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December 19, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Holiday Tree Topper Contest Winners!

Each year for 12 Days of the Spiral, KingsIsle holds a contest for players to earn crowns by showing off their creative skills. This year we asked players to design a holiday tree topper using a template that we provided. Thousands of entries were submitted, and our judges once again had a difficult task in choosing the best of the best considering there were so many amazing entries. See below for this year’s winners:

Grand Prize Winners (click to view larger size):




Honorable Mentions:


Congratulations to our winners and thanks for all your great entries this year. Thank you for being a positive part of the creative community! We appreciate your continued support and wish everyone a happy holiday season and wonderful new year in 2017!


May 18, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Let’s Tour the Marleybone Royal Museum

Created by the International Council of Museums in 1977, May 18 is International Museum Day. Envisioned as a day to expand horizons and learn about the world (or worlds in the case of the Spiral) around you by visiting a museum. There is no better way to celebrate in Wizard101, than by taking a tour of the Royal Museum in Marleybone!

Lead by its esteemed curator, Clancy Pembroke, the Royal Museum houses a fine collection of artifacts from Krokotopia. Gathered by members of the Spiral Geographic Society such as Walter Chaplin, these treasures are preserved and protected in the museum. The museum consists of 2 floors with exhibits displaying art, sculpture and maps from the Spiral’s desert world.


The first floor of the museum holds the largest of these treasures including several large pieces of architectural sculpture from the tombs of Krokotopia. These prize pieces include a multi-story tall stone Tut sculpture, colorful decorative columns and archways, beetle carved obelisks and an impressive chameleon sculpture. The smaller display cases show additional pieces of the fantastic artistry of Krokotopians including decorative vases and statues, an impressive Krokosphinx and several sarcophagi.


A rare musical instrument, the Krokotopian harp, and a stone Hieroglyph tablet can also be admired in these displays. Among the highlights of the first floor collection is a preserved Krokomummy, safely displayed behind layers of glass. There is definitely nothing to worry about as this Krokomummy definitely does not come alive in the museum at night, despite rumors to the contrary.


The second floor collection holds many pieces of decorative art and jewelry in smaller glass cases. Learn more about the Spiral Geographic Society’s visits to Krokotopia in photographic displays throughout the exhibit. Visitors can even take home a free souvenir Framed Campsite Photo, available on the back wall near the entrance to Counterweight West.


Also on display is the magical, glowing Stela Itzamna. Wizards of a high proficiency in magic can use this stone tower to open a portal to Halley’s Observatory and visit Edward Halley, the famed Aztecosaurologist.

With so many wonders to behold, why not take a visit to the Royal Museum today? Curator Pembroke will love to show you around and share in his knowledge of Krokotopian artifacts, kept safe in the care of his collection. Well, except for the Krokonomicon. Don’t ask about that. He doesn’t know where that is. No one does, so just don’t ask.

May 4, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Top 5 Star Wars References in the Spiral

Did you know that May the 4th is Star Wars Day? This fun play on the quote “may the Force be with you” is a day for everyone to celebrate their love of the Star Wars universe. And here at KingsIsle is no exception. There are a lot of Star Wars fans here who have helped to create KingsIsle games. And if you pay close attention, you’ll see evidence of this in the fun Easter Eggs hidden throughout the Spiral.



Luke Skywalker

Not only are the developers of Wizard101 big Star Wars fans, so are our players. And this is evidenced by the most popular name for boy Wizards, Luke Skywalker. This was even the name of the first character ever created in Wizard101! Do you have a Skywalker character of your own?

Hannibal Onetusk

This smuggler may seem a little familiar to fans of the Star Wars films. He’s the captain of the ship Zafarian Queen and needs your help to fix the ship’s drive system.  With his signature black vest, Hannibal might remind you a lot of one scruffy looking nerf-herder named Han Solo!


Dyvim in Amber

*spoiler alert* The poisoning of your mouse friend, Dyvim WhiteHart in Khrysalis is one of the most surprising story elements in the game. Dyvim is subsequently trapped in Amber and needs your help to escape. This memorable moment harkens back to one of the most famous Star Wars scenes, when Han Solo is frozen in Carbonite. Luckily Dyvim, much like Han, makes a miraculous recovery from this terrible fate.



Wizard101 isn’t the only KingsIsle game with some fun Star Wars references hidden throughout. During the character creation section of Pirate101, if you choose that your pirate is from Skull Island, Mr. Gandry pops in with a famous quote. He describes the island as “..a wretched hive of scum, and…” just like Obi-wan described Mos Eisley.


That’s no Moon!

During the quest “Guns of Marleybone” in Pirate101, you are tasked with exploring the armored Armada station used to supply their ships. Gracie Conrad is eager to accompany you on this dangerous mission. As you approach the station, Bonnie Anne quips, “Look at that, would ye! The bit up top looks like a giant salad spoon!” Then one of your other companions will chime in with the familiar-sounding phrase “That’s no spoon, it’s a Sky Station!”


The Spiral is full of fun, pop-culture references and Star Wars is an iconic source of inspiration. So, roll up your very own Luke Skywalker today and may the Force be with you!