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February 2, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Pillow Fight Results – Congratulations Two-faced Anne!

It was an amazing flurry of feathers on Saturday in Pirate101 as thousands of players descended into the reaches of Skull Island in the quest for four simple housing luxuries:
• Embroidered Royal Pillow
• Royal Throw Pillow
• Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow
• Embroidered Regal Pillow

It was a royal rumble in our first ever KingsIsle sponsored Pillow Fight!
In total, 8046 pillows were acquired by players during the day! Who knew our troggies and cutthroats had such a big stash of treasure? Harvey Deuce, proprietor of the Skull Island Bazaar, is rumored to have filled several empty houses full with this resulting over-stuffed stock!
Check out these crazy statistics we discovered from your time spent farming pillows:
• The first pillow was found 9 seconds after midnight central time.
• The last pillow was picked up at 23:59:27, with 33 seconds to spare
• Pillows were almost without fail 25% of each type. This was mostly the same ratio for the top 10 players as well, so it seems like one pillow doesn’t really drop more than any other.


Though thousands participated, there were a few brave souls who came out on top of this pillow war victorious. Our grand prize winner, with 115 pillows is (drum roll please) . . .
1. Two-faced Anne
When reached for comment, Two-faced Anne told us her main strategy was to scout out a place to farm before the event. Her main target of interest was the Troggy Chief in the Dark Jungle.

Picture 2015-02-02 13-47-10-278

Two-faced Anne also wanted to give a special thank you to her friends “Clumsy Calamity” who she called “a great motivator,” and “Perilous Paige” for “all the luck she brought me when it was most needed.”
Congratulations on winning your prize of 60k Crowns . . . and the bragging rights of being Queen of the Hill in our First Ever Pillow Fight in Pirate101!
Our next ten runners up (in order) were as follows:
2. Clumsy Calamity
3. Lazy Keelan
4. Misty Jackson
5. Crazy Cassidy
6. Stubborn Duncan Freeman
7. Merciful Misty
8. Katherine De Bouff
9. Seth
10. Fiery Samantha Moone
11. Harmony Everhart
Each of these pirates received a prize of 10k Crowns each . . . plenty of compensation for all those bops on the head with virtual pillows!
While the following Pirates didn’t win a prize, we were definitely impressed with our entire Top 50, and an honorable mention must be made to these stalwart pirates who weathered the storm and participated at an exemplary level . . . in order of their rankings:
12. Dante Everhart
13. Merciless Blaze Nightingale
14. Silent Sebastian West
15. Dead-eye Mark
16. Wicked Cheyenne Dove
17. Darling Sarah Parker
18. Esperanza Devereaux
19. Alexis Dove
20. Darling Christina Dove
21. Jack Burton
22. Karic
23. Ruthless Valkoor Stevenson
24. Silent Patrick Rackham
25. Blaze Gregory
26. Bloody Ryan
27. Dead-eye Alexander Devereaux
28. Dark Zane
29. Clever Cedric Tolliver
30. Sarcastic Rebecca Armstrong
31. Silver Katie West
32. Benjamin Windlass
33. Unfair Richard
34. Silent Sam Stern
35. Dark Hunter Dodger
36. Robert
37. Fearless Hazel Xanderman
38. Stubborn Joshua Hawkins
39. Rylee Sharp
40. Dashing Brom Dromond
41. Brave Brandon Dromond
42. Crafty Owen Underhill
43. Dashing Connor Bowman
44. Ruthless Emily DeClark
45. Trustworthy Allan Xanderman
46. Dark Rogan Underhill
47. Daring Blaze Usher
48. Dark Sierra Kelly
49. Annoying Rowan Foote
50. Fair Jack Carter
Nicely done and thanks for your participation!
Let us know what you thought of the event in the comments section below, and if you have any great ideas for “farming” events like this in the future.
See you in the Skyways!


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  1. Paige Moonshade (@PaigeMoonShade) / Feb 2 2015 3:05 pm

    Congrats to everyone who joined in the Pillow fight. Wow I know so many of those names!! I had a blast and cannot wait till the next event!!

  2. Chrissy The Blesser / Feb 2 2015 3:15 pm

    It was really a lot of fun. I loved hearing “Woot a pillow” instead of “Dang another pillow” I would have placed higher if I hadn’t been waylaid by a migraine but either way it was really fun. I think we should have a wall paper hanging contest as I seemed to get way more of those than pillows lol. Fabulous idea and I hope it is an annual event to warm up the winter doldrums. 😀

  3. Cass / Feb 2 2015 3:55 pm

    Had so much fun with this contest! I love farming for just about everything in both games so this was perfect. Hope there are plans for more farming marathon contests in both Pirate101 and Wizard101.

  4. Lord Of Life / Feb 2 2015 7:20 pm

    I may have been busy snowboarding instead of hunting for oodles of pillows, but during the evening hours I loved seeing everyone hording all of those silly pillows. It was a great contest, and a popular one at that. I really like the idea Chrissy the Blesser mentioned. Maybe it could be the Skull Island Wallpapers and Floors: Skull Island Cave Floor, Skull Island Cave Wallpaper, Skull Island Tan Brick Wallpaper, and Skull Island Wooden Planks Floor. There’s four of these that are dropped, just like there are four pillows. It would be fun.

    An additional possibility may be to farm for pets.It would be much more difficult but still possible for both f2p players as well as crowns players. The pets could only be received from drops obviously. Just my two cents.

    Thanks again for the great contest!

  5. Box of Frogs / Feb 2 2015 9:05 pm

    Congratulations to everyone.

    I thought that was a fun event, thank you KI.

    Admittedly I only managed just the 4 pillows (like Chrissy, I too got blighted with a migraine) but I did have fun… especially practising the night before when one of my lads snagged a silver buffaloon!

    Loved that it did not matter what level your pirate was, that everyone had the same chance of winning, that it just required dedication.

    Hope you hold another pillow fight in the future.

  6. Stubborn Duncan Freeman / Feb 3 2015 5:03 am

    I loved this event very much! I had a blast. At one point there were so many players in Dark Jungle, talking to each other, having fun and throwing pillows. I hope to see more events like this, maybe something that has to be done in Skyway? Sink a ship?

  7. ashely daisybloom / Feb 5 2015 4:47 pm

    I used to play that game not no more I like wizard101 better

  8. Sarah / Feb 10 2015 7:10 pm

    i really think you should add trading items on wizard 101. It would would be really cool to trade other items then just treasure cards and open up so many other oppertunites (sorry for miss spelling) please just put this in the idea box.

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