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December 16, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

8 Situations Made Much Better with Pirate Lingo

When you’re a kid, things like getting a job and paying bills are thankfully far enough away that all you need to worry about is how to keep having as much fun as you possibly can. That is until your mom, dad, or big sis throw down demands and make you do something that you really don’t want to do.

Sometimes Mom or Dad asks you to do chores that you just can’t get out of. What would happen if you took all of the seafaring terms you’ve learned from Pirate101 and use them to turn those dreadfully “blah” tasks into hilarious pirate games? Here are eight ways to test out your lingo and make walking the plank fun:

1. Taking Out the Trash


“Arrrgh. It smells worse than Davy Jones’ locker! Well, the other lily-livered scallywags on this ship can’t handle the task of taking out the trash, so I guess I’ll have to do it like a common bilge rat! When I turn 18, you can take care of this fish-gut stink ye’self!”

(Of course, after you say all this, you should quickly follow it up with a “Just kidding! Aye-aye, sir!”)

2. Sweeping the Floor


“Do I really have to swab the deck? Am I getting a pretty penny for this? Where’s me bounty for this hard work? Don’t try to hornswaggle me, Mom!”

3. Dinner Time


“What’s sloshin’ around the old chumbucket tonight, Mom? I’m no landlubber, but I wouldn’t shake a fist at a bit o’ pizza! And how’s about some cackle fruit in the mornin’?”

4. Being Dragged to the Grocery Store


“Just make me dance the Hempen Jig now! I’ll climb abaft in ye minivan. Wake me when it’s over. Can we at least stop by Gamestop?”

5. Studying For a Test


“Ye want me to do this right now, in the middle of playing the game? Well, I’ll be the son of a biscuit-eater. Wait! I didn’t mean you, Mom!”

6. Bedtime


“Arrgh. Fine. I’d rather walk the plank than go to bed early! I’ll just sing me’self a sea shanty and dream of land ho!”

7. Getting in the Tub


“What? Shiver me timbers! I just took a shower two days ago! It’s not like I’ve been swabbing the poop deck. C’mon!”

8. Eating Healthy Snacks


“Avast! By snack I meant candy and cookies! I’m not some little scallywag who can get by on nutritious fruit alone, Mom! Me needs some sugary loot to coat me belly!”

For the most part, this should get the fun pirate games going for the whole family and give everyone a good laugh. However, if your mom or dad gives you a sharp look, strike your most adorable pose and simply say “Aye-aye, Captain Mom!” That should fix things right up.


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  1. luke / Jan 5 2015 6:00 pm

    super funny!

  2. christina unicorn caster ( lol add me if i seen ) / Jan 5 2015 7:25 pm

    lol hilarious XD I like the kitten with the sponge on his head

  3. / Jul 17 2015 8:14 am

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