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August 14, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

What School Would Be Like if Merle Ambrose Was Principal

One day you wake up, get ready for the day and head off to school… to find that your school is no longer a part of Earth! You have to get there by walking into The Spiral to find a floating chunk of land with your school building on it. Once all the students are there, the PA system announces that Merle Ambrose, previously headmaster of Ravenwood, has come to your school and is now the new principal. Not only is your school no longer in your neighborhood, there will be also be few changes to your normal schedule while he’s here…


When you get to class, you find a woman with an unfamiliar face decked out in blue robes, telling you she will be teaching you math from now on. You expect her to hand you a problem sheet, but instead you’re given a deck of cards. The cards allow you to engage in battle, just like in Wizard101. This time, however, you have a unique foe: multiplication problems. Ice Magic is the best to use in this case because math problems, especially big ones, require time and endurance to solve. Bit by bit, you defeat the math equations with your Ice Magic, wearing away at them until you have the answer.


When math time is over and your Ice teacher leaves, another new faculty member in purple robes comes to teach a science lesson. This time, you’re instructed to use Storm Magic to explore the mysteries of the universe. The creativity and energy of Storm Magic is just the thing you need to conquer science and absorb what you need to know about chemical elements, the animal kingdom and our solar system.


Once science is defeated, it’s time for lunch. Lunchtime is also unexpected: You go into the cafeteria to find that there aren’t any lunch ladies or food. Instead, there are wisps floating around. You spend your lunch catching the wisps and replenishing your mana, healing the damage from fighting with math and science.


In P.E., all the sports have been replaced with Wizard games. In fact, spirals on the floor let you into real-life versions of the minigames from Wizard101. In a game of Dueling Diego, you take the place of Diego and fight your way through the monsters in your gym, rather than on a ship or island.

After Dueling Diego, you play a game of Skull Riders. Riding a dragon is some of the most fun you’ve ever had! However, when a blast of fire comes your way, your dragon is defeated. Unlike the Wizard games online, when your dragon drops a skull, you fall. Hurt from the fall, you have to go to the nurse, who is now a life mage. Instead of giving you a bandage, she heals you with her magic.

Social studies

Following P.E. is social studies. Your yellow-robed teacher instructs you in Myth Magic for this subject. Myth Magic focuses on knowledge of stories, so it proves perfect for learning history. This type of magic has the added bonus of summoned minions. With a handful of them at your command, you are able to fully capture the historic periods: Your minions act out scenes of the past as a part of the storytelling. With the visual aid, memorizing history is a cinch!

Reading and writing

Finally, it’s time for writing and reading. This time, your teacher is in red robes. He greets you with a smile and teaches you Fire Magic. Fire Magic is all about passion, and therefore the best magic for this task. After all, writing is about expressing yourself, and reading involves tapping into the feelings of someone else. With Fire Magic at your side, you can express your emotions through your magic and defeat both writing and reading.

At the end of the day, the culprit behind your school’s relocation is found. It’s an evil Death Wizard! Merle Ambrose turns to you for help in defeating the Wizard with your newly learned magic. Thanks to the powers you learned from math, science, P.E., social studies and writing, you vanquish the Death Wizard and return the school to its proper location.


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  1. Skyfuria / Aug 14 2015 2:10 pm

    Oh that would be awesomesauce! except can we just do away with Math altogether?

  2. Chrissy The Blesser / Aug 14 2015 2:51 pm

    This is just brilliant. I loved it and truly wish I was there to watch it all happen. Well played 😀

  3. Maximilian (@_LegendaryRose) / Aug 14 2015 10:41 pm

    I’m sorry, but I can’t live without my Balance magic or food that aren’t wisps. ;-;

  4. noname / Aug 21 2015 7:17 pm

    It would be awesome! Except the Death Wizard and the food. BTW, what is Balance’s job?

  5. Anonymous / Aug 31 2015 8:53 pm

    I loved it up until that final paragraph! I don’t want to leave Wizard School. Great job on the article 😀

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