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August 26, 2021 / KingsIsle Community

The Ultimutt Coworkers

Every dog has its day, and today is that day! Back for a second time, we wanted to share some of KingsIsle’s fluffiest (and underappreciated) employees for National Dog Day. Trust us, you’re in for a treat!


“My rescue dog – somewhere around ten years old, we don’t know how old specifically, but that’s the vets best guess. I’ve had him six years.

He’s around eight pounds, and we think he’s a havanese/miniature poodle mix.” – Brian


“This is Athena. I rescued her from the shelter the day before she was to be put down. She was scared of everything, mange and was not the ideal dog to anyone. I saw her pic and knew she was my girl. I spent years training her from her past fear to where she finally let me hug people again without attacking them. She had a nasty past, whatever it was, but now she is incredible, active, social and loves… Most.. people.” – Russell


“Pici (Peachy) is a super friendly 2 yo Malinois Terrier mix. She’s never met a human she doesn’t love and wants every dog to be her best friend too. Her hobbies include: de-stuffing all toys, sunbathing, learning new agility obstacles, and giving hugs to anyone human that comes in range.” – Anonymous

Shadow and Rev

“Shadow is an 8 year old German Shepherd/Akita mix. Don’t let her floppy ear fool you, she’ll hear you coming a mile away and come running for pets!

Rev is a 9 year old Havanese mix that thinks he’s more human than dog. He’s not the biggest fan of other animals, but you couldn’t ask for a better snuggle buddy!” – Kimberly


“Bali is the preverbal rescue dog that rescued me. We adopted Bali from the Williamson County Animal Shelter exactly 1 day before KingsIsle was sent home because of Covid. Since then she has been my constant office buddy. I don’t know if I would still be sane (well as sane as I can be) with all the craziness of the last year without her. We walk every morning to stay fit. Her favorite things to do (besides walks) are to chase flies, lay in the sun on a cool fall day, and watch the squirrels. Her name Bali is from the mythical island of Bali Hai from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ‘South Pacific.'” – Karl


“He’s just under a year old. He chews on EVERYTHING and doesn’t listen well. He’s also currently scared of a squirrel that moved into the back yard.” – Dreux

Clark and Tuna

“Tuna a cranky old lady, and Clark is the always clueless youngster, completely different but I could not imagine life without either.” – Tracy


“This is my doggo Alice! She lives with my family in Iowa!” –Mercedes

Addison and Peggy Sue

“Pictured left to right is Peggy Sue (aged 2) and Addison the Shepherd (aged 10). I’m forever grateful these gals found us and wiggled their tails/nubs into our lives. They’ve taught me empathy, patience and love on a level I’ve never experienced until I adopted them.” – Jenny


“It’s Sadie! Loves to go hiking, very much needs to be prepared to step into water, and her favorite thing to chew on is knuckle bones. She’s 12 this year and is still full of energy when there are humans around.” – Renee


“He’s one yr old and his name is Radar.” – Adan

Iroh and Winston

“Winston and Iroh are essential members of the team whose duties include boosting morale, enforcing snack time, and maintaining a proper work/nap balance. When they are not moonlighting as security alarms, they promote wellness by forcing dad to go outside and “walkies around the blockies” with them. They are the perfect partners to have while working from home.” – Matthew F.

These adorable pals are all employee of the month in our book! Do you have a cute furry coworker you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Happy National Dog Day!

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  1. Alura Mist / Aug 27 2021 9:28 pm

    They are not my coworkers, since I am retired.
    But they are my constant companions, my fur-babies.

    Mufasa – our oldest – is a 15-lb., 13-year-old Cavapoo (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle). He is the only dog that we have ‘ever’ picked up at a doggie store. My Granddaughter stopped in to visit a new store nearby, and fell in love with him. So, Grandmom bought him for her. He loves being a ‘lap dog’ and barks at everything! Mufasa is named after the Dad in The Lion King.

    Chance – our second oldest (from a doggie rescue) – we call ‘the Old Man’. He goes about 50 lbs., and will be 13 this December. He is a boxer ‘mix’. Chance is the best watchdog. ever! We have a three-quarter panel window in our front door. Whenever someone even comes close to our door, Chance is ‘right there’, jumping up to the top of the door and barking away. Chance is named after one of the dogs in the original movie, Homeward Bound (voices of Michael J. Fox and Sally Field).

    Chico – our baby (from a doggie rescue). He is a 95 lb., 4 year old mix. Based on his size, looks, and personality, the Vet thinks he is a combination of Border Collie, Shepherd, and Great Pyrenees. He wants to be a lap dog, like Mufasa. But that doesn’t work out too well. He takes up the entire loveseat! He alerts the other two buddies when strangers approach our home, but then drops in the background and lets the other guys handle them. 😊 Chico got his name while at the doggie rescue, and we just kept it.

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