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September 24, 2014 / KingsIsle Entertainment

Your Favorite Year of Wizard101 – Blaze AshBlade

Today we have a great entry from our Birthday Blog Celebration Contest.  Blaze AshBlade, Level 27 Wizard tells us all about his favorite year of Wizard101 – 2014!

I have been playing for only a couple of months and have yet to see a game like Wizard101. The game has suspense, twists and turns. Right from when you defeat the draconians in Golem tower to when you beat Morganthe, the game has been absolutely, positively brilliant.

To answer the question that which year was your favourite, I cannot say. Amazing content has been released all the way from 2008 till 2014. But I think 2014 has been the pinnacle of Wizard101. So let’s go back and take a look to what 2014 has brought!


I had started playing in March and only a few days after I started playing, I noticed something or rather some things which had changed. My health. It had increased a bit. But that “bit” has saved my life quite a few times. Fire Elf. Mob battles were now extremely easy.

But now for the biggest one. Wait for it… DUNGEON RECALL! I am pretty sure you will not find a single wizard to whom dungeon recall is not helpful. I got stuck on a boss and was defeated and suddenly getting defeated wasn’t as depressing as it was. I would keep praising dungeon recall but that would take up hours so let’s look at the next wonderful month.


Khrysalis became my favourite world. I teleported there to one of my friends who was in Crescent Beach and even the music there speaks of the grand world of Khrysalis. Part 2 has so much stuff from Blue Razors to Morgantheherself that I could write a book about it but April had a lot of other stuff too which I massively and “Massively” enjoyed.

The coolest pets I had ever seen came in and they were tremendous. I spent all my gold on hatching and those pets, particularly the Sun Serpent, have been simply amazing both in talents and looks. Shadow spells, immensely powerful and dangerous too. People might even say it’s overpowered and should not be allowed in PVP.

And how can I forget castle games especially food fight. I think that castle games were one of the best ways I made friends and definitely it was one of the best updates.

So if you have finished the game or want an easy way to earn gold or craft tapestries, fishing is for you. I loved fishing it was simply amazing, the Gobbler fish and Warhammerhead Shark were awesome and elixirs came with fishing too. Fishing was one of the most enjoyable updates and a good way to spend time when I had nothing to do.


Gobbler fish, free rewards and decorations. It’s all festive in the spiral so I, for one really enjoyed the birthday and put my energy gear on and went to fish and what’s this? A free fishing elixir. And they brought back the lost pages event which is awesome. Overall a ten out of ten rating from me. And finally to end it here’s a bit of poetry:

In March came dungeon recall
So that dead wizards don’t feel small
Then Khrysalis Part Two came out
With Morganthe’s battle came happiness
From East ,North ,West and South
Shadow Magic was for sore eyes a sight
And Fishing was more than alright
So now I and the World, we say
Wizard101 and KingsIsle


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  1. nathan / Sep 29 2014 5:51 am

    happy 6th birthday wizard 101.

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