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September 30, 2020 / KingsIsle Community

Wizard101 12th Birthday Blog Contest Stories


There’s always time for story time, especially when it comes to hearing the amazing adventures from our community!

During Wizard101’s 12th birthday celebrations we announced a writing contest where community members could submit a short story about their experiences in the game. They could also write about how the game has impacted their real life. We received so many stories that made us laugh, cry, and mostly brought a smile to our face as we learned how so many of you cherish the game and how closely it ties into each of your lives.

From the many submissions we received, we selected five to showcase on this blog and to receive 30,000 Crowns. It was quite difficult to choose just five among so many great entries! Thanks to everyone who participated and took the time to share their amazing stories with us.

Visit the forums if you wish to share your story with your fellow Wizards! 


Amanda DragonFlame


“When I think of Wizard101, it’s hard to tie down the best memories to a specific year. I always assumed I still played to this day due to nostalgia, but I realize now that the updates, community, and all the content the game offers to this day still makes it feel like I’m discovering the wizarding world for the first time.

My most memorable year of Wizard101 is 2010; this is when the features I love to this day were first introduced. I can recall the countless hours I’ve spent at the hatchery chatting with other people, trying to convince them that my blue dragon, Midnight, was worth hatching with. Though Midnight might not have been the best pet stats wise, he’s still one of my favourites and is proudly displayed in my home.

Next is Celestia. I always looked up to Grandmaster wizards and couldn’t wait to get there myself! I had seen every world by then, and was so excited that new content, and worlds to explore we’re being added. It gave me a sense of excitement knowing that my adventure would continue once I finally reached the Grandmaster status I was working towards.

One of the most historic moments in my wizarding career was saving Selena Gomez in Crab Alley. It was such an iconic moment to all of my friends and I, and I couldn’t stop giggling watching the in-game concert. First Doctor Who in Wizard101, now Selena Gomez? Someone was on par with the updates; you bet her painting and statue is still in my bedroom.

Players who are level 12 or higher should speak to Moolinda Wu. This is when we started gardening! I can’t say I’ve always been the best plant-mom (sorry dandelions), but I’ll always remember where my garden started when I look at my couch potatoes that I refuse to let die.

I have to finish with talking about the community. What sets Wizard101 apart from every other MMO is the absolute friendliness, helpful, and memorable players. I’ve made some friends when I first started that I still talk to today. I had players help me quest, gift me mounts, give me tips, encourage me in PVP, and support me throughout the entire adventure.” – Amanda DragonFlame

Autumn Deathwhisper

“At the beginning of this year, 2020, I started playing Wizard101 again as a way to revisit my elementary school days when my friends and I would conference call on our landline phones and quest for hours. Now that we’re older, it’s more difficult to find time to play together; however, there was a little pocket in January where we all made new characters and explored Wizard City like we had so long ago. At the time, I was trying to relieve my winter-break boredom for a day, but I had also reconnected with childhood friends that I hadn’t talked to in years.

Of course, 2020 has been a challenging year in a number of ways. When COVID-19 outbreaks started causing mass lockdowns, I suddenly had to move across the United States away from my close friends. In quarantine, my inability to see people caused me to start slipping into a depression. I felt like I was at my lowest point.

Then, one of my friends suggested we go on Wizard101 again, like the good old days.

We were delighted by all of the new events we had never played before and the beautifully enhanced graphics and designs. A lot had changed, but Wizard101 was still the game we knew and loved.

Wizard101 soon evolved from a nostalgic game into a new source of joy. I bought a membership and began to seriously play again, now able to go further in the game than I had in elementary school. I kept in touch with my old friends, but also made new ones– mostly just by happening into the same quests.

Wizard101 has the magical ability to bring people together, even in the most confusing and challenging of times. This year, playing Wizard101 has enabled me to strengthen friendships and forge new relationships. It has helped me find peace when I was anxious and joy when upset.

Despite all of the terrible events that have occurred in 2020, I can happily say that it’s been my favorite year of Wizard101. Not only have so many wonderful changes taken place in game, but Wizard101 helped me reconnect with lifelong friends, find happiness in difficult times, and, every time I log on, it reminds me that there is magic everywhere.” – Autumn Deathwhisper

Adam Daybreeze


“I would have to say my favorite year so far has been this year by a long shot. When I began Wizard101 in 2010 I was thirteen years old and just looking for a fun game to play after school with people I meet in game. I found Wizard101 on the old Cartoon Network commercials and decided to give it a try. This year I am twenty-three and married to the love of my life, we have been looking for a game that we could play together and I remembered Wizard101 and all the fun I had as a kid. I was hit by a wave of positive nostalgia when I opened this game again, all those late nights questing throughout the spiral with some great people I met in game. I showed my wife and its just what we were looking for, we are having a blast leveling together and I thank you for that.

