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February 5, 2019 / KingsIsle Community

Account Security Best Practices

Updated March 9, 2020: Online safety is important when interacting on the web, especially when playing games. Any program that requires login access should be carefully considered before use. To help protect all of your KingsIsle accounts, please follow these simple guidelines.

If you notice anything suspicious or have any questions about your account, please email right away. This includes reporting any suspicious online behavior, such as someone pretending to be an official KingsIsle employee asking for account information on third party sites like Twitter.

When contacting us, make sure that your game account(s) have an updated and valid email address, and please use that address when contacting support.

Quick Checklist

  • Do not share your account information with anyone! This violates the Terms of Use and may result in your account being banned. It doesn’t matter how good of a friend someone may be; once you share your password, your account is at risk!
  • KingsIsle will NEVER ask you for your password!
  • Use a unique username/password combination for every account you own. Do not use the same username or password more than once!
  • Do not let others use your computer or mobile device unless you explicitly trust them.
  • Anyone that asks you to download a program or app to cheat at a game is cheating you and they may be stealing more than just your account information.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it’s probably an exploit or fraud. Don’t fall for it because it may cost you your account, your characters, your pets, and all your other hard-earned game rewards.
  • Do not buy Gold, Crowns, Bundles or Subscriptions from any other site but,,, or
  • Be sure that the person you are receiving paid items from has also legitimately obtained these items or your account may be sanctioned due to their negligence!
  • KingsIsle Customer Support will always email from,, or – remember to hover over the sender’s address to make sure of the source. We will never email from or any other site than our own.
  • Any website not on our list of trusted sites that is offering you Crowns, Memberships, or items for free or at a discount should not be trusted. Our Official Fansites are an exception, as we provide them with the codes directly and they run contests and promotions with our knowledge and permission.

Best Practices In-depth

Never Share Your Password with Anyone

Some dishonest people online may seek to gain control of your game account by offering to give you Crowns or in-game items if you share your account with them. To keep all of our players’ account safe, it is against the Terms of Use to share your password with anyone. If you do this, you will lose your account forever, and that’s no fun! Always remember, KingsIsle employees will never ask for your password.

More information about the dangers of account sharing that applies to all our games can be found in this helpful video from Wizard101 Help and Support.

Protect Your Identity Online

It’s fun to make friends online, but personal information isn’t always appropriate to share. Parents should discuss with their children the types of information that shouldn’t be shared online, such as home address, phone number and full name.

It’s easy to ensure your child’s interactions within Wizard101 and Pirate101 are safe by using the various chat settings available. Please also ensure that their mobile devices are secure for any mobile games they access. The safest version available for young players is Menu Chat, which allows player to use preselected phrases to communicate. To access your account chat settings visit “My Account” and then “Parental Controls” on the Wizard101 or Pirate101 websites. Learn more about the various chat settings in our Players Guide.

Support Badge

Look Out for Impostors

Some people online may attempt to access your game account or personal information by pretending to work for KingsIsle. If you need confirmation or help, please contact customer support at KingsIsle Customer Support will never reply back to your email or send you emails directly from any domain other than

For example, we will never email you from or Also, KingsIsle will never ask for your whole credit card number, expiration date, or pin code. In game, KingsIsle employees have a special KingsIsle Support badge. If any player claims to work for KingsIsle but is not able to show you this badge, do not believe them as they may be an imposter.

Illegal Gift Codes

Sometimes gift codes are offered in various unofficial forums and chat groups that are illegitimate. We have enabled detection measures to identify suspicious activity and disable such codes. We will remove any benefit gained from the use of such codes.

If you ever have a question about the legitimacy of a sale, contact Customer Support through or It’s best to either purchase prepaid cards from legitimate businesses (like Target or Walmart) or buy them online from or

Watch Out For ‘Generators’ and ‘Spoofing’

There is distributed software that claims to be “Account Generators” or “Crown Generators”. This software is malware. Embedded in the code of these programs are hidden tools that will compromise your account and possibly even your computer! Do not trust these programs.

