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April 29, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

What Your Favorite Wizard101 Pet Says About You

Having a pet has always said something about the kind of person you are. If someone tells you “I’m a cat person,” you know that might mean he or she is independent and solitary, while dog people enjoy time with others and tend to be energetic.

Your Wizard101 pet also says something about the kind of person you are.

Brown Rat Magician

While this little guy isn’t one of the strongest pets in the Spiral, his willpower is impressive. If your favorite pet is a Brown Rat Magician, you like to be secretive and sly. You enjoy being with people, but prefer that they not get too close to you. In a pinch, you are one tough cookie to beat.

brown_ratCat Thug

One of the weaker pets you can have, this guy is more about appearance than power. Like a true cat person, you have a Cat Thug to show that you are an individual, not part of the crowd. You like to stand out, but don’t typically want to get involved.

cat_thugClockwork Paladin

Without a doubt, this guy is one of the strongest pets to have by your side. While you are very nice, you know how to show your strength when necessary, but you aren’t out to intimidate people. You are optimistic and friendly, preferring to see the best in everyone.



Dapper Corgi

This stylish pup is good at everything. Consider that Queen Elizabeth has several Corgis, and you get an idea what this pet says about you. You are pleasant and witty, and people who know you love having you around. 


Grumpy Snowman

This pet is surprisingly smart and agile for a creature made of frozen water. Having one of these grumpy guys makes a very interesting statement about how you see the world. While you tend to be pessimistic at times, you know that nothing lasts forever, including gloomy skies. You are determined and always get things done when you put your mind to it.



A rare combination of brains and brawn, the Krokotillian is all business. As the owner of a Krokotillian, you are no stranger to power. Looks are nice for other people, but you care more about being in charge and getting things done. People love being on your team because of this.


Lucky Leprechaun

What this little guy lacks in strength, he more than makes up for in brains and will. As one of the smartest pets, Lucky Leprechauns don’t just have the luck of the Irish. If you have one of these, you are the kind of person people know to watch. You are a fun-loving prankster.


Myth Ghoul

Myth Ghouls are surprisingly strong for the undead. If you have one of these, you are full of surprises. You prefer sports to school, but that is what people love about you. You aren’t flashy because you prefer to win as a team than on your own.


Spider Golem

This is hands down the most powerful spider in the first generation. It’s a rare pet, so having one shows that you are both determined and dedicated. You know how to be happy with what you have, you just love the challenge of finding out if things could be better.


White Rat Magician

Perhaps one of the most surprising pets, the White Rat Magician has everything but strength and power. With one of these in your collection, you are probably the kind of person who prefers brain work. You also love games like chess that require agility and out-thinking your opponent.



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  1. Paula Zaremba / Apr 29 2015 6:06 pm


  2. Nicholas LionRider / Apr 30 2015 7:50 pm

    What this list tells you is that Marleybone is the only place to have a favorite pet 😛

  3. Box of Frogs / May 1 2015 2:05 pm

    Interesting 😀 (I’m smiling because you said nice things about me via my pet.)

    Looking forward to more insights into other pets… or possibly mounts?

    Must admit though that the mounts that I love the look of are not necessarily the mounts that I love to ride.

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