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September 5, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Tom’s Top 10 KI Live Moments

For those of you who don’t know, KingsIsle Live is the monthly livestream where KingsIsle shares news about all of our games, MMO and mobile. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we asked Tom and Leah (prolific KI Live hosts) what their 10 favorite KI Live moments are.


Today’s post is a top 10 list from the man himself, Tom Purdue! He sent over his favorite moments and his explanations for why they’re his favorites. We’ve added links so you don’t have to hunt through hours and hours of KingsIsle Live. Get ready to laugh, cry, and… who am I kidding? You’ll mostly be laughing!

1.     The Blooper Reel from our Early Days on KI Live

Ahh the good ol’ days when Leala handled all the technical aspects of running the show and all I needed to do was show up and act goofy.

2.     A Look Into the Air Ducts

I love that this segment started as honest curiosity and a bit of inventiveness from the Marketing Artist and myself. We wanted to know what it looked like in the air ducts, so we rigged up a way to “selfie stick” my camera up there to find out. After we were done we joked about how funny it would be to make a jump scare out of it. All it took was a quick email to Damon.

3.     Tom and Leah Show Off the New Office

We had just moved into the new building and finding a place to film that was as unobtrusive as possible was a bit of a challenge.  This led to an Andy Sandberg-esque skit where we just showed people around the office. I’ll never forget the looks on our coworker’s faces as we “popped into scene” randomly that day.

4.     KI Live with Damon

I couldn’t have been happier to give Damon the spotlight. He helps us so much with great video productions at KingsIsle that it was fun to flip the camera on him.

5.     Vanessa’s Keyboard Slamming Skills

Well known are the Pet Derby skills of Vanessa Mythdust!  We’ve watched her defeat me on several occasions of KI Live, but I’ll never forget her “Fingers of Fury” live in the KingsIsle office. You can actually see the vibrations in the camera as she worked her magic!

6.     TROLL!

I wish we would have used this gag more!

7.     Dancing in Empyrea

Damon and I call this trick the “Tom Bergeron” gag as an homage to when they’d put Tom Bergeron’s head over other people on America’s Funniest Home Video. It turned out better than we expected.

8.     Street Fighting at SXSW

SXSW gaming was such an amazing chance to meet up with you all, share what’s coming up for KingsIsle, and for me to show off my sick Street Fighter skills. GG Leah, GG.

9.     Turret Boss Mayhem

I love a little chaos, and what better way to bring chaos than to use my special server commands to drop some turrets in Pirate101 Ship PVP?

10.   Krampus or Claus?

I can’t pass up the chance to be a game show host, which is why I loved filming our Krampus or Claus segment.


KI Live day is a favorite day in the KingsIsle office. Filming new segments, revealing new and exciting things in our games, and chatting with the community live are the best parts of our job! We love being able to share these moments with you and would love to hear what your favorite KI Live moment is in the comments!

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