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March 5, 2015 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Cast a Spell at This Wizard-Themed Sleepover

Abracadabra! Do you want to give your young Wizard a party to remember? Throw a Wizard-themed sleepover and make the magic come to life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

First, the Invitations

Roughly two weeks before the party, you’ll want to invite your guests over for a spellbound night of fun. For invitations, dye pieces of cardstock with tea bags to give a worn effect. Once the paper has dried, use fun calligraphy to write the details of the party, requesting that your child’s Wizard friends wear their favorite magic pajamas. Add glitter and roll into a magic scroll with ribbon for a fun twist!

Prepping for the Party

The day before the party, you’ll want to get everything set up for a night of spell-casting. Start off with everyone’s favorite: food.

Create a magical potion for guests by putting a couple of drops of food coloring into three or four different pitchers of lemon-lime soda. The kids can mix and match their drinks to create kooky potions.

For dinner, serve sandwiches or slices of pizza cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter to keep up the magical theme. Add carrot sticks, celery, and broccoli as a means of Mana Energy.

For dessert, create mystical cupcakes. Homemade or store-bought, add a Wizard’s flair to colorfully frosted cupcakes with sprinkles, edible glitter, and a pretzel stick as a wand. For older Wizards, set up a cupcake-decorating station with all of the ingredients for conjuring up an enchanting snack to get them excited for the night ahead.


It’s Game Time!

Entertain the kids with this variation on a popular party game. Instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, the kids will Pin the Wand on the Wizard. Draw or print a large picture of a Wizard (Merle Ambrose, anyone?), and give the kids Popsicle sticks with their names on one side and double-sided tape on the other. Blindfold each kid one at a time and spin them around before they try to get the wand as close as they can to the Wizard’s hand.

After a fun game of Pin the Wand on the Wizard, give each kid a plain dowel rod and set up a “wand shop,” a table where the kids can decorate their wands. Provide paint, glitter, sequins, and even tinsel icicles as “unicorn hair.” The kids will have a blast conjuring up their own spells with their one-of-a-kind wands.

Next up is a fun game of Wizard-themed Mad Libs. Write descriptions of popular wizard stories (or your own!), such as the tale of King Arthur or the plot of Harry Potter. Then replace important words with blanks labeled with things like “funny noise,” “Wizard name,” “favorite food,” etc. Encourage the kids to have fun and use Wizard-themed words and phrases to fill in the blanks for an enchanting story.


Winding Down for the Night

With so many exciting things to do during the course of your child’s slumber party, you’ll need true magic to get all the kids to settle down. You can unlock this achievement by planning the evening accordingly, with quieter activities, such as the word games or a movie, at the end of the evening.

There are lots of great, age-appropriate Wizard movies to help you get the kids ready for bedtime. For younger Wizards, go with a classic like Disney’s “The Sword in the Stone,” or perhaps “The Wizard of Oz.” For kids who are old enough, the “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” movies are other Wizard favorites.

Taking these tips and adding your own creative flair will certainly help create a memorable party for your favorite Wizards. Happy party planning!

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  1. Karolina / Mar 9 2015 8:16 pm

    cute! 🙂

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