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April 13, 2022 / kingsislemanderson

Wizard101 Transfer Period for European Players Announced

Dear Wizards, 

Two months have passed since the initial announcement that KingsIsle will be bringing the official European servers home. The teams have been hard at work to make the transition as smooth as possible, and today we are happy to announce the date when registrations for EU players will open.  

Starting the week of May 16, KingsIsle will begin opening the registration process for completing the transition of Gameforge EU accounts. During the registration process, Gameforge Wizard101 EU players will be able to use their personal transition code to complete registration on the official KingsIsle transition web page. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a technical glitch, the personal transition codes you have previously received are invalid! Only the transition codes you get by visiting the website or which you receive by email from today are valid and functional. 

Gameforge continues to send out email reminders to Wizard101 EU players that contain personal transition codes. If you have not yet received any of these emails, please ensure your Gameforge account email address is updated and keep watch in all folders in your inbox. In addition, you will also find your personal transition code upon logging into your Gameforge Wizard101 account. 

Those who use their transition code starting on the week of May 16 will receive some magical launch rewards as a welcome gift for coming home to the KingsIsle community! You can learn more about the launch items and keep up to date on the transition process on our dedicated Wizard101 Europe Transition Details web page. The FAQ on this page has also been updated, so please check it for answers to the latest community questions. 

We are getting closer than ever to welcoming European players to our KingsIsle community and can’t wait for you to experience new game updates with us! 

See you in the Spiral, 

Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben 
Game Director, KingsIsle 

March 15, 2022 / kingsislemanderson

Wizard101 Europe Server Transition Process Announced, Registration Code Availability Begins

Dear Wizards, 

Starting today, Gameforge Wizard101 players will begin to receive their personal transition codes via email. These codes are your key to accepting and completing the transition process of your account to KingsIsle. While Gameforge is starting to send out codes, they will not be ready to activate on KingsIsle’s website until a later date which will be announced by KingsIsle.  

It is very important that upon receiving your code you do not lose it! Please allow several days to receive it. Ensure your Gameforge email address is updated and check spam, junk, and other email inboxes regularly to ensure you do not miss any emails. If you need to look up your code during the transition period, Gameforge will be providing web access through your Gameforge account. 

Those who use their transition code will receive some magical launch rewards as a welcome gift for coming home to the KingsIsle community! You can learn more about the launch items and keep up to date on the transition process on our dedicated Wizard101 Europe Transition Details web page

And just a happy reminder that your game progress and Crowns balance will be maintained after the transition is completed. No changes are being made at this time with game services and events carrying on as normal. Players should continue to contact Gameforge Support for their account needs until otherwise specified. 

We are eager to welcome all European players to our KingsIsle community and can’t wait for you to experience new game updates with us! 

See you in the Spiral, 

Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben 
Game Director, KingsIsle 

February 15, 2022 / kingsislemanderson

KingsIsle and gamigo cast a spell to acquire Wizard101 European Servers

Dear Wizards,

We are pleased to announce that the European Wizard101 service will be moving to KingsIsle and gamigo. The transition will take place over the course of several months starting in the second quarter of 2022. Rest assured your adventures in the Spiral will be able to continue through the transition. Our team at KingsIsle is very thankful and excited to have the opportunity to serve our European Wizard101 players starting later this year!

It’s our goal to make this transition as seamless as possible. Please be assured that your game progress and Crowns balance will be maintained after the switch. No changes are being made at this time with game services and events carrying on as normal. Players should continue to contact Gameforge Support for their normal account needs until otherwise specified.

We will keep the community updated as we go through key steps in the transition process. Keep watch on this announcement and our social media channels in the coming months for further updates.

We are eager to welcome all European players to our KingsIsle community and can’t wait for you to experience new game updates with us!

See you in the Spiral,

Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben
Game Director, KingsIsle


March 15, 2022: Wizard101 Europe Server Transition Process Announced, Registration Code Availability Begins

February 23, 2022: Clarification on EU server transition questions

December 18, 2021 / kingsislemanderson

From All of Us at KingsIsle, Happy Holidays 2021!

Happy Holidays…from us to you! Our community means a lot to us, and we want to show how much! Just like last year’s post, please enjoy these special messages from various members of the KingsIsle team – all about how YOU have impacted us and our games.

