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April 27, 2016 / KingsIsle Community

Tell a Story Day

Are you a good storyteller?  If yes, this is your day!  Today is National Tell a Story Day, and if there’s one thing spending a lot of time in an MMO like Wizard101 or Pirate101, you end up with a lot of great stories from your time spent playing with your friends.


We asked our Community Managers to tell a story from their time playing Wizard101 and Pirate101, and here’s what they had to say.


I’ll never forget the great times I’ve spent playing Wizard101 with my family. At first, I was playing side-by-side with my kids and then eventually side-by-side with my wife.  Even the “great tragedies” were a lot of fun. For instance, the first time I won Crowns, I was holding on to them to buy something really great. Much to my surprise my son snuck on my account and instead purchased the cosmetic Santa Suit for me behind my back, which is still really great – just not what I particularly wanted at the time. I still like to stitch the Santa boots to my outfit as a reminder of how funny I thought it was.

For Pirate101, I actually remember my times flying around the skyways in the Beta test when things were very rough and unfinished. I also remember chatting with Paige Moonshade constantly and comparing how far along in the game we were.  The hardest part was not being able to tell her that I was soon going to be an employee of KingsIsle as the Pirate101 Community Manager!


Other great Pirate101 memories center on the really difficult fights and quests at the beginning of the game before they were toned down.  Remember that original Stormzilla fight before it was made easier?  If you beat it back then, I’m sure you do! Make sure to pat yourself on the back . . . good job! You probably have a great story about that to share for Story Day.


One of my favorite memories of the early days playing Wizard101 was “Mali-fest” in 2010. Back before Celestia was added to the game, the highest level was 50 and the pentacle of challenge in game was defeating the first incarnation of Malistaire. My Wizard had reached the max level and was ready to face off against the bane of the Spiral. I thought, why not make an event of it and celebrate with friends?


Back before Twitch was such a staple in gaming, we used Livestream to host a stream of our dungeon run with an audience of the community. We called the stream “Mali-fest” and took 4 Grandmaster Necromancers to face off against the former Death professor. I joined up with some players who you may be familiar with including Thomas Lionblood (Tom aka Professor Dworgyn nowadays), Stephen Spiritcaller from Spiral Radio and Fallon Shadowblade who used to run the website Diary of a Wizard. We had a blast exploring the dungeon and joking around as we battled our way to the end. It was truly a highlight for me, back in my days as a fan site owner for Wizard101.

Do you have some great stories from in the Spiral? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. Ashley Hawk / Apr 27 2016 9:17 pm

    My favorite memory was when I first started out back in March of 2010 I believe? I was new and clueless to the game, but I immediatly fell in love with it and I am so glad because if It wasn’t for Wizard101 then I would have never discovered the Internet when I was 11 or watch YouTube either. I also had the GREATEST friends ever! One I still talk to. Flint, Savannah, Mackenzie and Luke. They were my besties. I met Mackenzie back in 2012 along with Luke, but Flint and Savannah were my two best friends that I would ALWAYS hang out with. 🙂

  2. Anonymous / Dec 20 2016 10:29 am

    my favorite thing was when I got my yuletide troggie last year it was sick

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