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June 22, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Features You May Have Missed – Equipping Recipes

Today we’re continuing on with our “Features You May Have Missed” series with a spotlight on Recipe Equipping. That’s right, expert crafters and crafting wannabes, this one’s for you! As with any crafting project (in-game or IRL), at first it’s pretty simple; however, things can get super-messy, super-fast.


New worlds bring new crafting recipes and badges, and, as any Champion Crafter knows, new recipes mean longer crafting recipe menus. There are so many crafting recipes in Wizard101 that it can be difficult to find the recipe you’re looking for, especially once you reach the highest levels of the crafting badges.

That’s why we implemented recipe equipping! This feature is perfect for crafting the watchtower hall. There’s a LOT of sub-recipes to keep track of, and equipping the recipe will keep it at the top of your crafting list. To equip a recipe, use a crafting station and then click the recipe you want to equip.


Once you’ve selected your recipe, hit the equip button. The equip button lives in the lower right corner of the menu and looks just like the equip button in other menus. When an item is equipped, it goes straight to the top of the recipe list.

You can also equip more than one recipe at a time. When you equip more than one recipe, the one that you’ve equipped most recently goes to the top of the list, ahead of any recipes you’ve equipped previously.


As a bonus, this feature also makes a crafting icon appear on all recipes you can make with the ingredients you have on hand. No need to wonder if you’ve finally gotten all of the reagents, Treasure Cards, Furniture Items, or Gear that you need. If you see the crafting icon, you’re ready to craft it!

What recipes do you have equipped? How close are you to crafting it? Let us know in the comments!

-Nalia Dunestrider (AKA Mallie Rust, Marketing Coordinator)

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