“I’m so excited to be celebrating my 14th holiday with the KingsIsle community this year. We’re fortunate to have such a fantastic one! It’s been a wonderful year full of great updates, and we’re hard at work planning more amazing things for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 in 2022. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, and I’ll see you in the Spiral (I need to finish Lemuria!).” – Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben, Game Director

“Thank you to the greater Wizard101 community from the FX/Cinematics team! We hope you are enjoying your time exploring the magic of Lemuria and having as much fun as we did making it! We enjoy watching the livestreams of y’all playing and getting excited at all the spells and encounters we hoped you would. From our families to yours!! See you in game!” – Russell Hughes, Principal II Cinematic/FX Artist

“What a crazy year. 2020 brought a pandemic, while 2021 brought an unexpected acqusition! Despite everything, we’ve kept chugging along to bring you the amazing content that you love and deserve. Lemuria was a masterpiece and I’ve really enjoyed watching the community’s playthroughs and commentary. Working on KingsIsle’s first ever plushie this year was a blast, and I can’t wait for everyone who ordered one to receive theirs very soon! Thank you for all the support you’ve given us over the years, and I hope you have a very happy and healthy holiday season!” – Kayly Ginsberg, Associate Product Marketing Manager

“Another year working from home, and being part of a new company has not slowed us down. Sure there were some challenges, but overall I think we have done amazing. I have personally loved working with and talking to you all either on KI live, Twitter, or discord. I hope that you all enjoy the new things our product team has been working on in 2022, and don’t forget to keep sending in your suggestions!” – Joel White, Product Manager

“Another great year, community! I feel this year was our best in getting together and planning out events, seeing fansites write up amazing guides, collaborate on roundtables and other livestream opportunities, and so much more. We do put a lot of work into these efforts with you all, so I hope what we have produced in 2021 is what you want to see in 2022.

Above all else, I feel my team’s work has been a success when I see all of you having fun playing the game, and doing so with each other, not just in your own corners (which is totally cool whenever you want to wander off and play solo – I do it all the time!). I’ve put in many more hours this year simply hanging out with players in-game during our Beastmoon events, during community celebrations, and just to get to know all of you better. I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little bit better this year too.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to ask questions, suggest an idea for a fun event we can do in the coming year, or just to chat. It’s what I am here for. Here’s to what’s going to be a great 2022!” – Sparck, Senior Community Manager

“Hello Community! I’ve only been with KingsIsle since mid-July, but I’ve been involved with the Wizard and Pirate communities for so much longer. Being able to work on something that has an impact on so many people is insane and extremely rewarding. I love seeing all the posts about both games on social media, they never fail to get me hyped up and motivated! 2022 is about to get crazy. I know you’ve heard about the future of Pirate, and I hope you are all as excited as I am, though that’s just one of the many tricks we’re going to have up our sleeve! Thank you all for playing and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year! ”
– Mesa Brown, CRM Marketing Associate

“Thanks for all the love and support of the artwork I’ve posted over the past year. I enjoy showing that aspect of our process, where you can see how those early ideas become in-game pieces. Looking forward to showing y’all what we do with the next world! P.S. I really enjoy seeing all the fanart!” – Adam Roush, Concept Artist

“I’ve really enjoyed bringing new and different kinds of player feedback driven bundles to the crowns shop. Look forward to more polls where we ask the community what you want! I hope we can do a lot more in the future to provide players with all the things you find fun about the game. I get to work with a great team of individuals that shares in this interest. Everyone is very collaborative, creative, and fun. KingsIsle is going to be doing a lot this next year and I’m excited to be a part of it. Thank you, our community for making our work a joy. Happy holidays from Robin – Associate Product Designer P.S. Fallon Fireblade look forward to more decorating. 😉”

“It’s been a blast watching everyone’s response to the Lemuria story and all the speculation about what’s going to happen. We have big plans for next year and can’t wait to see what you all think. Happy holidays!” – Writing Team

All of our team members feel the same about their passion and drive to work with you to make our games better for your benefit. We are here for you and will always be listening for feedback and that next awesome idea that may make its way into the game.

For more from us, also be sure to visit our 12 Days of the Spiral page for additional gifts for your game characters.

Have a safe and happy holidays community!

December 8, 2021 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Charity Livestream!

As you all know, we typically do an annual charity mount initiative during the holidays to raise money for organizations that need it. We’re doing that again this year, but also stepping things up a notch with a very special charity livestream! 

All money raised during the livestream will be split equally between two amazing charities: Creative Action and AbleGamers. This will be in addition to what is raised through 2021’s in-game charity mount during the 12 Days of the Spiral.


Thanks so much to everyone who donated and participated during our charity stream last Friday! Below are the raffle winners and top donor!

  • Top DonorPrize – PERM Snow Owl Mount (Wizard101): PanneKake – $630 (YOU’RE AMAZING, THANK YOU!!!)
  • Raffle Prizes:  
    • PERM Snow Owl Mount (Wizard101) : RosarioPUBG 
    • 12M Membership to Wizard101 or Pirate101: PanneKake 
    • Ninja Pig Companion (Pirate101): saclal 
    • 100,000 Crowns: Talon_SilverStaff 
    • 60,000 Crowns: linguongo 
    • 30,000 Crowns: P3t3ranthony 
    • Sky City Bundle: Cam5326 
    • Even Creepier Carnival Bundle: markzerg12 
    • Blacksmith’s Fjord Bundle: lifeprice372 
    • 10,000 Crowns: SkyJayRay 
    • 5,000 Crowns: xBlueDevil21x 


What: Charity Livestream 

When: Friday, December 10th at 4 PM Central Time 

Where: KingsIsle Entertainment Twitch Page

Why: To raise money for Creative Action and AbleGamers 

To make this our biggest charity event yet, we’ll be raffling off some sweet prizes and have an action-packed stream schedule.  

