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December 19, 2020 / KingsIsle Community

From All of Us at KingsIsle, Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays…from us to you! Our community means a lot to us, and we want to show how much! Enjoy these special messages from various members of the KingsIsle team – all about how YOU have impacted us and our games.

“Thank you all for enjoying our games this year. Your patience and support while we navigate these unprecedented times is appreciated and valued. I hope you all are able to find comfort, support, and joy during this holiday season. Stay well!” – Renee Wooten, Associate Producer (and her dog Sadie)

“Over this past year I loved interacting with you all on KI Live and seeing your responses to my producer’s letters. Karamelle is just the start of Arc 4, so keep that feedback coming in 2021 to help us make the magic happen!” – Professor Falmea, Lead Producer

“We’ve laughed together (oh so many story quips in our games), we’ve cried together (when being unexpected defeated by a boss), and we’ve celebrated with dance and song at community house parties (three cheers to all your fantastical and magical housing designs!).

I’ve been with KingsIsle and this amazing community for a couple of years now, yet I feel like we’ve been friends forever. I’ve met so many dedicated Wizards and Pirates that have helped both myself get introduced to all the Spiral has to offer, but most importantly, have helped so many others to enjoy the games to their fullest.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to ask questions, express your concerns about a game feature, or just to chat. It’s what I am here for. Here’s to what’s going to be a great 2021 and many more years to come!” – Sparck, Community Manager

“The KingsIsle community will always have a special place in my heart. After all, being a part of it and meeting all the incredible people I did is part of the reason why I now get to work on the games I love at KingsIsle! There are so many different aspects of the community and each one continues to delight and inspire me every single day. Whether you’re a fansite owner or staff member, livestreamer or Youtuber, artist, housing decorator, PvPer, you name it …. thank you. Your passion, creativity, and dedication to our games brings a smile to my face. It’s a special feeling when you all finally get to explore what we’ve created after months and months of working on it. You’re the reason why we continue to do what we do! Thank you for being a part of it!”
– Vanessa Mythdust, Marketing Coordinator

“2020 had high highs and low lows, but we truly felt your support all year long. I especially loved reviewing Wizard101’s past, present, and future with the Long Live the Spiral documentary this past year. What a cool tribute! Thanks for your thoughts, art, and humor! Keep being amazing!!” – Tom “The Friendly Necromancer” Purdue

“I love seeing all the user guides. There is so much love behind people wanting to help other people enjoy a game they can share, what a great community!” – Game Programmer

“Dear Community,

Wow. 2020 y’all! What a quest it’s been. You were so very patient. You were kind. You understood we were real people working right along with you in a topsy turvy world.

Thank you for being a part of the Spiral and all of our lives here at KingsIsle Entertainment. We appreciate every one of you and getting the chance to assist in your travels. We hope that you continue to journey on with us for many years to come.

For all that this year has been, we thank you sincerely. You are what makes our days fulfilled and we look forward to leveling up with you in 2021!” – KingsIsle Support

All of our team members feel the same about their passion and drive to work with you to make our games better for your benefit. We are here for you and will always be listening for feedback and that next awesome idea that may make its way into the game.

For more from us, also be sure to visit our 12 Days of the Spiral page for additional gifts for your game characters.

Have a safe and happy holidays community!


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  1. Anonymous / Dec 19 2020 11:29 am

    Thank you so much KI for ALL the fun and entertainment you bring into my life ! I am disabled and cant do much in recreation but WIZ 101 brings much joy in my life Sestiva Soulcaller

  2. Leesha / Dec 19 2020 4:46 pm

    thank you wizard101 for making my life just a little more magical <3, happy holidays!

  3. jorge e maldonado / Dec 19 2020 9:30 pm

    i think your game wizard 101 and pirate 101 is AWESOME!!!! and i love to play it as much as i can, so i wish yo u a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

  4. Florence Hutchison / Dec 20 2020 8:25 pm

    Wizard101 allowed me to develop a close relationship with my 9 year old nephew who lived about 600 miles away. When he was younger we played every weekend and I ended up getting hooked and really enjoy the game with friends I have met online.

  5. Denise Minhoto / Dec 20 2020 10:10 pm

    thank you fro such a fun game, sometimes hard to play but for a 63 year old lady, its alot of fun.. keep it up..

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