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April 7, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Spring Brings More Fun to Wizard101

The Spring Update to Wizard101 brought some fun additions to the Spiral. With new ways to earn rewards, challenging bosses, expanded fishing holes and more, there’s a little something for everyone. Let’s dive in and take a deeper look at some of the latest changes to the game!

Skeleton Key Bosses

For those who love a little challenge in Wizard101, three new Skeleton Key bosses are now available to duel. The most difficult is Omen Stribog in Polaris at Rank 17. For a little guidance on what to expect from this battle, check out this guide from Mercenaries for Hire. If you defeat this shadowy boss, you’ll even get a chance to win a permanent mount that looks just like Omen’s wings! So grab a gold skeleton key and 3 friends and head on over to the River of Frozen Tears to check out this cool new boss.

Daily Assignments

Need a little extra gold, arena tickets or even Crowns? Daily Assignments have you covered. Wizards who are level 12 and over can take on these fun little tasks each day by visiting Aegon Statz in Ravenwood. The Gravulum Order needs your help locating Pekuliarities by measuring Pekrons in various areas. Then when you log in, Aegon will give you a new assignment to complete for a different reward every day. The system repeats on a 15 day cycle with progressively better rewards each day. So make sure to not skip your Daily Assignment! But if you miss a day, don’t worry, you can pick up right where you left off next time.


More Spells

If you’ve ever wanted to delve deeper into a secondary school of magic, now is the time. The scholars of the Arcanum can now teach even more spells from their schools of focus to Wizards over level 100. Each spell will cost 1 training point, so study wisely.  A new damage Aura for Life Wizards was also added to the Star School Trainer in Azteca. Theurgists will love this highly requested new spell called Devotion. If you would like to learn some of these spells, but don’t have the training posts, the free training point buyback Member benefit is active in Wizard101 through April 10, 2016.

Zafaria Fishing

For those Wizards who love to cast a line, new ponds are available to explore. Go fishing in the jungle waters of Zafaria and discover new fish. The tricky new sentinels MsPacuman and Pacuman are ready to snatch your line if you don’t banish them away using your Banish Sentinels spell. The new Zebra, Rhino, Lion, Elephant and Hippo Tang fish fit in perfectly with the Zafaria theme. Take a look at these and more in this guide from Stars of the Spiral.


Gear Vault

Good news, fashionistas of the Spiral! You can now store hundreds more gear items using the new Gear Vault in your home. If you are familiar with the Seed Vault, this works just like it. Just place it down in your home, click on it in item placement mode, and move items into the vault. You can pick one up in the Crown Shop for 1995 Crowns or craft your own using the recipe from Toshio in Mooshu. Get some ideas for decorating with your vault in this feature from the April Ravenwood Bulletin.

New Crown Shop Items

Along with all the other exciting goodies with this update, are some new items in the Crown Shop. This includes the new Wild Hare mount and three Khrysalis Furniture Sets.


You can read all about these changes and more in the April 2016 Update Notes for Wizard101. What is your favorite addition from this Spring Update?

To help you get started, the first 2000 to redeem the code “key” will get a random skeleton key in Wizard101! 🙂

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