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January 12, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Rise & Destroy Elemental Powers

Have you had a chance to try out the different Elemental Powers each of the Rise & Destroy monsters have under their belts? They can be quite convenient when trying to be as quick and destructive as possible. Read on to learn a little more about each one:




Spread a fiery explosion! This Power comes in handy for clusters of buildings in close proximities.  While the Fire Power is active, destroying one building in a close group will result in the whole bunch going down—you don’t have to waste time or effort terminating each building in the collection! But, be careful! Sometimes it is better to NOT use this Power when the buildings you are targeting are not right next to each other. Buildings that would otherwise fall in the direction of others and take them out will not do so when they catch on fire!

Monsters with this Power: Frankie Forearms, Trevor Wrecks, Baron von Grizzlemoose, Brimm Stone

fire 1


Send buildings slipping and sliding! Attack a building while your Ice Power is active to send it gliding across the city and taking down anything it comes in contact with. Each structure that you or your sliding buildings take out while using this Power will turn to ice and slip across the city until it collides with something to destroy or stop it in its tracks. Pro Tip: the Ice Power is helpful if you are trying to hold onto your combo and your monster can’t seem to get from building to building quite quick enough!

Monsters with the Ice Power: Blubbertusk, Sharberus, Moleton, Ivan Crushclops

ice 2


Send a gap-jumping bolt! Destroy a single building to electrocute and abolish every other structure in the surrounding area. This Power can be great to destroy those pesky blue glowing laser buildings you don’t want to get close to in order to take down! The best part about this Power? You can even electrocute humans! Those humans close enough to a Volted building will be stopped in their tracks.

Monster equipped with this Power: Mecha Wrecks, Flutterspy 042, Maw Maw, Manny Leggs

volt 4

Do you have a favorite Elemental Power? Which one do you like the best and why? Tell us in the comments!

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