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September 18, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

What Does Your Favorite Pirate101 Character Say About You?

Pirate101 offers some of the best character creation MMO opportunities around. After you’ve chosen between the Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Swashbuckler and Witchdoctor character types, it’s time to set sail and interact with Pirate101’s assortment of scallywags and scoundrels. What does your favorite member of the Pirate MMO’s cast reveal about your personality?

Known as the Pirate of the Skyway, Boochbeard is a living legend. His past may be shrouded in an air of mystery, but one thing’s for sure: Whenever one of Boochbeard’s schemes go awry, he’s always ready and willing to get back in the saddle—or, should we say, on his boat. If Boochbeard’s your favorite Pirate101 character, we’re willing to bet you’re just as tenacious as he is.BoochBeardMr. Gandry
Mr. Gandry’s ever-present naval uniform brings the term “monkey suit” to a whole new level. This prim and proper primate served in three different navies before becoming Boochbeard’s first officer. He brings a wealth of expertise to the position, but he’s not one to bask in the limelight. If Mr. Gandry is your favorite character from this online pirate game, you might see some of yourself in him—namely, you’re super-smart and don’t see taking credit as a priority.gandry-word-searchCaptain Horace Avery
Captain Avery may have retired from plundering his way across the Spiral for a living, but don’t count him out yet. After winning the stewardship of Skull Island in a bet, the captain is spending his twilight years turning the area into a five-star Pirate haven. Do you think Captain Avery is one of the best character creations an MMORPG has ever featured? Like him, you’re probably success-oriented and not afraid to reinvent yourself.CaptainAveryMordekai
Mordekai was rescued from a Monquistan prison by Captain Avery more than two decades ago. The Skull Island swordsman has been the captain’s right-hand man ever since—and he trains all of Avery’s new recruits, to boot. If you favor Mordekai above all others, it’s safe to say you’re loyal to a fault.Bucc_MordekaiThe Commodore
This Marleybonian admiral has been living on Skull Island since before Captain Avery’s reign. A skilled naval strategist and tactician, the Commodore may not be as sharp as he once was, but it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Have a soft spot for the Commodore? Just like him, you’ve doubtless got some serious staying power.Prv_TheCommodoreOl’ Fish Eye
This Skull Island native may not be the most even-tempered of characters in this online pirate game, but he has mad skills—shooting skills, to be specific. When he defected from the Marleybonian armed forces to become a Pirate, his expertise came right along with him. If you’re great at what you do but can sometimes be just a little grumpy, you likely love Ol’ Fish EyeMusk_OilFishEyeMorgan LaFitte
This foxy lady is much more than just a pretty face. Morgan LaFitte lived in Valencia for years, passing herself off as a wealthy countess by day while moonlighting as a notorious cat burglar, but these days, she calls Skull Island home. If Morgan LaFitte tops your list of favorite characters in this Pirate MMO, you’re probably awesome at keeping a secret.Swash_MorganMadame Vadima
Just like Boochbeard, Madame Vadima has a mysterious past that she’s unwilling to share. What we do know is that she’s a Darkmoor native and an A+ fortuneteller who rarely misses a trick. If you’re a Madame Vadima fan, we bet you give amazing advice.WitchDr_VadimaWhether you have a determined streak like Boochbeard, knowledge to rival that of The Commodore, the loyalty of Mordekai or the secret-keeping ability of Morgan LaFitte, one thing’s for sure: You’re bound to have a lot of fun putting those traits to use across the Skyways.


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  1. banjo24111 / Sep 22 2015 3:48 pm

    I say that my favorite character is Mr. Gandry. I just love him because he is a monkey its so adorable to me and awesome!

  2. Jeremy / Nov 7 2015 7:59 am

    lol this is hard I have 3 main ones, Bonnie Anne, dead mike, and floating Dutchman (i would’ve said cpt blood but he isn’t as cool as the floating Dutchman considering Dutchman has flames coming out of rips in his coat and he plagues ye) but my main favorite is bonnie anne {(me & my mom both are HUGE Bonnie Anne fans)out of the selection KI posted i have to go with BoochBeard because him grandy both have a few secrets like they are in the audience when fighting Tyson you can also find pictures of him around some of the spiral such as the summer rental “rat beards first promo”}
    & wow this is the longest post i have posted in awhile lolz

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