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June 16, 2022 / kingsislemanderson

Guilds are Coming to Wizard101!

We are excited to announce that later this summer Guilds will be introduced to Wizard101!

Guilds have been a requested feature for some time now and we’re finally making it happen. The idea is often implemented a little bit differently depending on the game. In Wizard101, Guilds will be large persistent groups where you and your friends can share stories of Spiral adventures in your very own private Guild House. There are many other perks as well that will be announced later! 

We wanted to make sure Guilds were done in a way that makes sense for our unique player community. This new addition to the game will give players even more fun things to do in a group setting, and a variety of new challenges (with sweet rewards!) that can be overcome only with the help of one’s guildmates. Want to still quest and adventure with other friends from outside the guild? You will of course be able to continue to do that too! 

Guilds is such a big idea for us; we’ll be adding much more to it over time. When the initial release comes to Test Realm during the Summer Update, we want the community to explore the new feature and give us as much feedback as possible so we can make it the best it can be. We’ll have more details in the coming weeks on what you can look forward to with Guilds, so stay tuned! 

For now, gather your initial questions and join us in an upcoming Guilds Roundtable with WhiteTiger93, and at the next KI Live on June 30. Gather your friends and get ready for Guilds! 

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  1. Ben / Aug 17 2022 3:46 pm

    Love that this game still gets updates

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