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July 30, 2013 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Girl Power in Pirate101!

A lot has been said on the Message Boards about Female Pirates . . . or more specifically the lack of female pirate companions in Pirate101.  It’s not a topic that we’ve shied away from at KingsIsle, and we agree!  We’d like there to be more female pirates in Pirate101 (It is important to note that Developer Blind Mew has some interesting ideas in the works about this very topic). Within that Message Board post a lot of great information was shared, like the names of several famous pirates that are currently hinted to within the game.

Sure, when someone thinks of Pirates they usually jump to Blackbeard… but there were several famous female Pirates in history that were just as eager for treasure as the boys!  Let’s take a look at a few of Pirate101’s female Pirate characters, and the historical references they come from.


Bonnie Anne (Pirate101) / Anne Bonny (Real Pirate)

The real Anne Bonny was born in Ireland in 1698 and pirated in the Caribbean. She also went by the aliases Ann Bonn and Ann Fulton, even though the name she was born with was Ann Cormac!  Anne Bonny was married to Pirate James Bonny, but eventually snuck away with John “Calico Jack” Rackham and joined his Pirate crew instead.  Sneaky!  In Calico Jack’s crew, Anne met a fellow Pirate named Mark Read.  Turns out, Mark was actually a female Pirate in disguise and her name was Mary!  Mary and Anne became very close friends out on the high seas.

Merry Read and Reedy Mary (Pirate101) / Mary Read (Real Pirate)

An English Caribbean Pirate born in 1690, Mary Read went by the alias of Mark Read because she disguised herself as a man to get hired on Pirate crews.  Not only did she pirate, but she also joined the British army and fought in the War of the Spanish Succession!  After some years as a normal housewife, Mary returned to Piracy after the death of her husband and met Anne Bonny in Calico Jack’s crew.  In 1721 poor Mary died in prison… which goes to show that real life pirating is probably not the best idea.

Grace O’Malley (Pirate101) / Grace O’Malley (Real Pirate)

Grace O’Malley, born around 1530, was not only a Pirate but also a queen!  Queen of Umaill, a territory in Northern Ireland, Grace was known as “The Sea Queen of Connaught.”  Many Irish folk stories, songs and poems were written about her Pirating and trading days.


Rachel Wall (Pirate101) / Rachel Wall (Real Pirate)

Born Rachel Schmidt in the British Pennsylvania Colony in North America, Rachel grew up on a farm but didn’t like being a farm girl!  Always drawn to the sea, Rachel fell in love with a fisherman and got married.  While living in Boston, Rachel’s husband met some sailors and convinced Rachel to join their crew at sea.  Once out voyaging, her husband suggested that they become Pirates!  Rachel’s part in the crew was to scream for help when a boat passed by.  When the friendly boat came over to help poor Rachel, the Pirate crew jumped out and stole their riches!  Tricky, trick Rachel Wall.

These famous female Pirates are just as tough as the boys, so it’s no wonder they got a little character nod in Pirate101!  Who’s your favorite famous Pirate?

One Eyed-Jack
Community Manager


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  1. Aurora Declark / Aug 5 2013 6:38 am

    My Bonnie Anne Is level 11 and so is sarah steele! i love Bonnie and sarah but the most i like is Bonnie,Why? Because she’s got super powers and a great healer like: double trap, burst fire, and one more cool one but i can’t remember it, though her powers are awesome its like cheating XD but nice cheating o: I ❤ BONNIE AND SARAH!

    • Aurora Declark / Aug 8 2013 1:12 pm

      Its me Aurora, My Sarah steele and Bonnie Anne are now level 21!

      • Kara / Sep 4 2013 6:58 pm


        Mine are still on level 20… 😦

      • Anonymous / Jan 12 2015 4:54 pm

        awesome mine are on 15! not that high for me but I am trying too.

  2. Anonymous / Aug 5 2013 10:22 am

    my swash: ET! (el toro) he blocks alot for me and his epics are so awesome
    my buck: Barnabus: sloth warrior he has alot o health and does his epic hit more than usual
    my musk(s):1. bonnie so far she is my main… 2: billy the kid
    witch: old scratch hes my only
    privateer: nadya shes my only too

    • i know i kinda like billy the kid he actually really funny (one other thing.)
      i like mouse corsair and swashbuckler i am also a swashbuckler myself but here’s the thing: why do i always get the wrong companion on the classes of the presidio? i know they’re the presidio five so thank you. also does anybody know how to get mustang gypsy? and i also like bonnie anne all kinds and most of all time-! MUSTANGE FENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like horse fencer cause i really like her design on there and most of all her moves! these are the boys i like:
      el toro
      hawkles (mighty hero)
      old scratch
      tricky vinny (frog pirate
      billy the kid (goat sharpshooter)
      goat discpicabe kan po the thing i dont like about him is one of the ears sticking out of his hat. i mean, is it like a glitch or something?
      zeena (warrior princess)
      kobe i forgot what his last name is (bull samoorai)
      and those are all the boy companions i like. thanks for reading this message and i love pirate101 THANKS FOR THE GAME 🙂 !!!!!

      • impish juan jones / Aug 8 2013 9:45 pm

        mustange gypsy is a bucaneer companion

  3. yeah!!!! 😀 girl power

  4. Kelsey Storm, Christina Sunwalker(w101)/ Cunning Christina Parker (p101) / Feb 3 2014 9:00 am

    Bonnie Anne or Anne Bonny was and still is to this day my most favorite pirate. Although Sara Steele is a good Companion, Bonnie always has some type of trick up her sleeve. Once I found out were I heard the name Bonnie Anne I was so excited to see if there were anymore characters like that! Anyway, thanks KI for adding much history to your game! It makes everything soooo much more fun! 😀

    • Sly Nicholas Nesbit / Feb 16 2014 2:49 am

      My BonnieAnne is a level 52 fox sniper and she is doing great. She just helped me beat the water temple on the giant turtle. El toro is also a good companion, but that’s another story. To promote her to highlander i will need to unlock marleybone with crowns. Can anyone help me earn free crowns?

  5. Anonymous / Jan 12 2015 4:51 pm

    mine are on level 15 not as much as my person really. and I think there should be more girls than boys in the pirate 101. I want some girl cat companions and girl dog companions! that would be so awesome! wouldn’t it? girls reading this I want there to be more girls in the world than boys!
    # me out # ******************************************************************************************************************

  6. Anonymous / May 12 2016 6:04 pm

    i found another female pirate in history. Grace O’Malley look her up. also add some dragoness companions or sharkess companons or maybe a naga.

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