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January 18, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

The Wizard101 Soundtrack to Everyday Life

Music—much like online gaming—has the power to calm you down, pump you up, focus your attention and ultimately inspire you. In short, it can be a potent tool when you’re looking to set a mood. Think about how lame scary movies would seem without their spooky soundtracks, or how different a feel-good TV show would be without some stirring songs in the background. The use of music in MMORPGs tends to follow the same principle, but the Wizard101 soundtrack takes the idea to the next level. After purchasing Music Scrolls that feature the unique themes composed for different areas of the Spiral, Wizards can load the Scrolls into their very own Music Players and transform the ambience of their Dorms and Castles. But why limit the magic of the Wizard101 soundtrack to the world of the Spiral? Here are some recommendations for players looking for tips on how to apply the Wizard101 gaming playlist to real-world tasks.

Doing Homework

Krokotopia Theme 2 is a great choice of background music for when you’re doing homework or any other task that requires extreme concentration. Its rousing chords will keep you alert and focused, while its steady tempo will ensure you don’t get too pumped up and distracted. It’s dropped by Odji Sokkwi in the Hall of Champions and Taylor Froghead in the Grand Arena.

Other options:

  • Grizzleheim Theme 1, as heard inside Skathi’s Nest and dropped by Jotun.
  • Marleybone Theme 2, as heard in Knight’s Court and dropped by Jacques the Scratcher.


Working Out

The Krokotopia Dance Theme is a fun addition to any workout playlist. Its infectious rhythm and fast beat will have you picking up the pace in no time. Win this scroll by playing a Mini-Game like Skull Riders or Sorcery Stones, and hear the theme in-game while playing the Krokotopia level of the Dance Game in the Pet Pavilion.

Other options:

  • Mooshu Dance Theme, as heard during the Mooshu level of the Dance Game and won by playing Mini-Games.
  • Wizard City Dance Theme, as heard during the Wizard City level of the Dance Game and dropped by Baron Rotunda and the Great Troll.

Kicking Back

After you’re done with work and exercising, it’s time to kick back and relax. Whether you’re preparing for a low-key activity like coloring or Sudoku or simply getting ready for a nap, the Mooshu Main Theme is the perfect musical accompaniment. Thanks to its bamboo pipes and Far Eastern stringed instruments, you’ll be chilled out in no time. The Mooshu Main Theme can be heard in the Jade Palace and is dropped by the Jade Oni, Mika Skarka and Takanobu the Masterless.

Other options:

  • Avalon Main Theme, as heard in Caliburn and dropped by a host of Avalonians, including Lady of the Blue Dahlia and Catalan the Lightning Lizard.
  • Celestia Mysterious Theme 2, as heard in the Survey Camp and dropped by Procyon.

You can download many of the Wizard101 themes as ringtones from our website. What themes from the Wizard101 soundtrack do you like to listen to while doing everyday things?



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  1. Anonymous / Jan 18 2016 2:19 pm

    Rasputin combat 🙂

  2. Dugan GriffonBlood / Jan 20 2016 4:44 pm

    When ever I feel like calming down i usually listen to icy nordilunds, and if i’m feeling down either marleybone battle theme or abbey road!

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