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February 25, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Throwback Thursday!

It’s Throwback Thursday again, so why don’t we take a trip down memory lane in the Spiral? Hop in the B.O.X. with the Professor and let’s travel way, way back to this month seven years ago, in 2009!


Back in Wizard101’s second year, the game celebrated its first big milestone of one million players. To commemorate this achievement, a fountain was placed outside of Merle Ambrose’s house, dedicated to the millionth Wizard, Fiona AshBlood. For a limited time, players also received 101 Crowns to celebrate. It was an exciting time in the early days of the Spiral. Were you one of the first million Wizards to join the game before February 2009?


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Since that time, Wizard101 has continued to grow with millions more Wizards continuing to join the adventure in the Spiral. Later in 2009, the fountain was removed and a new statue added in Wizard City, to celebrate the 5-millionth player. You’ve no doubt seen it while fishing in the Commons pond. The statue features two Wizards and a piggle pet with an inscription that reads “Gratias Ago Vos.” This message means “thank you” in Latin and serves to honor all of the players who have helped make Wizard101 the wonderful game that it is today. In honor of the most recent milestone in 2014, players were given a gorgeous monolith housing item to celebrate 50 million players in the Spiral.


Another notable event in February 2009 was the game update that improved the True Friend system. True Friend codes are a great way to share Wizard101 with friends and family. When you generate the unique code and give it to someone, they can then enter it and will be added to your friends list with their name in green.

Booster Packs are common in Wizard101 today, but that wasn’t always the case. Back in 2009 the first ever Treasure Card Booster Pack, Eye of Bartleby, was introduced. Since then lots of new packs have been added with housing items, mounts, spells, jewels and more!

We hope you enjoyed this nostalgic trip through days of the Spiral’s past for this Throwback Thursday. Share your memories from the early days of Wizard101 in the comments!

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