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October 28, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Dress As Madame Vadima With 6 Items From Your Mom’s Closet

Halloween is getting closer and closer!  Today we have another great KingsIsle costume idea for you crafty Pirates.  Dress up as Madame Vadima this Halloween with these great ideas.

She gazes into her crystal ball and tells you what fortune lies ahead of you. She is mysterious and lovely, and her predictions, while confusing, always come true. You have long admired the flowing hair and colorful costume of Madame Vadima, the mystifying fortune teller on Pirate 101, and now you can dress like her. Here are six things you can pull out of your mom’s closet to dress like Madame Vadima.


Top – Check to see if your mom has a white top that is full and flowing. Try to find one that has a stretchy neckline so you can wear it off your shoulders – just like Madame Vadima!

Skirts – Madame Vadima wears a couple of skirts that are layered. In order to dress like her, you will need to do the same. Raid you mom’s closet and find a couple of long and flowing skirts. Bonus points if any of these are green! You will need another, lighter, shorter skirt to put over it – you want the green to show.

Make-Up – Your mom’s make up will be one of the most fun parts of dressing like Madame Vadima. Have your mom help you use dark eye shadow and eyeliner along with a dark purple lipstick to look just like the mysterious fortune teller.

Scarf – Truly get in the character of a fortune-teller with a scarf around your head, just the way Madame Vadima wears hers. You can also tie another one around your waist as a long, flowing sash.

Boots – One of the most important parts of Madame Vadima’s outfit is her heeled black pair of boots. If the boots you find are too big, stuff some socks in the toes and wear a pair of thick socks so they don’t slip too much.

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