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December 14, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Winter is here in the newest Wizard101 update, Polaris

As its name suggests, the new Wizard101 world isn’t just cool—it’s positively frozen. Overseen by the tyrannical Empress Antuskette, Polaris is a land of ice, snow and quirky creatures like former circus performer Ivan the Great. Ivan will serve as your guide as you navigate through the latest Wizard101 update, seeking a cure for a mysterious sickness that has befallen beloved Wizard101 fixture Bartleby. Also known as the Grandfather Tree, Bartleby is older than the Spiral itself. Legend has it that Bartleby sang the Spiral into existence, so the fact that he has fallen ill is very worrying indeed!

Beginning the journey

Wizards eager to access the newest of the Wizard101 updates must have reached Level 100 and completed the “Light and Shadow” quest in Khrysalis. Not sure if you qualify? Click the Badge icon at the top of your Character screen and head to the Khrysalis section. If you see the “Child of Light and Shadow” badge, you’re good to go.

As revealed during a recent livestream hosted by KingsIsle community managers, the Spiral Door to Polaris brings players to Walruskberg—an area that, despite its name, is populated by penguins and polar bears. As one of your first assignments, you’ll be talking to Inspector Fouché, who gives you the 411 on what to expect from this new Wizard101 world. Rules include no magic, no merrymaking, no singing… oh, and there’s a curfew from sundown to sunrise. At least watching the Northern Lights that compose part of the city’s backdrop should help pass the time!


What does Polaris have to offer?

As well as providing chances to find out more about the origin of Bartleby’s illness, interact with local residents like Pingouins and face off against some fearsome bosses, Polaris also offers opportunities to learn new spells, achieve new titles, earn Training Points and more. Milestones include:

  • Level 101: Your maximum gold will increase to 450,000.
  • Level 105: You will be awarded a Training Point.
  • Level 108: After completing the “Story of the Sky Anchor” quest, you will be ready to learn a new and powerful Shadow-Enhanced spell from the ancient scholars of the Arcanum.
  • Level 110: You will be awarded another Training Point and will emerge from Polaris with the title “Prodigious.”

So, what are you waiting for? Venture into Polaris today—and don’t forget to bring a coat!


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  1. Anonymous / Dec 14 2015 7:31 pm

    Polaris looks really cool nice job ki

  2. scarlet589 / Dec 15 2015 1:40 am

    Jack thundersword wolf ironflame

  3. Joseph / Apr 10 2016 2:59 am

    So no one can find this magic to cure Bartley, where is it?

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