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December 17, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

Gaming Gifts for the Wizard101 Player in Your Family

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is all about giving, but coming up with unique gifts for gamers isn’t always easy. If you’re nervously eyeing the calendar and still waiting for inspiration to strike, take a look at these gaming gift ideas for the different types of Wizard101 players among your family and friends.

The Animal Lover

Some people love animals so much, it may seem as if they prefer dogs, cats, and more exotic creatures to humans! If this description fits a gamer in your family, that person is bound to appreciate the chance to stock up on Mega Snack Packs for current Wizard101 pets, or even add a new member to the menagerie. Feliz Navidad has returned to the Shopping District and holiday pets are back in the Crown Shop, so there’s no better time to give the gift of Crowns to your animal-obsessed relative. Add a personal touch by drawing a picture of the pet you think the recipient will choose to get, or buy a stuffed animal equivalent so your family member has another gift to open!

animal lover

The Vehicle Fanatic

From toy cars to real-life motorcycles, flashy vehicles are simply irresistible to some people. If you’re trying to think of Wizard101 gifts for the vehicle fanatic in your family, we have one word for you: mounts. These vehicles of the Spiral come in pretty much every form imaginable, including classic brooms, shimmery sea creatures, soaring birds of prey and swirling balls of vines. Mounts that come with Bundles are often particularly special, so if you know your relative has been eyeing the Two-Player Mystic Skiff Mount in the Mystic Fishing Bundle or the Celestial Wolf Mount in the Evergreen Bundle, make his or her holiday season with a special online delivery.


The Social Butterfly

In the real world, some people are wallflowers and others are social butterflies. The same is true of Wizards in the Spiral—some prefer to fight solo (even against bosses!) and others ask for help even with street battles. Of course, most of the time, members of the latter group don’t actually need assistance… they just enjoy the company! If you have a Wizard101-playing social butterfly in your family, set down your money and pick up some card stock, then put your art skills to the test by creating homemade “coupons” good for one side-by-side or PvP battle whenever your relative wants. Gotta love a gift that brings family together and doesn’t break the bank!


The Ultimate Gamer

Brainstorming gaming gifts can get tricky when someone in your family is an ultimate Wizard101 gamer. You know the type—Level 100 with pets and mounts galore, tons of rare housing items and the best battle gear available anywhere in the Spiral. With a family member like this, it’s practically impossible to come up with unique gaming gift ideas, which is why going back to basics may just be your best option: How about a one-month, six-month, or 12-month prepaid Wizard101 membership?


Whether your family features an animal lover, a vehicle fanatic, a social butterfly, an ultimate gamer, or a combination of the four, this list will save you from scratching your head over gaming gifts to buy this year.

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