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March 13, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Lail Laveer, 2018 Pillow Fight Champion!

Last month we received a great question on KI Live asking if we could bring back the Pillow Fight for our Pirate101 players. We thought about it, and thought . . . well why not?!  Let’s do this!

Our Pirates had one goal, to fight enemies of Skull Island and retrieve four types of pillows from combat:

  • Embroidered Royal Pillow
  • Royal Throw Pillow
  • Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow
  • Embroidered Regal Pillow

The event ran from Saturday March 10, 2018 at 12:01am through the weekend until Sunday March 11, 2018 11:59pm US Central. All the details can be found here.

Our first place winner was 20 pillows ahead of his competition with an astounding 178 pillows obtained during the event.  Congrats to Lail Laveer the Musketeer for conquering the competition in super plushy style! Now, in addition to Lail’s giant mound of pillows, they can also add 60,000 Crowns! Job well done, Lail.

Picture 2018-03-12 14-59-19-555

Also to be congratulated are our next Top 10 winners who took home 10,000 Crowns each!

Ryan Strong Swashbuckler
Slick Steven Stern Buccaneer
Grace Privateer
Serious Wolf Ironside Privateer
Smart Steven Ovingham Buccaneer
Smart Wolf Jones Privateer
Stormy Heather Ironside Musketeer
Golden Cheyenne Fenner Privateer
Quiet Carlos Jibley Witchdoctor
Dead-eye Mark Musketeer

Picture 2018-03-12 14-55-29-205

And now our list of honorable mentions . . . these Pirates put in some very hard work and earned themselves a spot on our list of Top 50 pillow fighters!

Fair Aurora Swashbuckler
Loyal Sean Everhart Privateer
Strong Jack Kent Buccaneer
Merciless Belinda Windlass Witchdoctor
Juan Swashbuckler
Scarlet Hawkins Buccaneer
Seth Witchdoctor
Bloody Ryan Vaughn Musketeer
Dark Brianna Dromond Witchdoctor
Lofty Lindsey Walker Witchdoctor
Merciful Kymma Strong Witchdoctor
Liam Laveer Witchdoctor
Silent Sebastian West Privateer
Alex Swashbuckler
Fearless Blake Andrews Musketeer
Black Jack DeClark Musketeer
Clever Dante Blake Witchdoctor
Clever Cedric Tolliver Musketeer
James West Musketeer
Reckless Sierra Holystone Swashbuckler
Sneaky Chloe Ire Buccaneer
Stormy Steven West Buccaneer
Quiet Keena Davis Witchdoctor
Merciless Molly Moone Witchdoctor
Christopher Cog Privateer
Charming Stephen Musketeer
Cruel Cowan Oglevey Swashbuckler
Cameron Illford Witchdoctor
Emma Holystone Buccaneer
Silent James Buccaneer
Catalina Quick Musketeer
Billy Kidd Musketeer
Earnest Agnes Eastwick Musketeer
Dead-eye Tatiana Morgan Witchdoctor
Boris Witchdoctor
Eager Devesh Hawkins Witchdoctor
Two-faced Aurora Clegg Musketeer
Dark Hunter Privateer
Sarcastic Sebastian Sharp Witchdoctor

Thanks everyone for participating, and we hope you had a great time searching for those precious pillows of Skull Island.  If you had a great time, let us know!  Should we run the Pillow Fight again?  Improve it? Share your thoughts!


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