If you receive an unsolicited email from an email address that appears to be from KingsIsle, make sure you roll your mouse over the email address and/or select it to make sure this isn’t a “spoofed” email address that is actually coming from someone other than KingsIsle. Sometimes the sender name can read “” but the real email address can be something completely different.

Never give anyone your password, even to us! KingsIsle will NEVER ask for your password. That’s a giveaway that you’re not talking to someone from KingsIsle.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Though we love to give our players codes for free items and hold fan site contests, KingsIsle Support wouldn’t send you a $60 gift certificate code as a mistake, then retract that offer, and then offer it to you again in exchange for personal information like passwords and credit card numbers.

Following the tips above is a great place to start in keeping your account and personal information safe while playing KingsIsle games. Practicing good judgement online is important for players of all ages. For parents looking to learn more about general online safety for their children, Google Safety Center is a great resource.

If you notice anything suspicious or have any questions about your account, please email right away. Makes sure that your game account(s) have an updated and valid email address, and please use that address when contacting support.

Thank you for keeping your accounts safe and being wise to petty thieves on the Internet!

January 15, 2019 / KingsIsle Community

KingsIsle at PAX South 2019

pax south 2019

Join us at PAX South this coming weekend from January 19-20, 2019! KingsIsle Associate Producer Renee Wooten and Senior Community Manager Mathew Anderson will be arriving on Saturday and hanging out with the community through the weekend. While we will not have a booth, look for one of us wearing a KingsIsle t-shirt, or you can contact a fellow community member you know will be in attendance! You can also email us at

KingsIsle Capturing the Instagram Magic

instagram logoThe community has a bunch of fun plans at PAX South for those tuning in on social media (keep watch on Twitter and Facebook for updates here), but our team also has something special that we’re kicking off this week. Ever heard of a fun social media site called Instagram? Have we ‘captured’ your attention yet? Thought so!

Be sure to follow our new Instagram account,, for photos and videos posted from our adventures with the community during the show.

Follow Us and Win!

aero plains 001

For everyone that follows our account and likes an Instagram post during the show, you will be entered into a drawing on January 21 for a chance to win 1 of 8 10k Crowns codes for Wizard101 & Pirate101! Also, if you leave a comment and tag a friend, we’ll enter you in a drawing for the chance to win an Aero Plains Bundle! Each post that you like and/or comment on will count as an entry. The more you like and comment on our posts, the greater your chances of winning.

Jan. 22 Update: Winners have been announced! Congrats to Instagram users karapantoflas_andreas, alexa_grigorian, afoxauthor, epeaslee9854, snappedlegend, emo_nellz, tina.georgieva10, and charitonidis_konstadinos! Also congrats to peasleekathy for winning the Aero Plains Bundle!

Please email at your account name and confirm your Instagram name.

See you at PAX South!

December 20, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Everything You Need to Know About Mythical Island

Welcome to mythical island, a new biome in Animal Cove that’s packed with fun surprises and all new activities to explore like Magical Gardens, Mythical Homes, and much more! Read on to learn more about all things Mythical Island. 

Mythical Island 

There are two ways to unlock Mythical Island, a brand new biome. Mythical Island is unlocked when you beat level 75 or when you rescue your first mythical baby animal, whichever comes first. When you unlock Mythical Island, you’ll trigger a special cutscene.


To access mythical island at any time, scroll down from the docks. 

Mythical Gardens 

Calling all green thumbs! Mythical Island is home to five all-new mythical garden plots. When you first enter Mythical Island, these plots are locked. You can tell which garden plots are locked from the giant padlock icon that floats above them. To unlock your plots, you’ll have to use keys.  

Mythical Garden

Simply tap on the golden padlock, then hit the unlock button at the bottom of this screen to unlock your plot with keys:

unlock garden

Luckily, you don’t need to have real life gardening skills to reap a fantastic harvest from these gardens! All you have to do is unlock the plots. Once you do, your garden will automatically start growing. Each mythical garden plot will always grow one common item and has a chance to add additional rare and epic items to your harvest. Each plot will grow different items than the plot you unlocked before it, so it’s worth it to unlock all 5 plots! 

