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March 15, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Top 10 Cool Things in Pirate101 Cool Ranch

Despite the desert climate and always sunny skies, Cool Ranch lives up to its name as one of the “coolest” places in the Spiral. The journey may be a long one, but these wonderful tidbits make it worth it in the end!

#10 Bison Companions

Throughout your Pirate’s adventures in Cool Ranch you’ll meet many influential Bison. And after completing the quest “To the Rescue” in Elder Bluff, you can even add some Bison to the ranks of your crew. Perhaps the “coolest” looking of this Cool Ranch bunch is the aptly named Ghost Singer. He also comes with a healing ability that is always handy in battle!

#9 Stagecoaches

Added to Pirate101 in September of 2014, Stagecoaches are one of the most helpful features of Cool Ranch. Use these speedy transport options located at the docks of many areas to traverse the skyways like a breeze.


#8 The Magnificent Seven

When you first meet the Magnificent Seven, they are a retired band of heroic peacekeepers. Wyatt Chirp, Wild Bill Peacock, Calamity Jane Canary, Duck Holliday, Buffalo Bill, Bat Masterson and Billy the Kid are legendary in the Spiral. But with the emergence of the Wild Bunch in Tumbleweed, it’s up to you to convince them to come out of retirement and help the innocent settlers. And once you complete the quest “Payback” from Sly Winkum in Tumbleweed, you’ll even get to recruit one of the Seven to your crew!

#7 Puppet Shows

Puppet shows are one of the “coolest” parts of Pirate101 and Cool Ranch has several for Pirates to enjoy. In one of the newest additions, Thunderbird will tell you the story of William the Duck’s tragic descent into villainy in the Duck of Death puppet show available after the quest “The Enemy Revealed.”

#6 Funny Food References

Cool Ranch is packed with funny references to modern and historical culture. Even the name is familiar as a flavor of corn chips. Hidden Valley Ranch isn’t only an area in Cool Ranch, but also a brand of salad dressing. When you meet Corporal Sanders, try not to laugh as you think of this military chicken as the spokesperson for a fast food chain. Face off against Monterey Jack during the quest “The Legend of Burly’s Gold.” If you are lucky enough to be a Privateer, recruit him to join your crew and enjoy this cheesy pun any time.

funny food

#5 El Toro

Oh, what a tangled web the heroes of Cool Ranch weave. Friar Cluck tells you the tale of this mysterious hero in the El Toro puppet show after the quest “Who is that Masked Bull?” Our masked hero makes several appearances in quests, but always seems to slip away with a “T”-shaped slash of his sword and signature trumpet flair. Eventually you will learn his secret identity and even recruit the memorable hero to your crew after the quest “The Shadow of Death.”

#4 Timmy

You meet Timmy, the cutest little chick in the Spiral, while inquiring about the Magnificent Seven at the Desert Rose Tavern. As one of the Magnificent Seven’s biggest fans, he tells you all about them during their puppet show after the quest “Trouble in Tumbleweed.” Later, you join the Magnificent Seven in a daring rescue mission to save little Timmy from the hands of the Wild Bunch!


#3 Miranda

Near the end of your adventures in Cool Ranch, you’ll be tasked with visiting the ghost town of Miranda. You need to find the cards to play Captain Blood’s final hand and break his spell of immortality. The dungeon of Miranda is one of the most epic in all of Pirate101! Not only does this huge ghost town have a spooky vibe throughout, you can even take side missions within the dungeon to help the ghostly citizens. The dungeon ends with a showdown in the saloon versus the notorious Captain Blood, while all the town’s citizens look on. And if you are lucky, you might even walk away with one of the most coveted items in game, Captain Blood’s Jacket with the Blood Flames power attached!

#2 Deacon

In one of the final battles in Cool Ranch, you face off against the Armada elite, Deacon, who interrupts your mission to find Captain Blood’s treasure. He always seems to show up in time to ruin your plans, doesn’t he? It can be a challenging fight, so bring your best companions and some friends along for the fun.  But once you’ve shown this foe a thing or two, you’ll get your hands on the second piece of Marco Pollo’s map! You’ll also get a new ship, the Santo Oro, as a token of your victory.


#1 Dos Amigos Y Uno

Inside the Gallo Loco Cantina in Santo Pollo, exists the most famous mariachi band in the Spiral, Dos Amigos Y Uno. Fans of the classic movie Three Amigos will enjoy this hilarious reference in game. They send you on a romp of a side quest to gather the required materials to join the band. This quest series culminates in the battle versus El Kaboing for a beautiful guitar.  But watch out, he might just hit you with the guitar rather than give it up!

And that’s our list of the top 10 coolest things in Cool Ranch. Do you agree? What are the coolest Cool Ranch things that didn’t make our list?

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