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June 29, 2018 / KingsIsle Community

Features You May Have Missed – The Housing Item Identifier

Today’s “Feature You May Have Missed” will be a dream come true for our housing fans out there. We’re talking all about a tool that puts the power of information into your hands when visiting any friend’s house.

Picture this: You’re visiting a friend’s Castle and you see a super cool decoration that you absolutely must have for your castle. The only problem? You have no idea what it’s called or how to get it, and your friend can’t remember the exact location of all 250 item in her house!

Skip all the hassle and go straight to the Housing Item Identifier Tool! This nifty tool will give you details like the item name and how it was created or obtained.

The Item Identifier button lives in the lower right corner of your in-game screen. When you’re in a friend’s house, give the button a click to enter Identify mode.


Once you’re in Item Identify mode, place your cursor over the any item in the house to see a label with the name of the item. Icons on the label will tell you whether the item is Crafted, purchased with Crowns, or earned with Arena Tickets.


The real power of this feature is when you “click” on the item while you’re in identify mode. This opens up a grand list of all the places this item can be found.  Ever wondered if you can get a Cherry Blossom Tree or another item somewhere else outside of completing a quest?  The answer: absolutely yes, which you can find out thanks to the Housing Item Identifier tool!


If an item you click on is available for purchase in the Crown Shop, there’s even a button that will allow you to purchase the item directly. If you don’t quite have enough Crowns to purchase it, there’s also a “Buy Crowns” button right there on the same page.


Exiting Identify mode is as simple as entering it. Just click the Item Identifier button again to exit it. Now, go get inspired by your friends’ houses and fear not about those awkward “where-did-you-get-this” conversations.

Have you used the Housing Item Identifier yet? If so, what cool furniture did you find with it?

– Nalia Dunestrider (AKA Mallie Rust, Marketing Coordinator)

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  1. Blaze Deathblade / Jun 29 2018 3:30 pm

    Thanks for this. I will check this out.

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