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May 26, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Memorial Weekend Morph-a-thon Results!

We held a very special event over Memorial Day Weekend in Pirate101 called a Morph-a-thon. All Pirates were encouraged to log on, head to Bestia, and morph their pets in mass numbers in order to be entered into a giant drawing (with over 10,000 entries in total) for Crowns prizes and fun.

Before we list our winners, we’d like to cover a few fun facts from our Morph-a-thon event. Participation was so great that not one person (despite any amazing number of pets they morphed – over 100) held a greater than one percent chance to win. Those who did win are truly lucky Quackosauruses! ( . . . or is that Quackosauri?)

Despite participation in the event being through the Morphing tent roof (we swear we saw 99 Luft-buff-aloons going by over Skull Island), no new undiscovered hybrids were found!  In the end we hope you made a lot of friends and had a lot of successful morphs. We’d like to give a special shout-out to Erin Aldridge, who helped more players morph pets than any other player during the event. Decius Duelmaster from the Pirate101 forums is indeed proud of all your participation. Great job to everyone! (Be sure to check our forums in the next couple of days for his thoughts and maybe a new hint!)


Three non-hybrid pets stood out from all the others as the most morphed pets:

  • Mini-Minotaur
  • Ebon Spectre
  • Fire Toad

That’s not surprising though as the hybrids those pets make are very sought after! (Bullrog pet anyone?)


The most popular hybrid pets to morph over the weekend were as follows:

  • Spooktooth
  • Paper Dragon
  • Monocorn

Interesting choices! Perhaps those are a bit easier to successfully make than a Bullrog?

And now . . . the time you’ve all been reading for!  Congratulations to our grand prize winner with a very simple name . . . Autumn!  Autumn had more than 10 entries into our competition, and it really paid off for her. Thanks for your participation!

Our other runners up, each getting a prize of 10,000 Crowns, were as follows:

  • Erin Aldridge
  • Amber Jones
  • Tasha
  • David Gordon
  • Silver Roslyn
  • Reliable Ashley Gunwale
  • Fair Aurora
  • Loveable Isabella
  • Fearless Tyler Kidd
  • Wicked Eric Johansson

Congratulations!  Our winners ranged from only making one morph the entire weekend all the way up to well over 50.  Great work!

Please let us know what you thought of the Morph-a-thon event in the comments below, and thank you for your participation.


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  1. Anonymous / May 26 2015 4:32 pm

    When running contests it would be nice if in game messages were given on hourly or every other hour updates on who the leaders are and how many entries and the like they have, as well as how much time is left in the contest. Many didn’t even know a contest was going on. On another note, most everyone still waits (it has been years) for advanced PvP play to come out along with PvP leaderboards and ship combat (yes, players still wish for that when you ask them).

  2. wizardandpirate101gamer / May 26 2015 6:00 pm

    WOW! Great job erin you are well such a morpher. i was hoping to get a 10k c but i guess it was not that 11 morphs was enough, i wish i had monday to do

  3. Caerigna Lunaltii / May 27 2015 7:39 pm

    fun event, though it did show that your chances of getting a hybrid is insanely low. it would be nice to see the stats of each pairing. give us a look at what our chances are for each hybrid type.


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