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May 1, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Make the Most of Rainy Days With These Indoor Games

Rain, rain, go away… Rainy days can be the pits, especially when the cold winter is over and you’re waiting for warm-weather fun to start. With the right amount of imagination and creativity, there are lots of fun things you can do indoors. Below are some fun indoor activities for the whole family to save you when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Play Wizard hide-and-seek

The greatest thing about hide-and- seek is that you can play it almost anywhere, with any number of people higher than one. This fun twist is a take on the popular game that makes “it” the Wizard and every other player a “magic spell”. Just like traditional hide-and-seek, the rules are simple: One person is “it” aka “the Wizard” and the other people (the magic spells) have to hide. The Wizard has to find the magic spell’s hiding places, and the first person to be found becomes The Wizard in the next round.

To play, choose a place to be your home base. You can pick something small (like your favorite chair), or something big (like a whole room). The person who is The Wizard stands at home base, covers his or her eyes, and counts (everyone should agree on what number The Wizard is counting to before you start to play). All the players except for The Wizard find places to hide. When he or she is done counting, the hunt is on!


Act out a game of charades, Pirate101 style

Charades is about getting other players to guess a word or phrase—like a movie title or a book—without actually saying anything. In this take on the game, everyone writes something from Pirate101 on a slip of paper and puts it in a bowl. Things written down could range from a pet, a world, a character, and more! One person then draws a piece of paper, reads what’s on it, and acts it out while the other players guess. When your word or phrase is being acted out, play fair and don’t yell out the answer!  If you have a clock or a timer from another game, it’s a good idea to give each person a set amount of time to act things out.


Wiggle and dance, then FREEZE!

When you need to get your wiggles out after being cooped up inside, you can put on some music and play Freeze! All you need is something to listen to and people to play. Put one person in charge of the music while everyone else gets to dance. This person starts the music, and to the others must get moving—dance, wiggle, jump, skip… anything goes as long as you’re being safe. Then, the person with the music presses “Pause,” and everyone has to freeze. The most fun part of this game is that the players have to freeze in whatever position they were in when the music stopped! Anyone who keeps moving is out of the game. Keep doing this till only one person is left.

Play trivia games online

When you’re all worn out from hide-and-seek and Freeze, you can play some awesome games at There are tons of fun trivia games with all kinds of subjects, from movies and music to ballet, holidays, farm facts and much more. You can even win codes and free items for Wizard101 and Pirate101! With permission from your parents, get online and challenge your siblings on FreeKI Games.


With all these awesome indoor activities to choose from, rainy days don’t have to be boring.

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