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April 6, 2015 / pirate101community

Congrats again, Two-Faced Anne! Pillow Fight Day Results

Once again Pirate101 players descended into the heat of Skull Island’s Jungle as they quested for a pile of pillows to call their own. As it turns out, it was the perfect day to have another Pillow Fight — April 4th is none other than National Pillow Fight Day! Who knew there was a national day for this crazy pastime?

First things first, if you don’t remember our last pillow fight, take a look back at this link. We had an even more interesting Pillow Fight this time with a very close race between our winner and a new Pillow Fighter on the scene, Silent Cedric Davenport! Cedric didn’t appear in our Top 50 List last Pillow Fight, but this time he made a strong showing with 130 Pillows.  Had this been the same competition as our last, he would have won with that epic number of pillows, but Two-Faced Anne raised her game even more with a total of 141 Pillows!

Congratulations once again to our Pillow Fighting Champion!  When it comes to collecting a mound of pillows, no doubt about it, Two-Faced Anne is one of a kind. Please enjoy your prize of 60,000 Crowns and the two-time bragging rights as being queen of the pillow hill in Pirate101.

Here are a few more interesting stats for you about this pillow fight event.

  • 5,277 Pillows were found in total during this event.
  • The spread was once again very evenly distributed between the four types of pillows with the most common pillow being the Embroidered Regal Pillow (1,374 of the 5,277).
  • The Dark Jungle, Skull Mountain, and Xol Akmul were the top locations to find pillows.

Picture 2015-04-06 11-26-37-691

A big congratulations also goes to all of our Top Ten winners, who walked away with 10,000 Crowns each! It’s good to see some new faces and some old familiar fighters as well:

  1. Silent Cedric Davenport
  2. Stubborn Duncan Freeman
  3. Tireless Talon Thatcher
  4. Katherine De Bouff
  5. Wolf Silver
  6. Fiery Samantha Moone
  7. Megan
  8. Maria
  9. Jack Nightingale
  10. Dead-eye Mark

troggies with barrels

And now here’s a list of our honorable mentions. Congrats on making it to our Top 50 list!

  1. Billy Kidd
  2. Reckless Seth
  3. Silver Katie West
  4. Unfair Richard
  5. Ginelle
  6. Spiffy Jenna Bosworth
  7. Belle Younger
  8. Clever Cedric Tolliver
  9. Obnoxious Sierra Mickleson
  10. Bloody Scarlet
  11. Stormy Scarlet Nightingale
  12. Bold Zane Grant
  13. Fiery Lily Lawson
  14. Dark Connor Underwood
  15. Madeline Mumford
  16. Daring John Parker
  17. Slick Haley Tiller
  18. Scott Maxwell
  19. Romantic Isabella Younger
  20. Perilous Paige
  21. Dark Wolf
  22. Crazy Natalie
  23. Reliable Timothy Strong
  24. Alejandro Devereaux
  25. Awkward Sam Parker
  26. Justin
  27. Wolf
  28. Clever Jacob Creighton
  29. Reliable Mark Vinter
  30. Husky Jack Pinkney
  31. Dark Calamity Dodger
  32. Stormy Seamus Ingham
  33. Friendly Antonio Xanderman
  34. Silly Blake Stern
  35. Bloody Charles
  36. Tireless Klaus Grant
  37. Eric
  38. Dark Julian Hawkins
  39. Quinn Quincy

Thanks again to the thousands of pirates that participated in the Pillow Fight Day fun, and we hope you had a great time hunting troggies for pillows.


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  1. Janel Ely / Apr 6 2015 3:18 pm

    OK there has got to be a secret to winning so many pillows! I made 16th and only had 23 pillows I believe. UGH. Congrats again Two Faced Anne!

  2. Helpful Evan Carter / Apr 7 2015 2:14 pm

    Why are there 11 in the top 10?

    • pirate101community / Apr 7 2015 2:46 pm

      Hi! They are the top ten winners after our first place winner. Each received 10,000 Crowns.

      • Tireless Evan Evans / Apr 7 2015 4:21 pm

        Oh I get it! Sorry!

  3. Box of Frogs / Apr 8 2015 12:00 pm

    Well done again, Two Faced Anne and commiserations to Silent Cedric (although winning 10k Crowns is still very cool).

    I can see my pirate in the top 50 – not very high but she’s still there 🙂 – feeling a little chuffed about it, as I had a lot of fun in Xol Akmul and who knows where I would have ranked if I’d have had a little more time to play…

    Think the hardest part about the event was deciding which Pirate should be the pillow fighter!

    You have some fun National Days (over there in the States) and thanks again, KI, for arranging another pillow fight, I really liked being a part of it 🙂

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