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November 19, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

10 Ways To Cast A Spell at Your Wizard Birthday Party

If you’re a Wizard101 player, why not bring the magic to life and have a Wizard birthday party of your own? You can cast all sorts of spells with fun games, delicious treats, and captivating decor that will transport all of your friends into the mystical world of the Spiral. If you like the sound of this, here are 10 quick ways you and your parents can help make your birthday party memorable and magical:

1. Let your guests know about your Wizard birthday in your very own Wizard City with a unique party invitation. We have a Wizard101 printout invitation for you to use, or you can create your own for added flair.


2. Next up is decor! Decorate your castle by hanging a banner that says “Welcome to Wizard City” by your front door and adding mystical looking knickknacks like stars, moons, dragons, and more around your party area to set the scene.

3. To get the party started, set up a Wizard hat-making table for you and your guests. Your hats can be unique to you or replicas of those worn by Wizard characters like Merle Ambrose or Lydia Greyrose. Whatever you decide, Wizard hats are a fun and simple way to get your friends into their proper Wizard characters. Simply cut some 24″x18″ paper using this template. After cutting out the hat, use construction paper to make stars and moons to stick on as decorations. Other fun additions include glitter, beads, and sequins.

4. For food, the most important part is the cake, of course! Your cake must match the magical energy of the party and you can make this happen by customizing it with the symbols and colors of your favorite school of magic or even featuring your favorite piece of gear.


5. Another fun addition to your food selection could be health and mana cookies to keep energy levels high! Bake sugar cookies and coat them in red or blue icing to match the elements of the game. Another yummy option is pretzel rods dipped in white frosting and coated with sprinkles to make edible magic wands. Casting a spell has never been more delicious!

6. If you want the drinks at the party to seem more exciting, don’t just serve them, set up a potion-brewing station. Before everyone arrives, fill ice cube trays with different-colored juices or Gatorade. Once all Wizards are in attendance, serve clear drinks like lemon-lime or cream soda and add the colorful ice cubes. The drinks will magically change color as the cubes melt, creating a fun potion drink!

7. A treasure or scavenger hunt is a great way to turn the game into real life at a Wizard101 birthday party. Send younger kids on an Easter Egg-esque treasure hunt for “gems” by simply painting small rocks with nail polish and hiding these as appropriate.

8. For older kids, a scavenger hunt that uses Wizard101 clues would be a great idea. Finding relics from Krokotopia, seeking out powerful spell cards, or even finding books about the inspiration for Wizard101’s settings and creatures can all be fun and engaging ways to bring the game into the real world.

9. Prepare small bags of treats and toys to hand out to your guests. A token from your Wizard101 birthday party will help make sure people at the party don’t forget the spell you cast! Fun souvenirs include chocolate gold coins, crowns, or dragon figurines.


10. Lastly, once everything is cleaned up and all the cake is eaten, remember to send out thank-you notes to the people who came and helped make your party magical!

It takes a lot of work to have a Wizard birthday party so also remember to thank your parents and anyone else who helped make it happen. Most of all, have fun!


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  1. Seth dusk runner / Dec 6 2014 3:45 am

    Sry tired, I meant I’ll start a party in the game and have a welcome to wizard city sign with the new housing item, I’ll have to glitch a little but I’ll make it

  2. Anonymous / Feb 24 2015 8:43 am

    hi people who play wizard101 I am a person who plays this game and I got a 91 I got that far because I play this game to much

  3. matthew pallett / Feb 24 2015 12:33 pm

    hi guys! my name on wizard101 is alex hexblood! please friend me!

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