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February 15, 2023 / KingsIsle Community

An Important Cause for a Guiding Voice 

Many Wizard101 fans probably remember the distinct and comforting voice that followed them as they first set foot in the Spiral. Whether you picked up an intriguing item or discovered an important clue during your travels, the voice of Wizard101’s narrator was there to guide you. That voice was Dell Aldrich. 

Dell’s unique voice brought incredible life into the game as both the Narrator and Grandmother Raven. She made so much of an impact that when people think of Wizard101, one of the first voices they think of is Dell’s. We knew how much Grandmother Raven meant to our community and sought to create a plushie of the iconic character early last year. It shocked us that during the production of the plushie, Dell would pass away later that year in October 2022.  

While Dell is sadly no longer with us, her memory and legacy continues to live on …. and we want to continue that legacy too.  

Dell had been in show business from a very young age and throughout her time in the industry, she always made it a goal to encourage and support young entertainers in Austin and around the nation, especially women. To honor her memory, we’ve teamed up with ZACH Theatre to give to a cause that was close to Dell’s heart.  

ZACH Theatre is a local Austin non-profit organization that creates intimate theatre experiences which ignite the imagination, inspire the spirit, and engage the community. They focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as support enthusiastic young entertainers through camps and classes. Dell even has a personal connection with ZACH Theatre – having performed in their productions of Death of a Salesman and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf decades ago.

To continue Dell’s legacy and support local arts and entertainment, we will be donating 50% of the Grandmother Raven plushie profits to ZACH Theatre. The plushie will launch on Makeship’s website on February 24th.  

Dell left a profound impact on the game, the community, and all the KingsIsle employees she worked with. The game truly wouldn’t be what it is today without her contributions. Thank you Dell, for everything.  

To learn more about Dell and her career in show business, please check out her Dev Diary on our YouTube channel.  

About ZACH Theatre

The mission of ZACH is to create exceptional theatre experiences that inspire and engage the Austin community. Founded in 1932 in Austin, ZACH is the longest continuously operating theatre in Texas, and one of 10 original resident theatre companies in the nation. ZACH offers a year-round season of 7-8 plays and musicals across our three stages as part of our Mainstage Production Series, which range from classical musicals to contemporary dramas written by the country’s leading playwrights. As Central Texas’s largest producing theatre, ZACH has earned a national reputation for creating bold, significant, and engaging theatrical productions that respond to our community conversations. 

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