Charity Stream Raffle 

If you donate to the cause during the livestream, you’ll be entered into a raffle for some amazing prizes. The more you donate, the more raffle tickets you’ll receive. Therefore, the more chances of winning you’ll have! The raffle ticket tiers are as follows: 

  • Level 1: $1  – 1 Total Raffle Entry 
  • Level 2: $25 – 5 Total Raffle Entries 
  • Level 3: $50 – 10 Total Raffle Entries 
  • Level 4: $75 – 15 Total Raffle Entries 
  • Level 5: $100 – 20 Total Raffle Entries 
  • Level 6: More than $100 – 20 Raffle Entries per every Additional $100 
    • $200 = 40 Total Raffle Entries 
    • $300 = 60 Total Raffle Entries 
    • Etc… 

Note: these tiers are NOT additive. For example, if you donate $1 twice, you’ll still only have 1 raffle ticket entry. Likewise, if you donate $1 early in the stream and $24 later in the stream, your 1 raffle ticket entry will turn into 5 total, not 6. The numbers above represent total raffle ticket entries depending on how much you donate throughout the stream.  


Fantastic causes mean incredible prizes! 

  • Top Donor Prize – PERM Snow Owl Mount (Wizard101) 
  • Raffle Prizes: 
    • PERM Snow Owl Mount (Wizard101) 
    • 12M Membership to Wizard101 or Pirate101 
    • Ninja Pig Companion (Pirate101) 
    • 100,000 Crowns 
    • 60,000 Crowns 
    • 30,000 Crowns 
    • Sky City Bundle 
    • Even Creepier Carnival Bundle 
    • Blacksmith’s Fjord Bundle 
    • 10,000 Crowns 
    • 5,000 Crowns 

Up to this point, we’ve only ever released the Wizard101 Snow Owl Mount as a 30-day version on last year’s Winter Scroll of Fortune. The Top Donor and one lucky raffle winner will exclusively have the only PERM versions of the mount in existence, for at least a year.  

Donation Milestones 

If we collectively reach certain fundraising milestones during the stream, the KingsIsle team will do certain things on camera!  

  • $500 – We’ll do some group exercises 
  • $1,000 – We’ll sing a song on stream 
  • $5,000 – We’ll put on funny costumes 
  • $15,000 – We’ll have a dance session 
  • $25,000 – We’ll raffle off a Gamma Plushie to one lucky donator 

Stream Schedule 

Note: Stream schedule is tentative and subject to change.  

4 PM – Intro + About the Stream 

Introductions and explanation of how the stream will work. We’ll briefly go over the charities involved and show off this year’s new Charity Mount.

4:30 PM – Talk with Creative Action 

Creative Action will be coming onto the stream to talk about their work and answer questions! 

5 PM – Wizard101 Gameplay  

No stream is complete without a little magic.  

6 PM – Talk with AbleGamers 

AbleGamers will be coming onto the stream to talk about their work and answer questions! 

6:30 PM – Pirate101 Gameplay 

Yarrr – let’s plunder the skyways!

7:30 PM – Make IRL Pet Snacks 

We’ll be cooking up 2 Wizard101 pet snacks in real life. 

8:30 PM – Dev vs. Dev PvP 

Who will win the battle of the devs? 

9 PM – Face Paint IRL 

The KingsIsle team will try and create some of the in-game face paint designs in real life! 

About the Charities

Creative Action

The mission of Creative Action is to spark and support the academic, social and emotional development of young people, and we do this through interactive classroom performances, after-school arts residencies, and community-based programs in Central Texas. We believe that when youth develop their creativity, compassion, confidence and critical thinking skills, and build meaningful connections with peers and positive role-models, they become successful adults who contribute to their communities and thrive in their careers and relationships. For more information about Creative Action visit


The AbleGamers Charity is a 501(c)(3) charity that wields the power of video games to break down the barriers of economic and social isolation for people with disabilities. Through received support and donations, AbleGamers provides disabled gamers with assistive technologies (including their Expansion Pack program) that allow those with limited real-world mobility to experience what it is like to walk, run, climb, drive and even fly – in a virtual world. AbleGamers additionally advises developers and publishers on how to best incorporate accessibility options so that their video game titles may reach and appeal to the widest and most diverse audience possible. To find out how your support or donations can help them positively impact an even greater number of individuals with disabilities, please visit

It should be a fun time! We hope you join us for a great cause!