Rescue! Button and you’ll unlock the rescue cutscene for that Baby Animal. After that, you can find your Baby Animal wandering around in their associated biome.

You may have noticed that the Baby Animals are now grouped into sets. There are currently four sets of Baby Animals: the Farm Set, the Woodland Set, the Safari Set, and the Mythical Set. We’ll explain why that’s important later in this blog post when we dive deeper into the Baby Animal Challenge Event.

One important thing to note: each Baby Animal lives in a specific biome. If you haven’t unlocked that biome yet by playing through the story, your new Baby Animal won’t have anywhere to live! You can still earn tokens from the Baby Animal Rescue Event, but you won’t be able to actually rescue them until you unlock their biome.

Already rescued all the Baby Animals? You can still earn tokens during Rescue Events for the Baby Animals you’ve previously rescued that you can use to power them up!

Star Power

Powering up your Baby Animals gives you Star Power for that animal’s set. For example, I rescued Fluffy (the adorable kitten) during the last Rescue Event. As you can see, Fluffy’s got one star power:


Star Power is what helps you unlock levels in the brand new Baby Animal Challenge. For more on that, read on!

The Baby Animal Challenge

When a new Baby Animal Challenge begins, you’ll see this icon on the left side of your screen if you’ve reached level 45 or higher:

baby animal challenge icon

When you click it, it will take you to the main Baby Animal Challenge screen:

Baby Animal challenge UI.PNG

At the top of the screen, you’ll see which challenge you have (Farm, Woodland, or Safari). Those little floating call outs tell you how much Star Power you need to play the level and how many Baby Animal Tokens you’ll earn when you complete the level.

level indicator.PNG

You may have noticed that some of the levels are greyed out. That means that I don’t have enough Star Power to play them since I’ve only got Fluffy and Fluffy only has one Star Power. Now, say I had two Baby Animals in the Farm Set (Fluffy and Billy), both with one Star Power each. I’d be able to access the first 4 levels of the Baby Animal Challenge, not just the first 3. If I powered up Fluffy to two Star Power and had Billy with one Star Power, I would have access to the first five Baby Animal Challenge levels.

Each Baby Animal Challenge has 15 levels in total for you to complete, and you can swipe left to scroll through them and see the rewards that await you in the later levels.

higher levels

If you don’t have enough star power to get all the way to level 15, don’t worry! It’s not a bug or a glitch. The more Baby Animals you rescue and power up in Rescue Events, the further you’ll be able to get in the new Challenge Event. As an added bonus, playing the Baby Animal Challenge levels reward you with tokens that you can use to increase your Star Power. The later levels reward you with special tokens to help you unlock a Mythical Baby Animal, so you’ll definitely want to play through all 15 levels!

Don’t want to wait until the next Rescue Event to be able to complete the Baby Animal Challenge? You can visit the Island Shop and purchase Baby Animal tokens to unlock the next levels.

Purchasing Baby Animal Tokens

During Baby Animal Rescue and Baby Animal Challenge events, there are new Token Bags available for purchase in the Island Shop.

baby animal token bags

Here are a few important things to note about these Token Bags:

  • All Token Bags are randomized. There is no guarantee that you will get the exact tokens that you need to increase your star power and unlock more levels of the Baby Animal Challenge.
  • The Small, Medium, and Large Token Bags will give you random tokens from all sets. That means you have the chance to get tokens for Baby Animals in the Farm, Woodland, AND Safari sets. baby animal sml token
  • There are set-specific Token Bags available for purchase that will ONLY give you tokens for Baby Animals in that set. This is a great way to increase your chances at getting a specific Baby Animal’s token; however, these bags are also randomized. They do not guarantee you will get the exact tokens that you need to increase your star power and unlock more levels of the Baby Animal animal set token

Mythical Baby Animals

Meet Twinkle Star, our first Mythical Baby Animal!

baby unicorn

Pretty cute right?

To unlock Twinkle Star, you can only earn tokens through the Baby Animal Challenge. Mythical Baby Animals will NOT appear in the Baby Animal Rescue Events. To power up these Mythical Baby Animals, you’ll need to earn a certain number of tokens AND rainbow crystals, a special new currency that you also earn by completing Baby Animal Challenge levels.

Phew! There are a lot of new aspects to the Baby Animal system and we hope that this makes things a bit clearer for you. What part of the new update are you most excited about?