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June 14, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Features You May Have Missed: The Victory Dance

Today’s “Feature You May Have Missed” is all about putting the boogie in your battles! You can win a fight, but can you win a fight — with style? Read on for more information about one of our newest innovations.

The best part of winning a tough battle? Celebrating it! Of course, no victory celebration would be complete without a nifty victory dance.

You’re probably well acquainted with the default victory dance, and you might even be a little tired of seeing the same victory dance over and over again. What you might not know is that you can actually choose your own victory dance.


Graphic from Swordroll’s Blog

If you want to change things up a bit, open your options menu. Next, navigate to the Gameplay Options 3 tab and find the “Victory Dance” option. You should see a victory dance option set to “original.” Click the left and right arrows to toggle which dance emote you’ll use for your victory dance.

Settings Menu

You can use any dance emote that you have access to, which means that non-members can choose between the Original and the Bee Dance. Members have even more options, from the Breakin’ emote to my personal favorite, the Oppa emote.


Now you can go and celebrate your hard earned victories with some snazzy new moves! What are you using for your victory dance?

Nalia Dunestrider (AKA Mallie Rust, Marketing Coordinator)

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  1. Blaze Winterhammer / Jun 14 2018 9:05 pm

    Always Fresh.

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