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July 3, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

KingsIsle Entertainment Goes Over the Edge

Throughout the years, KingsIsle has been honored to help Make-A-Wish in their ongoing mission to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.  This summer, a few members of our team got involved in a brand new way: raising money and rappelling 32 stories in the heart of downtown Austin.

Make-A-Wish Central and South Texas holds a fundraiser every year called Over the Edge. Anyone can join a team to raise money, but the first 200 participants to raise $1,500 get to actually go over the edge, rappelling down the side of 600 Congress.

Each team member put in hard work to raise the funds. Russell’s approach was mostly on social media: “People are swarmed these days with SM charitable requests, but there are still givers out there!”

Dave’s approach was also social focused, with weekly social media posts asking friends and family to support him. According to Dave, “It was really inspiring to see people from all parts of my life chip in and send messages of support. My Mom & Step Mom both offered to donate more if I would promise not to do it.”

Speaking of parents, Oliver’s experience was definitely a heartwarming one: “Three days after I sent my donation link to a few people, I received an email saying I was half way there. Then, just a few minutes later I received another e-mail saying ‘congratulations.’ I burst into tears when I saw that my dad and step mum had put $750 each into it.”

The whole office also came together to hold an employee-run bake sale. “We held a large bake sale for the whole building, and it was a huge success!” said Renee. “I fumbled around in Photoshop to make a poster to advertise. Team members pitched in with their specialty baked goods and even purchased others to try out. It was a great time!” Those “Tasty treats” from the employee-run bake sale led to “fantastic feats” and raised over $2,200 in one sale!




By the end of the fundraising period, our intrepid team of seven raised $6,700 and was a top 12 fundraising team. Four team members raised the required $1,500 to rappel 32 stories down the side of a building:


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to rappel down the side of a building, you’re in luck! Here’s what each of our team members had to say about the experience:

Renee: “It was terrifying.”

Oliver: “There were three stages to it. One was the illogical process of pulling up the weight of 200ft of rope WHILST pulling a lever back to lower yourself  so you could begin descending – which was a horrible part for me. Two was the descent itself, which was invigorating, impeccable, and immense. Three was the lasting feeling that I still carry with to this day of the adrenaline and empowering sense of completion of such a very nerve wracking experience.”

Russell: “Honestly I’m super adventurous, but heights had never been something that excited me. This experience helped a bit. Getting over that edge is the hardest part.”

Dave: “[It was] scarier than I expected. I went skydiving for the first time this year and this was much more terrifying. Felt amazing to hit the bottom and know I’d made it.”

Once they set foot on land again, the team got to celebrate with Make-A-Wish kids, which was Renee and Russell’s favorite part. For both Dave and Oliver, working together as a team to make a difference was their favorite part.


Will the team do it again next year? Dave mentioned that he’s a “sucker for a good cause” and “could totally be talked into it again.” Renee, on the other hand, “would raise more money, but [would] give the rappelling opportunity to someone else.” Oliver and Russell were more inclined to rappel again, but Oliver noted he’d want some time before doing it again.

This was an incredible process to watch from start to finish, and KingsIsle is so excited to continue helping Make-A-Wish change lives and make dreams come true. For ways that you can get involved, click here.


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  1. Tales of the Spiral / Jul 6 2018 12:55 pm

    This is awesome. HEARTWARMING! I re-Pressed this on my blog.

  2. Barbara L Tuss / Aug 17 2018 8:40 pm

    Great job everyone! Will we ever see Charity Mounts again? I have all of them except the Meowmodon, which came out the Christmas before I joined.

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