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August 26, 2020 / KingsIsle Community

Let’s Raise the Ruff!

Every dog has its day, and today is that day! To celebrate National Dog Day, we wanted to share some of KingsIsle’s fluffiest (and underappreciated) employees. Trust us, you’re in for a treat!

Alice, QA Tester


“Even though we’re 900 miles apart, I love my doggo Alice! She loves to play fetch even in her old age (11yrs old in October), chilling on the sofa with my sisters, and fighting with the house cat Archie! I miss her all the time and hope to see her on visits some day!” – Mercedes F.

Corvo, Desktop Support Specialist

“Corvo is my service dog. When he isn’t working he loves getting pets, snuggling, and squeaking his toys in my ear.” – Chris R.

Auty, General Manager (Austin)


“Auty is a mellow fellow who is never too urgent about anything. His hobbies include walks, naps, and quietly standing next to strangers until they give him bum scritches.” – Dave R.

Leo, Sound Designer


“This is Leo, he’s a Plott hound pup currently 15 weeks old (I think..hard to keep track) and loves to chase my son and scour the yard for cicadas, explore any trail we can get him on, and sample the buffet of plants around our neighborhood when he’s not inside napping … which is most of the time!” – Andrew C.

Butters, Senior Environment Artist


“Hi fellas! My name’s Butters! I’m a 1 yr old fluffy Corgi from Austin, TX. I love to swim and play fetch. When I’m not playing I like to snuggle up in my pawrents arms and give ’em kisses! My mom tells me I’m the Best Boy Around!
@soft_butters” – Butters (Owner: Evan F.)

Sadie, Associate Producer


“Sleeping on my 3 different beds (one of them is called a queen like me!) is my favorite hobby, but I have to share it with my human. I have horrible separation anxiety when my human leaves the house, so I’ve destroyed door frames and drywall while they’re away. It doesn’t matter though because they love me and I make sure to remind them of my love.” – Sadie (Owner: Renee W.)

Red, Senior Producer


AKA: Red Beans & Rice, Redford, Reddifer, Roberta Redford, Fuzzy Goblin Baby, Reddington and Reddikins.

“She’s a doggo who does not understand boundaries in any way, and thinks she is small. Her favourite thing to do is get as dirty as possible (expert mud hole finder). If she can’t be dirty, she’d like to nap together (but on top of you) and also to push you off of the bed until she takes up the whole bed. She will also beg for cheese and her skills are 11/10.” – Selena H.

Raider and Paloma, Senior World Builders


“Raider and Paloma are both rescue dogs that rescued our family a few years ago. Both have a very playful nature and enjoy teasing each other with the ball. When it isn’t playtime, snuggling is their favorite.” – Rand F.

Waffles, Senior Accountant


“This is Waffles my mini dachshund. She enjoys naps, riding in the car and is really good at hiding from my small children!” – Michele M.

Woody, Game Designer


“Woody is a 14 year old pupper who is very gentle and sweet. He loves to eat, smelling everything on his walks, and nap!” – Nicholas T.

Addison and Peggy, Marketing Associates


“Meet Addison the Shepherd (bottom) and Miss Peggy Hill (cone of shame)! Addison is the large-Marge-in-charge in the office and makes sure everyone is meeting their deadlines. Peggy is our newest intern-to-hire (foster-to-adopt), and is still learning the ropes but shows great playful promise. She tends to nap a lot on the job, but Addison is doing a great job coaching her to make sure yall still get some great game content.” – Jenny L. 

Iroh and Winston, Senior Game Designers

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)

“Iroh and Winston enjoy playing with their kitty sister, begging for all the food, and barking at everything while chillin’ in their watermelon pool. Most importantly, they enjoy helping dad while he is work from home.” – Matthew F.

These adorable pals are all employee of the month in our book! Do you have a cute furry coworker you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Happy National Dog Day!



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  1. Blaze / Aug 26 2020 2:16 pm


  2. Catherine Wildbreeze / Aug 28 2020 8:57 am

    Only 12 people have dogs, wow, I thought it would A LOT more!

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