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October 29, 2021 / KingsIsle Community

Purrrfect Coworkers!

Let’s take a meow-ment to recognize National Cat Day! To celebrate, we wanted to share some of KingsIsle’s pawsitively purrrfect employees. Trust us, these hard workers don’t do any kitten around.

Henry, Biscuit, and Birdie

“Here are our little fur babies; Henry “Butters” (orange and white), Biscuit (calico) and Birdie (black and white Siamese). During the last year, my wife and I were lucky enough to adopt these cute little stray porch kittens who were found downtown. They’ve adjusted to home life and have a great time playing and snuggling. They even play fetch like dogs do. They have brought us much joy during the tough times we’ve all had recently and we love them dearly.” – John D.


“This is Kilala, she turned 16 just a couple months ago. We adopted her after her mother broke into our storage room to have kittens. Her favorite thing in the world is to get dragged along the floors while sitting in a box. Most cheddar colored cats are boys, making her a bit special!” – Amanda R.

Epi and Five

“This is Epi ( short for neuro epinephrine) and Five(short for 5-hydroxytryptamine) They are brothers that we adopted from A neurologist. Epi is sweet and social, while five can be mischievous at times.” – Tracy H. 


“Athena Bambina Fetuccina Alfreeda is an integral team member who focuses on team spirit through cuddles. Athena maintains the break schedule, especially around lunch time, by loudly letting everyone know when it’s time for pet snacks. She is working on new skills and self taught on how to open doors by herself.” – Matthew F.

These pawsome pals are all employee of the month in our book! Do you have a cute furry coworker you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Happy National Cat Day!

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