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December 22, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

SERVOs . . . A Monster’s Best Friend

Read the first words found on the Rise and Destroy website and you may soon be scratching your head, “Long ago, in the world of SERVOs and Monsters…” You probably know what a monster is (just ask any three year old what’s hiding under their bed), but what’s a SERVO?

In short, SERVOs are old and mysterious machines that have been partners with the Monsters of Rise & Destroy for ages. Even better, SERVOs are intelligent machines that will benefit your monsters . . . they even have names! Let’s get to know our SERVOs and talk about what they can do for you.

Minerva – The Teleporter SERVO

Those pesky humans dissembled a lot of the SERVOs . . . all except for the mighty Minerva!  When you first meet her, Minerva’s power is low, but still strong enough to send out a distress single to her monster pal, Trevor Wrecks. Minerva is the backbone of the monster cave and your best monster ally.

Minerva will occasionally require a bit of gold to teleport you deeper into the human lands, so keep a bit of money handy for when you reach level 30.  Just think of all the new monsters Minerva will help you free.

Eva – The Energy SERVO

If there’s one thing everybody needs in Rise and Destroy, it’s energy. Eva, the Energy SERVO, controls how much Energy you have and how fast it regenerates.  Be sure to Upgrade EVA whenever you can so you can keep attacking those cities.


Wellington – The Leveling SERVO

Wellington is the leveling SERVO. A monster’s visit with Wellington is like taking them to the gym. In fact, when Wellington is through giving your monsters a workout, they’ll be bigger, faster, stronger, and ready to tackle the most difficult of puzzles.  Better yet? Monster abilities get even more powerful at levels 5 and 10.

Dooplo – The Creepling SERVO

Sure you have SERVOs to help your monsters, but what about your monster’s friends?! Yup, Dooplo, the Creepling SERVO, allows you to clone 4 different types of Creeplings and power them up as well. How would you like a bonus chance at spawning an additional creepling when you use one? Level up Dooplo, and that wish could become a reality.

Blaze – The Fire SERVO

Blaze is the fire SERVO. Blaze is best buddies with monsters like Frankie Forearms and Brimstone. They’re such good friends that if you level up Blaze, your fire monsters are going to burn brighter (and longer) than you imagined. GO BLAZE!


Shiver – The Ice SERVO

Shiver is as cool as his name sounds. Monsters like Blubbertusk and Sharberus will thank you for leveling Shiver up.  When you do, ice attacks can get pretty powerful . . . they can even create shields or freeze your opponents in place!

Static – The Volt SERVO

Love the zap you get when using Flutterspy 042 or Manny Leggs? If yes, then Static is the SERVO for you. Static will charge up your Volt Monsters and can send them flying on the screen! For example, at Rank 6, Static can give monsters a nice speed boost.


Now that you’ve become a bit more familiar with the SERVOs found in Rise & Destroy, which one is your favorite?  Which one are you currently leveling up? Let us know in the comments below.

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