Gardens grow on a timer system. Plots that are ready for harvest will have a checkmark icon instead of the stopwatch icon.

finished garden

Magical Ovens 

You may have also noticed these strange contraptions while exploring Mythical Island: 


They’re platforms for Magical Ovens, and they’re the perfect way to make a tasty treat. Just like the magical garden plots, these Magical Ovens are initially locked. You can tell which Magical Overs are locked from the giant padlock icon that floats above them. To unlock your Magical Oven, you’ll have to use keys. 

magical oven

Once you’ve unlocked your first Magical Oven, you can combine the items you’ve harvested from your magical garden into special new items, like the chocolate covered strawberry (created by combining… you guessed it, one chocolate and one strawberry). Items do not automatically combine when they enter your inventory; you’ll have to tap the Magical Oven, then the recipe you want to make to start the Magical Oven timer.  

oven recipes

Once you see the green checkmark floating over your timer, your newly combined item is ready to collect! Like with gardens, you can use coins to speed up that timer. Magical Ovens also have two upgrades that you can get with keys: one that allows you to speed up the Magical Oven timer and one that increases the chance that you’ll create 2 of your combined item instead of one! Just click the Upgrade button at the bottom of the Magical Oven menu to upgrade your Oven: 

oven upgrad

Mythical Homes 

Mythical Island has five Mythical Runes that you can only unlock by unlocking Mythical Baby Animals. 

mythical home

Each rune unlocks when its associated Mythical Baby Animal is rescued and delivered to the Mythical Island. When the Mythical Baby Animal is delivered, it will transform the rune into a fantastic habitat that’s perfect for its Baby Animal!

Twinkle Star home

As soon as you unlock a Mythical Home’s Baby Animal, it will start producing a special rare item to help you complete the biggest reward on the Tasty Treats Menu (more on that later). Each station automatically produces one particular item, unlike the magical gardens. For example, when you rescue Twinkle Star, her mythical station will unlock and immediately begin generating Rainbow Sprinkles.  

production 2

Mythical Homes are on a timer system, just like mythical gardens and the Magical Ovens. Once the timer is completed, you’ll see a checkmark above the Mythical Station instead of the stopwatch icon. After you tap on the station to collect the items, the Mythical Station will automatically start generating its item again. 

Mythical Homes are upgraded by powering up your mythical baby animals and each upgrade reduces the time to harvest items from the Mythical Home by two hours. For example, if Twinkle Star has two star power in your game, you’ll be able to harvest items from her Mythical Home two hours faster.  

Upgrade Home

The Tasty Treats Menu 

These Mythical Baby Animals have a sweet tooth, and they need your help to satisfy them! As soon as you unlock Mythical Island, you’ll unlock the Tasty Treats Menu. Scroll over to Mythical Island and you’ll find the Tasty Treats Menu in the center of the Mythical Gardens. 

When you tap on the Tasty Treats Menu, it will bring up this menu, which has 3 tabs: Orders, Inventory, and the Mythical Island Shop. 


The first tab is the Menu tab.  


This is the tab that opens whenever you tap on the Tasty Treats Menu, and it’s where you can find orders to complete. Each order has a series of items that you need to collect or create to turn in and receive the reward listed.  


If you have all the items needed to complete a job, simply tap the “Claim” button. When you do that it will deduct those items from your inventory and you will receive the job’s reward! If you don’t have the items needed to turn in a job, the “Claim” button will be grayed out until you collect the necessary items.


To see what items you have and how many of them you have, tap the tab with the backpack icon to go to the second tab of the Tasty Treats Menu .  


This tab is your Inventory. The number below each ingredient icon indicates how many of each ingredient you have.  

The Mythical Island Shop 

When you complete a treat on the Tasty Treats Menu, you’ll receive Trident Coins. These coins are exclusive to mythical island and are used to unlock items in the Mythical Island Shop, which is the 3rd tab of the Tasty Treats Menu menu. 

mythical store.PNG

This all new shop is where you use that/those exclusive Trident Coins. It’s packed with new island decorations, character outfits, and non-mythical baby animals that you can only get using Trident Coins. You’ll also be able to purchase Mythical Baby Animal Token Bags with Trident Coins! 

Now that you’ve got all the information, what part of Mythical Island are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!