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September 16, 2015 / KingsIsle Community

What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Wizard101 PVP

Whether you’re new to Wizard101 or you’ve already racked up some time in the Spiral, PVP can be a lot of fun. If you’re unfamiliar with PVP, though, it’s important to have a good idea of what to expect as you engage your opponents and build your player history. Here are a few top Wizard101 PVP tips from to keep in mind as you’re learning your way around Wizard101 PVP.

Determining your starting level

There is a lot of strategy involved in what level you start at in Wizard101 PVP. This decision will determine how well you do in your matches, and therefore how quickly you gain standing. According to, the best starting level is Journeyman. There are several advantages to this level that help beginners get started in PVP online.

  • You can level up to Journeyman (levels 15-20) fairly quickly and easily.
  • At the Journeyman level, you’ll have shorter matches that allow you to acquire experience more quickly.
  • Ways to win at the Journeyman level tend to be simpler, since both players have fewer spells at their disposal, as well as a smaller health pool that is more quickly depleted.

Remember, the level you start at can have a wide-reaching impact on your gaming experience. Beginning at a middle-of-the-road level allows you to learn the ropes and helps you gain standing without the process being too easy.


Planning your gear

Having the right gear is important when facing an opponent in PVP. According to, every player’s needs are different, depending on 1) your style of playing and 2) what’s available to you.

First of all, it’s important to know your options. reported that much ofthe best gear comes from bosses in the game, so check out fan sites like Wizard101 Central Wiki to find out how you can find the best pieces of equipment. . Also be sure to visit the Crown shop if you’re short on time, and once you’re over level 65, consider crafted gear.

It’s also critical to consider your playing style. Plan your gear around how you strategize for a match. In general, though, there are a few stats that you should try to keep as high as possible when acquiring new gear:

  • Damage: Don’t make the mistake of spending all of your efforts on defense. In order to win a match, you can’t just outlast your opponent, you also have to be able to do some damage.
  • Universal resist: This doesn’t help you resist and heal from just one type of damage, but all of them, making it a very important stat to have.
  • Critical block: This stat will help you block critical attacks, so try to keep this one high as well.
  • Accuracy and power pips: The goal here is to cast accurate spells more often, without having to wait to recharge.

For more help with planning your gear, check out the advice at


Building your deck

How you plan your deck is also very important, as the right deck for you depends heavily on your strategies as a player. Obviously, as a beginner, you may not know yet what style of playing you want to adopt, but as you gain experience, you will develop skills and strategies that may differ dramatically from other players’ approaches.

You will need to build your deck with strategy in mind, making sure you have cards for attacks, shielding and so on accessible when you need them. How you build your deck may also impact your gear needs. Check out this article on building your Wizard101 PVP deck for advice on specific decks, playing style and complimentary gear.

Whether you are starting to play Wizard101 or are just new to the PVP aspect of it, PVP is an excellent way to hone your skills against other players and have some fun. For more recommendations for beginners, be sure to browse and other fan sites. Wizard101 PVP players, what tricks have you found most helpful in learning the ropes, and what tips would you give beginning players?

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