My wife and I are taking our time listening to the lore, doing side quests and really taking in the game together. So many aspects of the game that I had forgotten reignited my passion for playing again. My favorite part has been all the different ways I can play whether it be gardening, crafting, Beastmoon or questing. My wife absolutely loves the characters that we have come across especially all the play on words characters like Sherlock Bones. This year has definitely been my favorite because this game lets me be a kid again but this time I get to play with my best friend right next to me. We look forward to all the adventures that await us in the spiral.”
– Adam Daybreeze


“2014 marked not only my first year as a wizard, but also my life growing up with my character and the many wizard friends that I have made along the way. As my wizard leveled through the wonderful world of Wizard City and beyond, I was also leveling in real life in many ways. While I played often during the summer to gain access to the next new and exciting world of Zafaria, I would soon be entering a new and exciting grade level in real life. While my wizard would be learning new spells at Ravenwood, I would also be learning new things in school. Sometimes I would struggle with a boss, while also having some struggles in school, but wizard101 has taught me a very valuable lesson: if my wizard can do it, so can I! I guess you could say that we are like twins in alternate dimensions!

That year, everything felt so new and exciting. I can even remember having a pit in my stomach at times from anticipation when entering new areas. I had so many questions running through my mind: what would the area look like, where else would it lead to, who would I meet there, and would I have to fight something scary? Many times, I would just stop and observe the serene and awesome new surroundings and think: how did KI think to make this place, and what will the rest of the game be like?

As a new player, my friends list was somewhat short, and many wizards on my list had not advanced yet to where I was questing. Sometimes, I would need help with scary bosses in the new areas and feel so nervous, but ask a random stranger anyway for help. Many of those random strangers were not only very kind and willing to help, but they have become everlasting friends who I still talk to and quest with to this very day!

A lot has happened since my earliest wizarding days, and I have since progressed to the final boss in Mirage, but the awe of the worlds is still as fresh as when I first found them, especially the ones I knew in 2014.” – Keiran

Kristen Ravenheart

“It was 2011, in a biology class when I scribbled these words – Get a membership. I added a few exclamation points and underlined the words for emphasis and then slid my notebook over to my desk-mate, and best friend, Cody. He immediately responded, knowing just what I was referring to.

Tomorrow I get my allowance, so I’ll get it first thing, he wrote back. I drew a happy doodle to show my excitement and then waited patiently for our first morning ever as Wizard101 members.

We started as basic as you could get – we didn’t have any fancy gear, or mounts, or amazing pets you could buy with crowns – we were just two novice pyromancers with a piggle and a firecat each, but we were ready to take on challenges throughout the spiral.

As we battled our way through Wizard City, we shared great laughs, frustrations, and victories together. In every new area we stopped to play our own game of ‘hide and seek’ which always ended up being incredibly fun, and often led to us finding Prospector Zeke’s lost smiths.

Every day Cody and I would visit each other’s houses after school and immediately get online to play as much as we could before my 8 o’clock curfew. We would talk about our adventures over chat, at lunch, and in between classes, always excited for the next quest ahead.

Fast forward to today, and Cody and I are still desk-mates – now in college – and still enjoying every moment we play Wizard101 together. We’ve both become ‘Saviors of the Spiral’ and are looking forward to completing the second arc of the story together as well.

Although it’s been 9 years since we first began playing together, I remember the joy in those early days vividly, which is why 2011 is no doubt my favorite year playing Wizard101 out of all 12 that it has been around.

Every time I log onto my computer and see that spiral symbol on my desktop, all the joy from those early days flood back. Wizard101 has given both me and Cody great memories to last, so of course I want to say: Thank you for making a game that brings people together and creates such wonderful memories. Happy Birthday Wizard101!” – Kristen Ravenheart



Thanks to all participants for submitting wonderful stories of your Wizard101 adventures! Keep watch for even more fun contests and events both from KingsIsle and from around the community!

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