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February 3, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Wizard101 Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Many games have cheat codes, and although Wizard101 players aren’t cheaters, they are pretty smart! Here are some Wizard101 tips and tricks to help players advance their characters, get free stuff and improve their overall gaming experience.



Skip the test

When a new player sets up a Wizard101 account, Merle Ambrose will guide him or her through the process of creating a character. This involves choosing the Wizard’s gender, name and appearance, as well as taking a test to determine which school the Wizard belongs to. The quiz, which can be found in the Book of Secrets, includes questions about the player’s personality, preferences and priorities. While it’s great for newbies who are unsure which school will fit them best, it’s not as useful for seasoned players looking to create secondary characters who belong to particular schools. Rather than trying to guide the quiz toward recommending a specific school, these players can select the “Skip the test” option—or simply select a different school if the quiz doesn’t suggest the one they’re hoping for.


Find the bizarre at the bazaar

The wide variety of wares on offer at the Bazaar is one of the best-kept Wizard101 secrets. It’s possible to sort the items on sale at the Bazaar in several different ways: alphabetically, by rank, by school, by cost and by number. Players who love snagging rarities to use, wear or display can click the “#” sign in any category to see what’s in short supply. Crafted items even appear at the Bazaar from time to time!

Sidestep item limits

Wizards’ backpacks, banks, houses and attics all have item limits, but players with more than one character on their accounts can take advantage of the shared bank. The shared bank is often used to transfer items between players—a Life Wizard who wins a pair of Storm boots could pass them along to a Storm Wizard created using the same account, for example—but it’s also a great option to keep in mind when storage space gets tight. Meanwhile, players who want to place more items in their houses than the usual restrictions allow may want to purchase the Bric-a-Brac Elixir from the Crown Shop for a permanent 50-item increase.

Play mini games on

Mini games like Potion Motion and Doodle Dug are a fun part of the Spiral, but players don’t have to be inside the Wizard101 universe to play. At, Wizard101 fans can play the games they know and love, and win exclusive free game codes in the process. They may not be Wizard101 cheat codes, but they’re prize codes, which is even better!


Follow Wizard101 on social media

Players who follow Wizard101’s Facebook and Twitter accounts can win free items by being among the first to redeem codes for pets, mounts, reagents, treasure cards and more. There’s no telling when the next flash offer will pop up, so players should keep their eyes peeled and their fingers ready to type in the next code at a moment’s notice!

Do you have any Wizard101 tips and tricks of your own to share?


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  1. Chrissy The Blesser / Feb 4 2016 7:23 am

    Nice post. 😀 I have used these tips for so long that I forget that newer players may not be aware of them. I DO remember being so delighted when I first learned about these gems. I didn’t know about the Twitter bonanza for years and it only took a short while before my gift boxes were full to bursting with brand new mounts, pets, housing items and card packs…………all free! You give away a LOT of free stuff and this pirate/wizard loves it.

  2. Anonymous / Feb 12 2016 1:52 pm

    this game rocks. didn’t know about these tips and tricks, thanks for telling me 😀

  3. Carolyn Hayek / May 3 2016 12:04 pm

    I’m a treasure card hoarder :). I like to have lots of decks to store treasure cards in. A treasure card in a deck does not count toward your tc limit. It’s nice for crafters, you can save up the cards you need for what you want to make in a deck. They don’t count toward your limit, and you are much less likely to forget and sell them, lol.

  4. Jay Valla / Jan 27 2017 8:46 am

    with all the different types of blades we have available now I would like to see sharpened blades have a glittering edge so we can tell what we have, I get confused after 10 battles it all runs together!

    • KingsIsle Community / Jan 27 2017 10:17 am

      Hi Jay! While we don’t have a glittering edge for Sharpened Blades, there is now a way to tell the difference! From “Ever wonder how many blades you have on your character and what those all are? We now have a great way to see all of those “buffs” you have; however, it’s just a bit hidden and you might just miss it if you don’t go hunting for it. To see a list of what your character has circling them, all you need to do is roll your mouse over the school symbol below and to the left of your name while in combat.”

  5. Anonymous / Apr 23 2018 2:30 pm

    OMG I was wondering about that as well Great to know

  6. Anonymous / Jun 29 2018 4:04 am

    We have been play for several years. We enjoy the game.. It can make you mad but its still fun..

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